Are you looking for the best free Twitter unfollow tools to help you get rid of those pesky non-followers? We’ve got just the thing for you.

Twitter is a bustling marketplace of thoughts, but let’s accept it, it can get cluttered quickly. Inactive bills, spam bots, and people who observed you in hopes of an observed lower back however by no means engaged? They contribute to a loud Twitter revel in, drowning out the voices you definitely need to listen.

That’s in which unfollowing is available, and thankfully, you do not have to do it manually one at a time. Enter the world of loose Twitter unfollow equipment!

Best Twitter Unfollow Tools to Unfollow Non-Followers

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But with such a lot of options accessible, how do you choose the proper one? Fear no longer, fellow tweeps! This blog dives into the excellent loose Twitter unfollow tools in 2023, assisting you curate a purifier, greater engaging feed:

1. Unfollowspy

No strings attached, no credit score card required, simply natural unfollowing goodness. Unfollowspy displays a list of non-followers and helps you to mass unfollow them in batches. Filter through the date you followed, activity level, region, and more. It even helps you to schedule unfollows to avoid triggering Twitter’s spam flags.


  • Tracks who unfollowed you: See who unfollowed you recently and historically.
  • Identify inactive followers: Find long-term inactive followers to unfollow.
  • Whitelisting and blacklisting: Protect valuable followers from being unfollowed.
  • Schedule unfollows: Automate unfollowing in batches to avoid spam flags.
  • Analyze follower growth: Track your follower growth and engagement metrics.

2. CrowdFire (Formerly JustUnfollow)

CrowdFire gives a generous unfastened plan with 250 unfollows in line with month. Its interface is straightforward, displaying you who doesn’t follow back and letting you unfollow with a single click. Plus, it throws in a few bonus features like scheduling tweets and reading your fans.


  • Schedule tweets and threads: Plan your content calendar in advance.
  • Identify fake and inactive followers: Clean up your follower list.
  • Track competitor activity: Monitor your competition’s Twitter strategy.
  • Run contests and giveaways: Boost engagement and attract new followers.
  • Analyze performance: Get insights into your tweets’ reach and engagement.

3. Twitter Mass Unfollow (Chrome Extension)

Prefer the benefit of a browser extension? Twitter Mass Unfollow has you covered. This Chrome extension provides a handy “Unfollow” button subsequent to each username for your fans listing, making it relatively speedy to declutter your feed. it helps you to export your non-follower listing for future reference.


  • Mass unfollow quickly: Unfollow large numbers of users at once.
  • Filter by criteria: Unfollow based on factors like location, language, or bio keywords.
  • Whitelisting and blacklisting: Protect certain users from being unfollowed.
  • Schedule unfollows: Automate unfollowing to avoid detection.
  • Limited analytics: Offers basic insights into unfollowed users.

4. IUnfollow

iUnfollow takes matters a step similarly with its AI-powered evaluation. It categorizes your fans based on engagement, permitting you to prioritize who to unfollow. You also can create whitelists to protect treasured connections from accidental unfollows.


  • Smart unfollow suggestions: Recommends inactive or irrelevant users to unfollow.
  • Whitelisting and blacklisting: Protect valuable followers from being unfollowed.
  • Schedule unfollows: Automate unfollowing in batches to avoid spam flags.
  • Limited analytics: Offers basic insights into unfollowed users.
  • Free version available: Basic features accessible without payment.

5. ManageFlitter

ManageFlitter caters to electricity customers with its sophisticated filtering alternatives. You can target inactive accounts, junk mail bots, and even those who have not tweeted in a certain time-frame. Additionally, ManageFlitter helps you to create and manipulate Twitter lists, streamlining your content material intake.


  • Discover engaging Twitter users: Find potential followers based on interests and criteria.
  • Automate follow/unfollow: Set rules for automatically following and unfollowing users.
  • Manage multiple Twitter accounts: Manage follower growth and engagement for multiple accounts.
  • Advanced analytics: Get detailed insights into your follower demographics and engagement.
  • Relatively expensive: Higher pricing compared to some other Twitter unfollow tools.

