Email opening rate is a measure of the number of contacts in the email list who opened or viewed a particular emailing campaign. The email opening rate is usually expressed in terms of percentage. When it comes to calculating the email opening rate then it is expressed in percentage of the emails that the email user opens divided by the emails that one receives.

A good email opening rate is between 20% and 40%. In this context, it is to mention that the email opening rates are dependent on the industry type. The majority of businesses experience an email opening rate that is close to 20%. Email opening rates are important from the perspective of an email marketing strategy. Email marketing demands an increase in email opening rates.

15 Tips to Enhance Email Opening Rates

Include the name of the sender of the email

The name of the sender matters because the sender’s name serves as brand recognition. At a glance, the email recipients can tell whether the email is worth opening or not based on the name of the sender. In the context of sender names, there are personal as well as corporate sender names.

Include the Name of the Recipient While Writing Email Subject Lines

If you include the name of the recipient while writing email subject lines then the recipients open the emails. As it is known that the subject lines remain highlighted in the email inbox, therefore, emails with subject lines containing the recipient names have higher email opening rates when compared to other email types.

Use 6 to 10 Words to write-down Catchy Subject Lines

Surveys suggest that subject lines with 6 to 10 words have greater email opening rates. Whereas subject lines with more than 20 words have the least email opening rates.

Have an offer

The email content should have an offer to attract email readers. Offers and incentives are crucial for businesses as they promote sales, as they can convert sales into businesses. Surveys suggest that incentives help to distinguish between companies. The company which offers it gets more visibility, exposure by the audience.

The customers attach value to offers and incentives. Therefore, email campaigns always include offers and incentives in a bid yo enhance the email opening rates, consequently leading to more conversions and sales.

Use flattery

Flattery is often used by email marketers as a means for persuading clients. Flattery brightens the mood of a person.

Optimize pre-header text

A pre-header text is a preview of the email content. This preview often encourages the recipient to open their respective emails. By optimizing the pre-header text the digital marketer ensures that the email subscriber reads the email. The process includes the use of right character-limits, strategic words in the pre-header text and keeping the pre-header text as small as possible.

Avoid the spam filter

If the emails in the recipient’s inbox are always sent to the spam filter then the email opening rate is low. Therefore, by avoiding the spam filter one can enhance the email opening rate.

Use double opt-in for subscribers

Using double opt-in for subscribers has multiple advantages including an increase in the email opening rates. For more information on this visit relevant content available online.

Use automated emails instead of using ‘business as usual’ emails

Automated emails have greater visibility when compared to “business as usual” emails. With automatic emails, the email user can expect high email opening rates.

Best Days and Times to Send Emails

Many digital marketers, email marketers consider that there is the best day of the week, the best time of the day when the email opening rates are high. Therefore, email senders prefer sending emails on that day or time.

Don’t spam

If you send spam emails then they will land in the spam folder and that reduces the chances of the recipient opening the emails. Therefore, while sending emails, one needs to ensure that the emails are not spam.

Optimize for mobile

In the age of mobile telephony, people don’t use desktop or laptops too much. They prefer using mobile phones, doing important stuff like sending or reading email messages. If you send email messages that are not optimized for mobile phones then the recipients may overlook such emails. Therefore, to increase the email opening rates it is advised to optimize the emails for mobile phones.

Resend emails

Often recipient’s not opening emails is because of poorly designed subject lines. Therefore, digital marketers insist on a/b testing different components of an email. After testing the email sender can resend the improved emails and then the digital marketer can expect better email opening rates.

Send SMS to unresponsive-subscribers

If you find that your subscribers are not opening emails then you can send SMS to them and request them to open their email accounts. This is the last resort that you can take to ensure that you have better email opening rates. You can do this via online SMS platforms.

This blog highlights the various actions that you can take to enhance the email opening rates. Standard email opening rates are somewhere between 20% and 40%. Digital marketers, email marketers use appropriate strategies to increase this value. The objective of email marketing is to highlight and promote a business brand, business products or services.

Therefore, if you want to increase the email opening rates then you need to include the name of the sender in the email. You need to include the recipient name in the email subject line, create 6 to 10 words of catchy subject lines, use flattery, optimize the pre-header text, and avoid spam filters. Use double opt-in for the subscribers, refrain from sending spam emails, and optimize the emails for mobile phones. Then resend emails, send automated emails, send emails on a particular day or a particular time, send SMS to unresponsive subscribers, etc.