In the modern era of fast paced technology, you can rely on your smartphone to travel the world. But which travel apps are best for planning the international trip? Or which one is best in accommodation? How to travel budget friendly?

All of your queries are answered with this hand-picked list of best travel apps that give you the best of experience while travelling across the oceans.

Best Travel Apps for Planning International Trip


Being a crowd-sourced platform, TripAdvisor has rightly gained its popularity as one of the reliable sources of information for travelling.

Before you set your foot out on a journey it’s always better to know what awaits you. TripAdvisor compares restaurants, hotels and attractions worldwide based on the reviews given by the community.

You can check out the place through images posted and even contact them before or ask for tips in the review section. It also has the feature of booking hotels with a free cancelation policy.

Started out as a blog now has its own social media app that you can use for researching the place you visit.

Fast Features:

    • Explore places with travelling tips
    • Book hotels without cancellation fee
    • Discover nearby places
    • Available on Android and iOS


A one stop planner for all your trips. This app keeps all your booking details, accommodation and reservation information at one place. You just have to link it with your email and you will have your itinerary prepared for you. The upcoming travel plans are maintained in this itinerary and you will get notification from your mail about the same.

You can even share your itinerary with friends or sync your plan to the calendar.

Fast Features:

    • Master ternary for your trip
    • Manage reservation details
    • Syncs to your calendar
    • Available on Android and iOS


This is a very great app for people who often travel but always forgets that one thing. Packpoint makes a list of everything that would be needed on your journey according to the weather, activities planned and number of days you are going to stay at a place. Be it a business trip or a fun vacation, this app helps you out through everything.

You just have to type in the destination, activities and time of travel and you are all set. You can even share the saved list with your peers in case they need a hand.

Fast Features:

    • Curates customized packing list
    • Save and share the list
    • Available on Android and iOS

Best Travel Apps to Book Flights, Cabs & Buses


For booking your flights and hotel Skyscanner is a great app, you can book your entire trip using it. You can compare the flight rates and even mark it for price alert. It will ping you when the cheapest ticket is available for your destination. From great flight deals to where to stay while travelling, this app got it covered. You can even book a rental car with Skyscanner

Fast Features:

    • Best deal flight rates
    • Hotel and rental car booking
    • Available on Android and iOS


Whether you want to travel intracity or intercity, Uber provides transport service for you to travel even where buses are not available. You just have to enter the pickup and destination details in your app and you will be ping with an OTP from the company, after that the driver will pick you up. The purpose of the OTP is to avoid getting scammed and ensure that you are billed right. This option is best if you are in a hurry and want to reach the destination quickly without any hassle.

Fast Features:

    • Cab service to travel
    • Secured
    • Available on Android and iOS


‘Get from A to B anywhere in the world’, reads the tagline of Rome2Rio. If you don’t have a private service for travelling, then this is a very handy app. You get the details on how to get to a place by plan, train, car, bus or even a ferry. The step-by-step directions make it easy to use. You can even check the public transport schedule and make your plan accordingly.

Fast Features:

    • Worldwide transport options
    • Step by step direction with maps
    • Available on Android and iOS

Best Travel Apps for Road Trips


Fan of exploring the world via road trips? This is just the app for you. Roadtrippers is a planning tool for your route and thus help you along the way with everything you need. From exploring on the way diner to local hidden gems. The turn-by-turn navigation leads you through scenic trails and also helps you find the pit-stops. You can also check the review section for comparing places. It also provides the option of saving offline maps in case of connectivity issues.

Fast Feature:

    • Plans your route
    • Explore places with turn-by-turn navigation
    • Available on Android and iOS


Another handy app when it comes to road trips is GasBuddy. This app helps you locate the fuel pump after comparing the prices, and hence offering you a cheaper fuel rate. There are several deals and discounts available, if you opt to pay in-app. It also tracks your driving habit and gives you insight for using your gas more efficiently, which is perfect for your budget.

Fast Features:

    • Locates inexpensive fuel pump
    • Track your driving habit
    • Available on Android and iOS

Best Travel Apps for Navigate Your Loactions

Google Maps

Google Maps, a well-known app when it comes to GPS. You can save yourself from all the hassle by just checking the different routes available for the destination, which is best for avoiding traffic jams. It even shows you how much time it will take if you opt for a particular mode of transport.

Don’t have your private car? No problem, you can check the other public mode of transport available too.

The option of adding a detour is a lifesaver if you want to make a nearby pit-stop. Google provides you with the available outlets near you like ATMs, hospitals, restaurants etc.

Fast Features:

    • Navigate through different route
    • Real time ETA
    • Explore by ‘Near me’ option
    • Available on Android and iOS

This community developed navigation app is well known for its offline maps. If you are travelling with network issues, this app would be a lifesaver. is fed in by the locals regularly and hence you will find off-beat paths to explore a particular place here rather than on google maps.

Fast Features:

    • Offline maps
    • Good for exploring locals
    • Available on Android and iOS

Best Travel Apps for Accommodation


Everyone likes to cozy up at the end of the day, Airbnb shares just the same ideal. It provides you comfort by making a safe space that feels like home. Their accommodation services all over the world is a place that is rented out by locals. You can stay as long as for a month after renting an entire house to rejuvenate your get-away with your family and friends.

The option of shared rooms which is comparatively less expensive is also there. Cabins, villas, shared rooms, hotel rooms- you name it, they have it.

Want to have a luxurious experience or just a small cozy budget-friendly room, this app makes it all possible. Your staycation is made memorable by  unique getaways, outdoor staying options and pet friendly rooms.

Fast Features:

    • Unique Accommodation service all over the world
    • Rent entire house or a shared room
    • Available on Android and iOS


HotelTonight is best for a last-minute booking. You can book your room for the day itself or in advance for a later date. When a hotel’s room is empty this app arranges it for a discounted rate for the customers, making this a win-win situation. You can search the hotels by location, maps, reviews and attractions.

Fast Features:

    • Last minute hotel booking
    • Discounted deals
    • Available on Android and iOS

Best Money Apps to Travel Internationally

Currency Converter by Oanda

Knowing the currency value and exchange rates is really important when you are travelling internationally. Oanda currency converter gives you accurate exchange rates that are daily filtered across 190 countries. You can calculate the rates that are charged by your credit card bank via interbank rate. The detailed version of how the rate is calculated is also shown in this app making this app accessible to even corporates and firms.

Fast Features:

    • Accurate exchange rates
    • Detailed information to calculate rates
    • Available on Android and iOS


Keep track of who owes whom on a journey with Splitwise. When you travel with your colleagues or friends, manage your budget and balance by using this app. You can add expenses in any currency online or offline and everyone can view the amount to be paid to settle the expense. The easy-to-use interface also provides the cash settlement option, you just need to update the log.

Fast Features:

    • Track money owed and expense
    • Easy to use
    • Available on Android and iOS

Best Travel Apps to Connect

WhatsApp messenger

All those roaming charges just to connect with your family and friends while travelling abroad are so bothersome. With WhatsApp you can stay connected with your peers back home. This app provides text, calling, video calling, image and document sharing over Wi-Fi or internet. The option of sharing a real time location is also available.

You don’t need to pay extra for staying in touch.

Fast Features:

    • Text without any additional charge
    • Call/video call and share images
    • Available on Android and iOS


Signal is yet another app which lets you make international calls without any additional charges. If you have your Wi-Fi/internet connection in place, then you can contact your home without any stress of international charge. This app provides more security and the data is end to end encrypted.

  Fast Features:

    • International calls over internet
    • Secure
    • Available on Android and iOS