I have always prioritized my work over everything. I repeat, EVERYTHING. It was only after I was diagnosed with diabetes that I realized that NOTHING comes before health. In a survey conducted on 20,000 adults, more than 50% of them wanted to eat healthily and get plenty of exercises. But that isn’t possible due to their hectic schedule. Almost one-fifth of them said that they cancelled their gym memberships because of stringent working hours.

To get you started again, I have come across some amazing health apps while I was browsing some study apps for students. Check out the apps below and let me know what you think about them.


It is a decent nutrition app that consists of almost 250,000 foods to compare. There are even grades on the foods based on their nutritional value.


  • Tracks the quality of calories
  • Tracks your protein, macros, carbs and fat
  • Keeps a check on your food intake and exercise
  • Free diet and health tips from nutrition professionals

Google Fit

Though some of you may consider it a lame pick, it lets you do a lot of stuff to take care of your health.


  • You can track your workout routines from your watch or phone.
  • It lets you monitor your fitness goals.
  • This app counts all of your movements.
  • Customised health tips based on your health goals


You can maintain an excellent state of health by using this app. It also lets you analyse the major factors that tend to affect your health.


  • Provides all nutrition related information in one place
  • A personalised profile to keep you away from allergies
  • Social pages to keep you connected
  • Updated information about fresh foods available in supermarkets


This one rolls out a lot of features and apps that can do wonder on your health. You will find apps for water intake reminders, healthy food recipes, etc.


  • Training guidance and audio feedback from customisable voice coach
  • Analysis of your exercise and training patterns
  • The setting of fitness milestones and goals
  • 3-D look on your run with the help of Relive app

Home Workout

If you are just starting out with health apps, then this is the one for you. Some of the exercise routines that this app provides include warm-ups, strength training, etc.


  • Daily workout routines for main muscle groups
  • Several workouts for abs, legs, chest, arms and butt
  • Additional warm-up and stretching routines
  • Detailed animation and video guides


It lets you track any sorts of exercise you are doing or planning to do. You can even connect with other devices, apps and logs to track your progress.


  • Custom macronutrient and calorie goals
  • Analysis of food quality
  • Export of meal nutritional details and exercise history
  • Flexible to fit everyone’s specific needs


This app is the perfect combination of exercise and diet. You don’t have to keep hardcore details of every single meal that you have during the day or night. This app will do it for you.


  • All meals pre-planned
  • Extensive food database
  • Personalised diets and meal plans
  • Free habit tracker and recipes

Health Mate Tracking

You can create a healthy lifestyle with the help of this app. From sleep to your weight, this app shows you a complete history of your health data.


  • Activity tracking
  • Leaderboard motivation
  • Badges for your progress
  • Analysis of your heart rate and blood pressure

StrongLifts 5*5 Workout

StrongLifts 5*5 Workout is quite a popular app among health enthusiasts. This app is mainly about strength training with the help of StrongLifts system.


  • Gym workout planner
  • Weight lifting log and tracker
  • Exercise timer
  • Free weightlifting programs for beginners and professionals


It uses your phone’s GPS transceiver to keep track of your running pace and distance on different routes in real-time.


  • Compatible with GPS on your Android device
  • Calculates running pace, route distance and cycling speed
  • Free audio updates
  • Motivation and guidance from likewise community


You can use this app for a lot of things. Some of the tasks you can do on this app include scheduling and remembering your doctor’s appointments, etc.


  • Easy to use
  • Quickly creates notes and tasks
  • Synchronizable across different devices
  • Flexible repetitions


Sworkit consists of a workout app, a fitness tracker and an exercise planner.  You will also find a customisable workout schedule that works for daily routines.


  • A 6-week plan for beginners and advanced level professionals
  • Over 400 small equipment exercises
  • Customisation of workouts
  • Free guidance from Sworkit Fitness personal trainer

JEFIT workout tracker

It is a wonderful workout trainer and tracker app. No matter what your fitness routine is, this app can serve your purpose easily.


  • Flexible with mobile devices and desktops
  • Over 1300 variations and demonstrations of exercise instructions
  • Customised workout programs
  • Custom journal to set out goals


This one is both a strength training app as well as a workout tracker. You can create workout routines as per your needs and requirements.


  • Bodyweight tracker
  • Unlimited workout routines
  • Muscle building and cardio exercises
  • Weight plate racking calculator

Nike Run Club

If you are looking for a proper running app, then this is the one. It tracks your runs, customises your routines and takes note of your run stats as well.


  • Full support for Android devices and wear
  • Audio-guided runs with Nike athletes
  • Personalised coaching plans
  • Compete on leaderboards


It covers the basic tasks such as tracking your running length, frequency and pace. You can use the map feature to determine the paths that you would like to cover.


  • Calculation of running pace, route distance and cycling speed
  • Compatible with Pebble or Android Wear Smart Watch
  • Full training log of indoor cardio and gym workouts
  • Weight loss training programs

Zombies, run!

This one lets you have fun while running. You have to unlock the storylines in this app as you run from the Zombie horde.


  • Compatible with Android 5.0 and above
  • Works with Wear OS by Google
  • Detailed stats and graphs for your running and game progress
  • Custom playlists before you start playing


You don’t have to sign-up or create an account to use this app. Also, it is highly customisable and works great for resistance and cardio exercises.


  • Free from ads
  • Rest timer with vibration and sound options
  • Exercise database with multiple categories
  • Customisable exercise routine


This app will keep track of the number of steps you take and the amount of calories you intake. Install this app and turn your phone into a personal trainer.


  • In-built step-counter
  • GPS activity tracker
  • Daily fitness and exercise plans
  • One-tap tools to build good health habits


No matter what happens, everyone must stay hydrated to improve their overall state of health. This app will keep track of how much water you have gulped down each day.


  • Charts and reminders to help you stay hydrated
  • Tacks water consumption in less than 60 seconds
  • Flexible with multiple units of water
  • Integration with other health apps such as Fitbit

Self-care is very important in today’s busy life. Ignorance is NOT bliss when it comes to taking care of your own health. Why don’t you use these apps and take care of your health as much as possible before the situation worsens?