The world is progressing by leaps and bounds. The 21st century is the era of technological advancements and with passing of each day there are constant improvisations and improvements that are being made in the field of technology.

Internet plays a key role in the advancement of our daily routine. Since we are all working from home these days and taking online classes: internet is the source that bridges the gap between real world and virtual world. Our businesses, work and school have been shifted to a complete virtual environment. It can be a tedious task to stay at home and work by sitting at one place for months.

Top 3 Internet Service Providers in USA

Here at list down the best internet service providers in the United States that use different kind of technologies so you may choose the one you like the most. A good internet connection helps you to stay more focused towards your work and while taking online classes you don’t lose your interest if you do not face any issues like speed lags or buffering sign on your screen. Due to the global pandemic crises, there is an economic downfall as everything has shifted online, it will take some time to get completely adjusted with the new virtual and real intermingled reality.

There are three different technologies that are being used for internet service production. There are cable Internet service providers, DSL providers and satellite providers. All these technologies work fine and you get a high speed internet facility at your home. The latest is cable internet that uses fiber optic technology or coax cable wiring, you get highest internet speed through it.

Here I mentioned top 3 Internet service providers; the one the uses cable is The Spectrum internet, the one that uses DSL technology is CenturyLink and the one and the best one that uses satellite technology is AT&T.

#1 – The Spectrum Cable Internet

Spectrum is the 2nd best cable internet provider in the United States, it is the name for Charter Communications, Bright House Network and Time Warner. All these three huge telecommunication companies merged under one roof in 2016 which is called The Spectrum. It has more than 60 million users in the US with serviceability in more than 44 states. Spectrum gives flexible options to their customer and freedom to customize package according to customers’ requirement. If you want to make a call then click here. Spectrum Customer Service department and ask their representatives about the promotions and packages that they offer in your area.

Spectrum gives you different options, the basic speed that they offer is 200 Mbps per sec for $49 per month, then there is an option to choose 400 Mbps higher speed internet for $57 per month and the blazing fast speed internet of 1 GIG which is an ultra-high speed that is a bit expensive and it will cost you around $100 per month. With any internet package you will get free internet modem, there are no contracts required, you will also be able to use internet when you are away from your hope by having free access to nationwide Wi-Fi hotspots. There are many added benefits that comes along with Spectrum internet.

#2 – The CenturyLink DSL Internet

DSL technology requires an active phone jack at your home, CenturyLink also offers highest internet speeds on very low rates. The exuberant offers that CenturyLink offers are available even outside the city limits. You can get high speed internet at your summer house which is located away from the city through CenturyLink. The internet speed that they offer, depends upon your location. It can start from 100 Mbps per sec and that will cost you around $40 per month and it goes up to 1 GIG that will cost you around $65 per month.

The best thing about CenturyLink is that, you will get promotional discounted rates for life, that means you will never see a raise in your bill. You can keep the services for as long as you want since there are no contracts required and no early termination fee is charged. You also get free activation with them and if you credit score is good you can get free installation as well. CenturyLink offers you discount on the Wi-Fi modem as well; through which you can easily connect various devices.

#3 – The AT&T Satellite Internet

The very famous AT&T internet provides a high quality internet through satellite technology. You get dedicated internet speed as you get exactly what you pay for. They offer you free access to nationwide Wi-Fi hotspots and you also get free AT&T App that you can download on your phone.

They also allow you to choose any internet speed that you want and for a high speed internet of 100 Mbps you will pay around $40 almost. The satellite has a built-in Wi-Fi through which you can easily connect multiple devices. AT&T internet is fully serviceable even in the suburbs and outskirts of US.

Summing Up

You have found all the details about the top internet service providers in their respective technologies. You can choose any internet service provider you want and the provider that is using the latest technology is Spectrum. Do your research before investing in any provider and choose wisely. It is always better to choose a provider that does not bound you under any contracts and gives you complete freedom of choice.