Have you built your dream mobile application that you think would have a significant impact on the market?

Have you made the most vibrant app on the mobile store that would be beneficial for your customers and still found nobody downloading it?

There is something that you need to think and look beyond just than building an app on the mobile store.

In today’s post, let us sneak peek into the chances of uplifting your mobile app downloads.

Let’s get started!

Choosing The App Name Wisely 

Many organizations or companies try to come up with fancy names, and that relates to their business.

Indeed they are essential to be one such, but there is something more than what organizations think.

A brand name or an app name is the most significant thing that reaches or hits the audience directly in the long run. To make it more appealing, one needs to choose it wisely.

Before you get started with the app name on your own, you can make use of a few tools that are exclusively designed to know the market place.

All you need to do is, explore a little bit using the tools, search for keywords, search for trending names, consider your competitor in the same niche.

All this information can help you come up with a couple of best choices. Based on the type of business and reach, you can choose one for the slot.

Make sure the one you want now is going to impact your customers for the rest of your journey, so make valuable choices.

Freebies Are The Best Scorers 

Anything that is given for free would gather more attention from the audience. Nobody pays to test a product.

Almost 90% of the products on the app stores both on Android and iOS are given for free.

To kickstart your business app, you could go for a free app download that can help your customer test the quality of service you provide.

This is where you get your first users. Their reviews value much than the 100th customer you obtain.

We all are familiar with the proverb “FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE BEST IMPRESSION” of course it is right in this case.

The more appealing you are to your first customer, the more you gain customers through references.

Initially, you can gain your trusted customers through the following,

  • Free trial
  • Subscription
  • Premium
  • Advertising

This way, you can add more to the queue. But make sure it is not just a matter of giving your application free, it also depends on the experience you provide them through your application.

Work On The Reviews

Reviews don’t necessarily have to be positive feedback from your customers; it can fall either way.

But I tell you, your critics are the best motivators for your success. All you need to do is consider your reviews and feedback sections very important.

The analysis confirmed that word of mouth has a more significant impact in building a business than any other way of promotion.

Experiences can give you knowledge on what your customers expect and what measurable steps can be done.

The number of reviews from your customers is a proactive process, no matter it is a promotion or feedback for an app, you gather a valuable insight to build your business.

Hence it is necessary to make sure you work on them anyway.

App Store Optimization 

Before collecting your customer’s feedback, you need to provide them a minimum satisfaction of how good your app works when they try to download.

The other vital aspects that make your application more flexible and appealing to the search engine are meta descriptions, keywords, ratings, and reviews.

To check the performance of your application, you can make use of the A/B Tests. This helps you to understand how your application resonates with your customers.

The following are a few metrics that are tracked on the tests,

  • Impressions on the App Store
  • Mobile app downloads rate
  • Keyword ranking

With these insights, you will be able to improve the performance of your application as well as make it more visible to your customers.

If you find it challenging to gather insight or meaningful information about your application and its performance, you can reach out to a Digital Marketing Agency and seek their help or guide you through the process.

Build Your Online Presence

To increase the mobile app downloads rate, you need to showcase your business and application in online platforms and social networks.

To kickstart, you need to start building a website and a landing page for your application. Building a website is never a big deal these days.

WordPress offers a better experience for freshers who wish to start their new business. You can create and host a website at about 50$.

By then, you can carry your content and help your customers understand how your application works, what it serves, and what else it can do. Once you are done with the website, start sharing its URL where ever required.

If your application can serve professional requirements, then it is good to share it on platforms like LinkedIn. Else, you can share it on social platforms and in its relevant pages that it may reach the maximum.

Wrap Up

If you are someone who has designed a beautiful application that serves and meets the ultimate purpose of your customers and still hasn’t worked on taking it to the actual audience, then it is building something valuable and hiding it to the open world.

That is the reason behind furnishing this post that it may help you with some valuable insight. You can make use of this information to sculpt your application accordingly that your customers may download and benefit through your application.

Did you find this post helpful? Comment down to share how it helped you and your target audience. We would be happy to help you even better.