When students enter college it is altogether a different phase in their life. They are quite excited about this transition. They have stepped out in this world from the protective zone given by their parents. They have new aspirations, new dreams and new life to make best out of it. The feeling of being independent makes them curious to know about many things which are going to come in their way. They try to fit themselves in a group which is superior to them; sometimes it is the sense of belongingness as per the college they are studying in.

To get due recognition among fellow classmates they tend to adopt several habits or get involved in activities which might be not good for them. At this point of time they need to realize the importance of being wiser and avoid taking rational decisions.

When students start going to college they also look for assignment help Sydney service, so that they can look for a new collection in their wardrobe, new and latest mobile phone and also a vehicle to drive may be the latest motorcycle or a car. These create sometimes an environment of pressure on parents as they are not in position to neither allow nor deny to their children. They fear about their lives as at this age they tend to speed up while driving which is very dangerous.

Handy Tips

Here are some tips which can be followed by college students so that they will be safe and can enjoy their freedom also. These tips will help them to gain confidence in their parents and maintain a harmonious relationship between them.

Know your vehicle

This is the very first tip which a student should know about. Even before starting driving, one should know about their vehicle. What are its important parts, what documents should an individual always keep with him while driving, how to change the wheel in case of puncture. How servicing is done, where are nearby service centers in his route. To whom, to call in case of emergency.

Insurance policy

The student should be aware about insurance policies. These can be vehicle insurance policy and personal insurance policy. A detailed study of both the documents is important as awareness is necessary. What kinds of damages are covered, how claims can be applied are important to know. Alan who is an insurance advisor and look for C++ homework help  for his son advises to have an insurance policy before starting driving.

Car Pooling

The student should be made aware about carpooling and the benefits derived out of it. He should avoid being a taxi to his friends just to be in their good books. Carpooling will help to save fuel charges and will also contribute in saving the environment from pollution.

Maintenance of vehicle

They should regularly maintain their vehicle not just to save investment but also to avoid any kind of breakdowns while commuting. It is mandatory to keep the fuel tank full, always be aware about air pressure in tyres, cleanliness of the vehicle and proper working lights should be there.


Avoid speeding while driving. The student should have control over the speed. There can be a situation when your friends will boast to you and ask for speed up. You should not join the trap and cause harm to yourself by jumping red lights or scaring others who are walking or driving on the road. Marie who is one of the online math tutors advises that “Don’t be a rash driver, be a responsible driver. Somebody waits for you at home”.


The student should have a license when he starts driving. The number plate of the vehicle should be up-to-date and per traffic regulations. If the student drives without license he will be liable for penalty and punishment as per law.

Locking system

While driving make sure that doors are properly locked. If this habit is not developed it can lead to some serious harm. Many times con men are in wait to play a trick and loot the driver. In that situation if the doors are locked they can stay safe and call the police for help.

Know your route

the student should be aware of road conditions of the route in which he will be regular driving. This will help to maintain the speed and keep you safe from any kind of road accidents. Moreover if they plan to go on a trip with friends then they should enquire about the route before so that required things while driving can be kept beforehand to avoid any chaos.

No drinking and driving

These two things should not be mixed while driving as these are dangerous to one’s life. Students should be prohibited from drinking in the first place and even if they do they should not be allowed to drive. They should be kept informed about the consequences they can face if they found doing such practice.

Keep safety kit ready and valuables out of sight

The student should prepare a safety or emergency kit in which first aid is kept to know the importance of it in a vehicle. He should be trained in how to use that kit in case of emergency. While driving there is no need to show off valuables as it will attract thieves to follow the care and can end up something really dangerous. The valuables should be kept covered and out of sight.

Don’t let the vehicle be idle

The vehicle should not be in an idle position for long say 5-6 days. It will affect the battery life of the vehicle. So if this happens then every time one needs to charge it. Students should be aware of the cost involved and the vehicle should be purchased as per the need and not just that student joined the college so it is mandatory to go by car.