6. Circleboom: Bulk Actions and Analytics

Circleboom is a feature-rich platform that lets you mass unfollow not simply non-followers, however inactive accounts, bots, or even folks that haven’t favored your recent tweets. It additionally offers special analytics in your follower engagement and increase, helping you optimize your Twitter strategy.


  • Run Twitter contests and giveaways: Increase engagement and attract new followers.
  • Schedule tweets and threads: Plan your content calendar in advance.
  • Identify fake and inactive followers: Clean up your follower list.
  • Manage multiple Twitter accounts: Manage follower growth and engagement for multiple accounts.
  • Limited automation: Automation features are not as extensive as some other Twitter unfollow tools.

7. Tweepi

While Tweepi has limited unfastened unfollows, its real strength lies in its advanced search functionality. You can find tremendously relevant debts to observe primarily based on keywords, hobbies, or even locations. This is ideal for expanding your community with engaged customers who genuinely care approximately about your content material.


  • Find targeted followers: Search for users based on specific criteria like keywords, location, and bio.
  • Automate follow/unfollow: Set rules for automatically following and unfollowing users.
  • Export follower data: Download your follower list for further analysis.
  • Limited analytics: Offers basic insights into follower demographics and engagement.
  • Free version available: Basic features accessible without payment.

8. SocialBee

SocialBee combines unfollowing with different useful features like scheduling tweets, publishing weblog posts, and reading your social media performance. This makes it a one-stop store for handling your Twitter presence, specifically if you’re a brand or content author.


  • Schedule and publish social media posts across platforms: Manage content for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more.
  • Track brand mentions and hashtags: Monitor your online presence and engage with conversations.
  • Collaborate with team members: Assign tasks and manage social media workflow.
  • Analyze performance: Get insights into your social media reach and engagement.
  • Relatively expensive: Higher pricing compared to some unfollow-specific tools.

9. Audiense Connect

Audiense Connect boasts effective segmentation competencies, allowing you to filter your fans based on demographics, pursuits, and even their Twitter behavior. This helps you to unfollow particular companies of users who aren’t contributing to your favored target audience, and advantage valuable insights into your follower base.


  • Identify influencers and brand advocates: Find potential partners and collaborators.
  • Target specific audiences: Run advertising campaigns based on detailed audience insights.
  • Analyze competitor strategies: Monitor your competition’s social media activity.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics: Get in-depth data on your social media performance.
  • Enterprise-level pricing: Not suitable for individual users or small businesses.

10. Unfollower Stats

Curious who’s slipping away? Unfollower Stats keeps you in the loop with the aid of notifying you each time a person unfollows you. This may be beneficial for figuring out inactive money owed or customers who may have misplaced hobbies for your content.

Remember, the best tool is the one that suits your unique wishes and alternatives. Try some one-of-a-kind options and spot which one makes your Twitter revel in purifier, more enticing, and in the long run, more fun!


  • Track who unfollowed you: See who unfollowed you recently and historically.
  • Analyze follower growth: Track your follower count and identify trends.
  • Compare profiles: Analyze your profile against competitors’.
  • Limited Features: Primarily focused on unfollow tracking, lacks automation or advanced analytics.
  • Free version available: Basic features accessible without payment.

11. Twitonomy

Twitonomy is going past simple unfollowing with its in-depth analytics. It has fascinating insights about your followers like their region, language, or even their most active hours. These facts assist you in tailoring your content and engagement strategies to reach the right audience at the proper time.


  • Twitter analytics: Analyze tweets, followers, and engagement metrics for any Twitter account.
  • Competitor analysis: Track and compare competitor performance on Twitter.
  • Influencer identification: Discover and connect with relevant influencers in your niche.
  • Hashtag research: Find trending hashtags and optimize your Twitter strategy.
  • Reporting and exports: Generate comprehensive reports and export data for further analysis.

