Being in the digital era, it is quite essential that you have your real estate website, either for yourself or for promoting your real estate brokerage for real estate lead generation. But just having a real estate website is not enough to get real estate leads. You must know what are the essential components of a real estate website and how to enhance your website.

What are the necessary components for a real estate website?

Here are some of the most essential components of a real estate website that will help you to define the real estate website in the right way and attract the target audience which consists of any home seller wondering how to find a realtor. We will now dive into these real estate lead generation ideas.

#1: Your Homepage Should Be Attention-Grabbing

The home page is the very first page that visitors will notice. You must ensure that the homepage should be designed in such a way that it will exhibit your customized brand by featuring a modern, responsive website. You should be thinking like a prospective home seller when you are wanting to increase your real estate leads. If you were a property owner looking to sell your home, what would you want to see? One would guess things to help you improve your property’s value, an option to request your property’s value, and something offering to sell their property.

Besides this, you must add key messages on the homepage that your audience would find engaging and encourage them to check the entire website, such as ‘what’s my house worth’, ‘home values near me’, ‘sell home fast’, etc. This will help you with targeting your real estate lead generation to produce real estate seller leads for you or your real estate agents.

#2: Integrated IDX Real Estate Website

Your real estate website should offer real estate search IDX integration that will encourage your target audience/prospective clients to search freely, easily, conveniently, and with high-quality content. By providing a great IDX experience with no forced registration you will help you generate more leads.

The IDX search features include Google-specific keyword tools that will help in improving the quality of the search results. Besides, you can also focus on integrating directory-style search pages and major tools that can be used for capturing leads, which in turn help in grabbing the attention of the potential real estate clients and converting them into clients. This is an absolute must-have component on the real estate website to help you generate real estate leads.

If you are a seller focused on your website, this will mean you will want to consider not having a forced in registration and to just focus on creating the best experience for your home search part of your website. A lot of agents choose to have force registration because they are focus on getting leads that way. We have learned that many buyer leads end up putting non-accurate information on websites that do force registration. This is why we recommend focusing on the users’ experience for your real estate lead generation.

#3: Include Lead Magnets On The Real Estate Website

You might have one of the best real estate websites and there are numerous visitors who are visiting your landing pages, but what’s next? What do you do when the visitors are coming to your website? You need to encourage your audience to take some action on the website that will help you in getting the contact of the prospective real estate clients, and you can later reach out to them with your real estate proposals. This is one of the effective ways of integrating the lead magnets in your websites and creating an opportunity for yourself to bring in potential buyers as well as sellers to your real estate business.

Lead Magnets can offer ten things you can do now to help sell your house for more money. This type of lead magnet with a strong call to action and expiration time can help you get more real estate lads. Plus, you can even offer a free bonus if you download this today. We believe this is one of the best ways to get real estate leads from your website. This is one of the best real estate lead generation methods because there is something that the prospect wants and is willing to exchange their contact information to gain access to it.

#4: Having a “Blog” Section In Website

Through the blog section, you can add daily value-adding real estate content that your target audience finds engaging as well as useful. The content you publish in the blog section will help you exhibit your knowledge and experience in the real estate world. Then over time, this will become a great real estate lead generation platform for you. If the content is helping the prospective customers, then they will be looking forward to working with you.

In the blog section, you can also share not just the content but also informative videos, infographics, and a wide range of images based on different aspects of the real estate world. So having a blog section is an essential component that you must integrate into the real estate website.  With a great real estate blog, you should expect over time a positive increase in capturing more real estate leads. Your blog should also focus on you the real estate agent, so they know who you are as they are reading your content.

#5: You Must Have A Neighborhood Section In The Real Estate Website

Some might think that including a neighborhood section is a nonessential component of a real estate website that will help you generate leads. However, neighborhood sections are essential components because they are one of the powerful SEO features that will help you in getting high website traffic and bring in sales/conversion for your real estate business.

Moreover, you can ensure that the real estate leads you generate through this section would be qualified and of high quality. This section or component of the real estate website will be helpful in establishing a brand name in the local market where the probability of finding high-quality leads is the highest.

Many existing property owners and even tenants search for home values in XYZ subdivision and homes for sale in XYZ subdivision. This allows you as a real estate agent to deliver high-quality and super updated content to prospective clients who use your platform. This opens up an entirely new level for real estate marketing for you. This will help with your real estate lead generation for your real estate business.

Besides this, you can become the local know-it-all in your area by keeping your website current with what is going on in the communities that you work. The locals will trust you more as the local real estate agents because you show it daily on your website, and you can see how this will help your real estate business grow.

#6: Integration Of Smart Filters & Flexibility

With the help of filters, you can enable certain features utilizing which the users can select the specific type of properties based on the location, price, availability, or any other requirement. The results generated through the filters should be displayed in the form of a list view with house images, videos, descriptions, and prices. To be precise, these are some of the essential information that should be visible on the website. By creating a better consumer experience on your website it will help your lead generating. If you are consumer experienced focused you would expect to see a natural increase in high-quality real estate leads.

Smart agents know offering the best client experience on their website will help with the conversion rate for potential clients looking for real estate help. They will be more likely to provide their contact information if they are enjoying their website experience. This will help increase website visitors turning into potential leads. In short, a high-value website will lead more potential clients to it, and in turn, it will help you start generating leads. Your real estate marketing will help your real estate business generate more qualified leads.

 #7: Complete Details Of The Property

It is not enough to merely post photos of the houses available for sale and the home value estimate. Below each photograph, all the essential features about the property such as the number of rooms, complete carpet area, local attractions, basic amenities, and various other key details should be mentioned.

A compelling and detail-rich description will help the visitors get better insights into the property and they can easily decide whether it is suitable for them. High-quality content details that are consumer-experienced focuses are one of the best ways to generate leads.

#8: You Must Be Able To Gain Information About The Real Estate Agents 

You must ensure that when potential real estate leads visit your website, they must be able to reach out to highly qualified and experienced real estate agents. Besides this, the real estate website must exhibit the information about the agents nearby, with high-resolution pictures and a brief bio. If the potential buyers and sellers feel right, they should be able to contact them through the website. Besides this, you can provide a link to the real estate agent’s LinkedIn or Facebook profiles. 

You can several different types of landing pages to generate leads for your real estate business. Each landing page can answer a unique need for your potential clients. By being able to state their problem on a landing page and then show how you can help resolve that problem on that landing page you will start generating leads. These leads will be more likely qualified leads at the end because you were able to clearly show how you can help them solve their problem.

#9: Real Estate Agent Reviews

You want to own your reviews as a real estate agent. A lot of real estate agents have either no reviews, limited reviews, and they are on third-party websites that can change at any time. Your reviews can help generate leads for real estate buyers and sellers. You will build trust with your potential real estate clients before they ever talk with you, because of your reviews.

Real estate agents with great reviews can use their reviews for real estate marketing to help with their lead capture rate. Real estate agent reviews can a positive impact on your real estate lead generation efforts. You should also post your real estate agent reviews from your website on different social media platforms. By posting on different social media platforms will help you generate leads.