Did you know that a user tends to spend 88% more time on a website that has videos? In this digital world, people spend more time on online websites browsing videos. According to statistics, 54% of people like to see more videos from marketers and this will have a positive impact on video content conversion performance.

Videos generate 12 times more views and shares than other content types. Videos not only grab eyeballs but also helps in holding the user’s attention longer. Moreover, it is much easier to integrate bulkier information in a 30-second video than sharing it in a picture or a blog. That is exactly why videos are powerful marketing tools to grow a brand and widen the reach.

More and more enterprises are choosing to integrate video sharing platforms in their marketing strategy as the videos are powerful tools for customer communication and collaboration. Despite the adoption of videos to promote a brand, many businesses do not completely utilize the power of videos as they are not aware of its real-time benefits. If you are not already using video sharing websites to promote your brand, your competitors are. You are at a great disadvantage if you do not integrate video marketing into your business strategy.

Here are the reasons to include video sharing websites as a part of your video marketing strategy.

Easy to access

In the earlier days, watching a video required downloading it to a device first. However, today, video sharing websites make it easy to access videos by categorizing everything at a single place. A mobile device and a good Internet connection are all that you need to access video sharing sites like YouTube. To ensure that your videos are accessible from a range of devices, use professional-grade video CMS that features a transcoding solution to automatically convert videos to different formats based on the viewing device of users.

Extensive video library

To maintain a competitive edge in the streaming industry, video sharing platforms expand their video library regularly. An extensive library offers a plethora of choices for users to choose from. Another major benefit of video-sharing platforms is the access to unique content that users otherwise don’t have access to. For example, if you want to enjoy old classic movies, just go to YouTube to watch your favorite movie. Video sharing websites host a vast library of old movies and programs converted to digitized form.

Google love videos

The videos aren’t just great for increasing traffic and driving sales. It helps in capturing user attention, too. More prolonged exposure works in two different ways- Building trust for users and alerting Google to rich content. The fact that Google now owns YouTube also helps with this aspect. Ever since Google bought YouTube in 2006, videos are playing a significant role in search engine rankings. To ensure your videos are optimized, make sure the videos you upload in video-sharing platforms have clear decisions and catchy titles.

Building trust

Building a great customer relationship becomes even easier when the brand has built trust with customers. Video storytelling helps to increase the popularity of a business and increase the user base. The videos are great in terms of creating an instant connection with viewers and to engage them.

Increases user engagement

As we have already stated, videos generate more views and shares than both text and images combined. Since human eyes are naturally drawn to the videos, you will be able to attract more clicks and engagement on great videos. Make sure you optimize your video thumbnail, title, and description as beautiful thumbnails and enticing titles can increase engagement 100%.

With increased user engagement comes conversions as well. Sharing your videos on video sharing platforms can help to generate some serious amount of revenue. Over 90% of marketers get new customers after posting videos on platforms like YouTube and social media. Modern audiences don’t have time to read long product descriptions, instead, they like to see products in action. Such is the power of video streaming that it engages even the laziest buyers.

Facilitates privacy protection

If you are a business that actively creates and upload videos, it is important for you to enjoy privacy protection in terms of what you want to share and not share in the public. In that aspect, video sharing platforms are highly beneficial as they come with a lot of features to protect your privacy online. For example, YouTube allows users to hide their video preferences, customize advertisements, and to hide browsing history etc. Although free video sharing platforms like YouTube allow data privacy and protection to an extent, you can also use a video sharing CMS to gain additional protection.

Better ROI on your advertising spend

Every effective business strategy comes down to ROI, and video marketing is no different. Not just that videos boost conversions and drive sales, it also offers a broad choice of dynamic ads as well. YouTube allows brands to insert, pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll ads according to their preference.

Each dynamic ad type comes with its own advantages. For example, pre-roll video ads are great if you want to grab user attention quickly and effectively. This is because they are generally short and as users would be waiting for the original video to begin, it is easy to grab their attention.

Notifies about video releases and broadcasts

Customers of this age are always online and video sharing platforms have the advantage of notifying their users when new videos are uploaded. You can also notify about upcoming broadcasts so as to make sure that your audience tunes in at the right time. It is also possible to customize the notifications you want your users to receive.

Analytics and reporting

Contrary to popular belief, YouTube doesn’t give special preferences to the high number of video views. Rather, it takes the time sessions of a user into consideration. So it all depends on the time a user spends on watching your video and the level of interaction in the form of comments. Most video sharing platforms give this type of detailed analytics that helps to measure the effectiveness of your videos. Video sharing websites feature an inbuilt analytics solution to track the analytics from the first time a user engages with your brand to the point they convert into a customer and beyond. That is why many businesses use video sharing scripts to build their video sharing platforms to incorporate the most features like analytics and reporting.


Videos are already the popular content type accessed on the web, and for that reason alone the popularity of video sharing websites will continue. There is immense opportunity in the market and businesses can use video-sharing platforms to enhance the relationship with their audience. Combining a strong video marketing strategy with a quality customer experience will help video-sharing platforms to stay at the top of the industry. If you don’t focus on video marketing today, you will lose a significant amount of potential customers. It’s time to reinvent what really works best for your brand. Since the popularity of videos is not slowing down, it is important to integrate it into your content marketing strategy.