12. Twitter Followback Manager

This one isn’t technically an unfollow tool, however it can be a helpful accomplice although. Twitter Followback Manager tracks who you follow and who follows you returned, highlighting individuals who haven’t backed the desire. This makes it clean to determine in case you want to keep following them or provide them the boot.


  • Automate follow back: Automatically follow back users who follow you.
  • Track unfollows: Monitor who unfollows you and manage your follower list.
  • Schedule follow/unfollow: Schedule times to follow and unfollow users for optimal engagement.
  • Whitelists and blacklists: Exclude certain users from follow/unfollow actions.
  • Mass unfollow: Unfollow large groups of users at once.

13. TwitBird

Strengths: Simple, fast, and cell-pleasant. TwitBird helps you to unfollow immediately from your telephone, making it ideal for on-the-pass decluttering. It displays non-fans in chronological order and permits batch unfollows for performance.

It tracks your unfollow history and helps you to view beyond unfollows, beneficial for remembering who you removed and why.


  • Tweet scheduling and automation: Schedule tweets, direct messages, and replies in advance.
  • Multi-account management: Manage multiple Twitter accounts from one platform.
  • Hashtag and keyword monitoring: Track mentions of specific hashtags and keywords.
  • Customizable dashboards: Create personalized dashboards to visualize your Twitter activity.
  • Team collaboration: Invite team members to collaborate on Twitter management tasks.

14. ManageFlitter Lists

Strengths: Tailored for listing management fans. ManageFlitter Lists helps you to unfollow users who aren’t on your curated lists, making sure your feed aligns with your unique pastimes. It additionally enables bulk listing advent and editing, streamlining your follow/unfollow technique.

It offers insightful analytics for your lists, displaying follower increase and engagement for everyone.


  • List management: Create, manage, and grow targeted Twitter lists.
  • List discovery: Find and subscribe to relevant Twitter lists for targeted outreach.
  • List automation: Automate adding/removing users from lists based on specific criteria.
  • List insights: Analyze the performance of your lists and identify top members.
  • Integrations: Connect ManageFlitter with other Twitter management tools.

15. FollowersAnalysis

Strengths: Data-pushed method to identify inactive bills. FollowersAnalysis analyzes your followers’ tweet frequency, closing tweet date, and bio completeness to attain their hobby stage. You can then unfollow people with low ratings, making sure your feed is filled with energetic voices.

It affords designated reviews on your follower demographics, languages, and locations, supplying you with treasured insights into your target market.


  • Follower insights: Analyze your follower demographics, interests, and activity.
  • Fake follower detection: Identify and remove fake followers from your account.
  • Competitor follower analysis: Compare your followers to those of your competitors.
  • Follower list segmentation: Group your followers into segments for targeted outreach.
  • Export data: Export follower data for further analysis.

16. TwitCleaner

Strengths: Combats junk mail and abusive accounts. TwitCleaner scans your followers for capacity bots, spammers, and abusive users, permitting you to quickly get rid of them and keep a safe and positive Twitter surroundings.

It gives advanced filtering options, permitting you to goal unique key phrases in bios or usernames for extra unique cleanup.


  • Tweet deletion: Delete old or unwanted tweets in bulk.
  • Archive tweets: Save your tweets before deleting them for future reference.
  • Protect your account: Remove offensive or spammy tweets to maintain a clean account.
  • Schedule tweet deletion: Set up schedules to automatically delete old tweets.
  • Integrations: Connect TwitCleaner with other Twitter management tools.

17. TweetDeck (Chrome Extension)

Strengths: Streamlined interface for electricity users. TweetDeck combines unfollowing with tweet scheduling, direct messaging, and column-based total agency, making it a flexible device for managing your entire Twitter presence.

It integrates with different social media systems, letting you control more than one bill from one place.


  • Multi-column interface: Manage multiple Twitter accounts and streams in one screen.
  • Scheduling and automation: Schedule tweets, direct messages, and replies in advance.
  • List management: Create, manage, and monitor Twitter lists.
  • Real-time search and analytics: Track conversations and analyze Twitter data in real-time.
  • Integrations: Connect TweetDeck with other social media and marketing tools.

