Time is a limited resource and is thus, required to be managed well for higher productivity and growth in life. The enlisted mobile apps in this write-up ensure that their users are able to automatically track and manage their time and day’s tasks well to achieve these goals.

As they say, Successful people do not do different things. They rather do the same things differently. But, one thing common amongst all, Be it Warren Buffet or Bill Gates, is the value they assign to time and the way they make the most of it.

The Best Time Management Apps

Time is basically like a flowing river, that waits for none. It is a very precious resource that needs to be well managed for growth and development. Like other lifestyle aspects, several mobile apps are already available on the app stores for this too. We have curated and enumerated the best one of those, developed on the android platform and available on the Google Store:


SplenDo is one of the few mobile apps out there that seem simple, but handle all the tasks at hand, completely and efficiently. Launched in 2013, the app is basically a smart task list for everyday use. Its favorable features include:

  • A simple list looking UI enables user-friendly task management environment
  • Easy grouping of tasks in separate lists
  • Smart and to-the-point home screen widgets with all the task information that the user would need
  • Easy synchronization with other Google apps
  • A ‘voice’ controlled task list
  • Resizable widgets
  • Batch mode for long and instant listings
  • Tasks can be created using system clipboard
  • Support for tasks, even without a due date

All-in-all it is a very efficiently running app that does what it intends to do.


With more than 5 million downloads already, Time tune is a time management app that is favored by many for its time management functionalities. Launched in 2014, the app lets its users to effectively optimize their time, productivity and life. Its features include:

  • Enables time management lists based on user routines
  • Routines can be customized on a daily , weekly, alternate day or even an odd number day basis
  • Routines work like calendars, but do not necessarily require specific dates
  • Attractive custom tags to separate the tasks
  • System-generated Routine statistics to analyze your time management.
  • Option to create blocks for out of routine activities
  • Enables blocking of a particular time and creation of multiple schedules for similar tasks.

A really helpful app to mobilize all your day activities well with high efficiency levels.

Moreover, this app ensures its users are able to maximize their output from resources invested  in a time-bound manner.

Microsoft ToDo

Owned by Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft ToDo is a time management app with easy to manage lists, tasks and reminder options. With a comprehensive digital strategy framework at play, this app enables users to efficiently achieve much more from their day in terms of work, school as well as personal commitments. Its feature list includes:

  • A daily planner with several in-built suggested tasks.
  • Lists can be accessed through any other device as well
  • Option to share lists with family, friends, colleagues, etc.
  • Option to further categorize tasks into meaningful steps
  • Enables grouping of tasks by topic or project name
  • Add reminders and tasks to list with ease using the To Do Widgets.
  • Option of reminders with single or recurring due dates
  • Customizable backgrounds with beautiful color options
  • Complete synchronization with Microsoft Office 365 suite

The app effectively takes care of all your shopping lists, bill planner, reminders, notes and routines, amongst others.

My Daily Planner

Launched in 2019, the mobile app already has more than five hundred thousand downloads already as it effectively helps users to stop wasting time and indulge in more fruitful activities using its reminders, calendars and planner. The app can be on root divided into 5 basic features:

  • Daily Planner: The feature allows the users to create their daily task plans easily with a convenient day feed and calendar. The app also allows the user to split their tasks into manageable sub tasks (in the form of a tree!). These tasks can also be grouped using folders and can be crossed out when completed.
  • Calendar: Created tasks can be viewed on count using its calendar feature. The calendar works on week mode as well as month mode as per the user choice.
  • To Do Planner: The app allows the users to create to-do lists and add reminders for the same with ease.
  • Reminders: Any added task can have unlimited number of reminders, at customizable intervals, as per user requirements.
  • The app auto calculates the progress of the tasks and auto-move the incomplete ones to the next day.

My daily planner is one app that takes care of all your planner, reminder, task list and calendar requirements.


MyHours app enables  its users to do much more in a day.  It has been inherently designed to help users focus on their projects and tasks at hand with improved time management and productive hours management options. Its features include:

  • Attractive UI
  • Features to specially enhance work productivity by managing productive hours and managing project lists.
  • System-generated reports to analyze user’s time management
  • Missed tasks can be added later using start and end time options
  • App allows to split work sessions with breaks for better productivity
  • Effective tracking of activities
  • It also includes a time tracker

MyHours is one of the best apps out there to balance work life, improving time management, controlling phone time and improving user focus on tasks at hand.


Sectograph is basically a time planner that monitors and manages all to-do lists of the user during the day.  Launched in 2013, its basic features include:

  • The app displays the user’s tasks in an innovative UI format of a pie chart, both in the app as well as in the device widget, with events as its various sectors
  • The app features a calendar and a clock as well.
  • The papp informs the user about the wait time of ending a particular task and starting a new one
  • Enables easy accounting and monitoring of work hours
  • Includes a daily scheduler
  • Convenient countdown to planned events
  • Easy connection with Microsoft Outlook and Android Smart Wear

It is a great app that visually displays a list of cases, events,and tasks for the day in the form of a circulation chart.

Brain Focus

Brain Focus is a time management app that helps its users to get the job done in time and with efficiency. Its major features include:

  • Enables users to track time in terms of tasks to be done
  • A user can configure app settings as per tasks
  • Enables categorization of group tasks as well
  • A user can pause and review work sessions
  • Multiple attractive themes.
  • Available in more than 30 languages
  • Notification even before the end of a session.

Brain Focus helps its users to promote their overall work productivity by staying focussed with a timer.

Focus To Do

Focus To Do is a comprehensive time management app that lets its users effectively manage tasks using a timer, task organizer and an integrated time tracker. The app’s basic features include:

  • The app includes a Pomodoro timer that can be paused and resumed as per the user requirements and to break work lengths, support short and long breaks   
  • App enables users to highlight prioritized tasks with color codings
  • Tasks can be broken down into sub tasks
  • Enables recurring due dates ioption to help users form habits
  • System generated statistics and report of time management and gantt chart of focus time
  • App enables the user to transform their focused moments into a virtual tree. Focus onn work and study helps generate sunlight enabling the tree to grow.

Ficus To Do is an amazing app to organize tasks, reminders, lists, calendar events, etc.


Tick Tick is a simple, but effective task and time manager. Its features include:

  • With its intuitive interface, the app enables easy initialization for the user
  • App lists can be managed by any device and in any top android launchers, web and iOS, amongst others
  • Enables input of tasks and their due date with smart date parsing
  • Task to-do reminders
  • Provides a sleek view of the schedule with a smart calendar.
  • Share lists and assign goals
  • Promo timer to help the user stay focused
  • Attach images, records and other attachments to tasks

Tick Tick ensures that its users are able to schedule, manage time and stay focused at large.


Your hour is a comprehensive wellbeing manager for its users. The app includes:

  • An easy to use dashboard to provide all essential information at a single place
  • ‘Floating timer’ shows real time statistics of time consumption
  • Effectively helps to manage phone addictions
  • ‘Tap that app’ shows the extra user time spent by a user on an app, over and above the set limit
  • Available in 19 global languages

YourHour helps users to fight phone addiction and manage available time suitably for maximum effectiveness.

‘Time saved is Time Made’, and these are effective timekeepers.

The above list of time management apps will help you manage your time, tasks required to be completed in a day and your overall life productivity in a much better way. You could download anyone of them for a more controlled lifestyle!