5 Ways AI Can Add Oomph To Your Email Marketing Campaigns

'Items that have been in Spam for over 30 days will be automatically deleted.’ I assume most of you are familiar with this notification. It is in the Spam folder of your e-mail (in case you are still wondering). My question is: How did the e-mails land up there in the first place? Who decided to spam them? The answer is: AI or Artificial Intelligence We don't see this AI at work. However, it has a strong impact on the e-mail marketing campaigns. From filtering of spam messages to recognising your target audience's reading patterns, AI promises to take your…


The Beginners Guide To Get Web Hosting And Domain Name

According to Hosting Facts, there are almost 4.1 million Internet users throughout the world. Every day, over 3 million blog posts are published on the Internet, 500 million tweets are sent and 5 billion Google searches are made within seconds. Having an Internet presence is paramount and the best way to have an online presence is by owning a website. You need two things to own a website, a domain name and web hosting. This blog is for all the newbies out there who want to build a website but are confused with all the tech jargon that goes along…

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