18. Twitter Audit

Strengths: Forensic-stage follower analysis. Twitter Audit dissects your follower base like a detective, revealing inactive accounts, bots, eggs, and even individuals who haven’t verified their electronic mail. You can then unfollow them in bulk for a centered cleanup.

It presents exact reviews on your follower increase, engagement metrics, or even the top hashtags used by your target audience.


  • Account analysis: Analyze your Twitter account’s performance and identify areas for improvement.
  • Fake follower detection: Identify and remove fake followers from your account.
  • Spam detection: Identify and remove spam tweets from your account.
  • Engagement optimization: Get recommendations to improve your tweet engagement.
  • Competitive comparison: Compare your account’s performance to your competitors.

19. Twellows

Strengths: Discover applicable money owed to follow. Twellows allows you to locate capability connections who proportion your hobbies and passions. You can seek based totally on keywords, locations, or even Twitter bios, ensuring you curate a feed packed with enticing voices.

It helps you to schedule tweets and manipulate your Twitter lists, making it a multi-purpose device for optimizing your complete Twitter experience.


  • Twitter directory: Search and discover relevant Twitter users based on interests and keywords.
  • List creation: Create Twitter lists based on search results to easily connect with target audiences.
  • Influencer identification: Find and connect with relevant influencers in your niche.
  • Real-time search: Track live conversations and trending topics on Twitter.
  • Community building: Discover and connect with like-minded individuals and communities on Twitter.

20. Twitter Counter

Strengths: Real-time insights into your follower hobby. Twitter Counter affords stay updates on your follower matter, new followers, or even unfollowers. This transparency permits you to music the impact of your unfollow moves and alter your approach hence.

It offers specified analytics in your tweets, hashtags, and mentions, supporting you to understand what content material resonates along with your target market.


  • Tweet analytics: Track and analyze tweet performance with metrics like impressions, engagement, and reach.
  • Hashtag analytics: Analyze the performance of your hashtags and identify trending topics.
  • Competitor analysis: Track and compare your competitor’s Twitter performance.
  • Reporting and exports: Generate reports and export data for further analysis.
  • Real-time insights: Get real-time insights into your Twitter activity and performance.

21. TrueFollow

Strengths: Identify ghost followers and improve engagement. TrueFollow analyzes your target audience and exhibits people who are not actively attractive along with your content material. You can then unfollow them and consciousness your strength on building meaningful connections with individuals who simply remember.

It gives tips for improving your engagement by reading your tweet timing, frequency, and content material format.


  • Targeted follow recommendations: Get personalized recommendations of relevant users to follow based on your interests.
  • Smart follow back: Automatically follow back users who are likely to engage with your content.
  • Engagement tracking: Track the engagement of your newly followed users.
  • Blacklist management: Exclude certain users from following

Remember, unfollowing responsibly is fundamental

Avoid mass unfollowing sprees: Twitter has limits, so go slow and constant. Don’t unfollow anybody who doesn’t observe lower back: Engagement matters extra than follower rely.

Check before you click: Make certain you virtually need to unfollow someone before doing so.

With these recommendations and the right loose unfollow tool, you can curate a Twitter feed that reflects your pursuits and fosters significant connections. So, get unfollowing, reclaim your timeline, and experience the candy silence of a muddle-free Twitter experience!

Bonus Tip: Combine exclusive equipment! Unfollowspy for natural unfollowing, CrowdFire for scheduling, and Twitter Mass Unfollow for handy Chrome extension motion. Experiment and locate your ideal unfollow toolkit.


We all crave authenticity with social media networks. So it is very much necessary to know these best Twitter unfollow tools to maintain your loyal followers and unfollow the ones who are not for you. You need to be extra careful as the world is on digital platforms, so secure your account by using these free tools on Twitter and ensure a safe platform for yourself.