Let’s see highest paying tech jobs in 2024, it will help you build your career in IT sector.

All of us alive today are experiencing a period of significant transition which in the future may be seen as being as large as the renaissance or the industrial revolution. New technologies are being developed at such a rapid pace it would have been difficult for someone 50 years to even imagine, much less believe, that society would be as technologically advanced as we are now.

However, this transition period has made many older, once highly important, tech jobs nearly obsolete. This trend is expected to continue as we move more and more towards complete automation, and because of this, the types of tech jobs that pay the best are changing as well.

Highest paying tech jobs 2024

Throughout the rest of this article, we will look at a handful of tech jobs that will be high-paying jobs in 2024 and beyond.


Never before has so much information been exchanged so readily and rapidly. Of course, with this comes a new need for security as no company or institution wants private and sensitive data to find its way into the wrong hands.

This is where cryptographers come in. These people are responsible for developing encryption patterns and other information hiding techniques to ensure that only authorized people can access information.

Even though this tech job is in high demand right now, it’s expected to increase dramatically in demand over the next decade, especially as technologies such as blockchain grow in popularity and enjoy higher implementation.

Current Average Salary: $150,000 per year

AI Developer

The world of AI, and to a lesser extent AR, has developed much quicker than even many experts and field leaders anticipated. Today, we see AI everywhere, and it has allowed companies to automate several processes that once requires a human being. Although there might be an initial investment, implementing AI is a good long-term bet for most companies and institutions, and this trend will only continue.

Similarly, augmented reality is becoming more and more popular but as a form of entertainment as well as training programs. This is another field that will see a massive increase in demand that will require a larger workforce.

Current Average Salary: $125,000 per year

Cloud Architect

Cloud technology and computing have taken the world by storm. Not only is it used for storing data, but it is also being used for software as a service product that people can access from anywhere. The marriage of Saas and cloud computing has been massive for the IT world, and there is no reason to believe this trend will slow down. In fact, cloud computing offers so many advantages it is likely to double over the next three to five years, and a trained workforce will be required.

Current Average Salary: $135,000 per year

Blockchain Engineer

This time last year, not many people were thinking about blockchain and cryptocurrency, but this has changed fast. In just a few months, bitcoin has hit an all-time high, and the global crypto market cap currently sits at $1.5 trillion. Furthermore, new blockchain technologies are being released each month, and a large number of these projects are here to say.

Aside from this, a whole new world of decentralized finance (Defi) is emerging, which will have its own challenges to overcome. For those who are not aware, Defi technologies aim to allow users to swap financial assets without a third-party intermediary and aim at delivering a level of financial freedom which few people thought possible.

As lofty as these goals seem, they won’t get anywhere without enough qualified workers to complete projects, and as a result, blockchain engineers will be in high demand.

Current Average Salary: $165,000 per year

Data Scientists/Analyst

We have already stated how important information and data have become and the need to keep it safe. Once safe, data must be analyzed, mined, and interpreted in such a way that allows companies and organizations to make sense of it all. When you think about how much information companies like google and amazon collect about their customers, this is no small task and will take a whole army of bright individuals to wade through the mountains of data and make it usable. This is where data scientists and analysts come in, and they will continue to grow in demand for years to come.

Current Average Salary: $110,000 per year


The covid 19 pandemic showed us just how vulnerable many sections of the world population is to a strong virus, and it created a rush to develop an effective vaccine. Even if health authorities are effective in combating the virus, which it looks like they will be, there will be a greatly renewed interest in researching and developing new treatments for viruses which require an increase in trained professionals. As a result, virology is likely to be an in-demand tech job going forward.

Current Average Salary: $95,000 per year

Mobile App Developer

The smartphone revolution created a whole new paradigm of how we interact and use technology. Once the smartphone came out, people had access to information at the touch of a few buttons. Beyond this, developers started making apps and games, which is now a mainstay of society. Every year, the need for mobile developers increases as technology evolves and new programming languages are developed. Because of this, this tech job will be in demand for a long time.

Current Average Salary: $125,000 per year

Software Engineer

Although we already mentioned software developers, the position isn’t quite the same as a software engineer, which is someone responsible for planning out how a program is to be written. Like a house or apartment building, software developers need a blueprint to follow, and the person in charge of delivering that is the software engineer. It is essential to understand that the salary range is quite large and depends mostly on experience and the company the person is working for.

Current Average Salary: $220,000 per year

Network Admin

Network admins are responsible for managing and restoring LAN/WAN protocol and other hardware/software required for establishing a quality internet connection. While a part of their job involves setting up networks, the vast majority of their time is spent troubleshooting connection errors. Because of, this tech job is only suited for people who have a high level of patience and are willing to spend long hours trying to solve a single problem.

Current Average Salary: $105,000 per year

Agile Expert

There has been something of a revolution in software development over the last few decades, and many development firms have entirely abandoned the waterfall project management strategy in favor of Agile. In short, Agile takes an interactive approach to software development where teams embark on two weeks sprints that aim to produce a working prototype that can be tested and analyzed. With each successive sprint, the prototype is developed more and more until a viable product is produced. Agile has shown to be very successful, but it can be hard to keep a team motivated and on track, and for this reason, a well-trained Agile professional is required.

Current Average Salary: $100,000 per year

Biotech Scientists

With all the buzz around transistor-based science, it’s easy to forget about the field of bioscience and all the new advancements being made every year. Bioscience attempts to use the building blocks of life to build proteins, enzymes, and even entire cell structures that can help us combat illness, disease, and other issues. One of the major areas where we have seen the advancement of biotech in the new mRNA vaccines, which are said to be an improvement over traditional vaccines. With this new generation of vaccines, the aim is to make certain cells in your body produce a weak, non-threatening version of a virus so that it could build a natural immunity to it. This is just one of the many exciting advancements in the area of biotech and something that will continue to grow.

Current Average Salary: $87,000 per year

Network Architect

Anyone who has been to a large office building or government institution has probably seen stacks of servers, wireless routers, and wires in some areas. Every organization, no matter how big or small needs some kind of internal network to operate on. Installing such a network involves using both hardware and software to create a safe, reliable network that can only be accessed by those with the proper credentials. Creating such a network is the responsibility of a network architect, and this tech job will only grow in demand.

Current Average Salary: $135,000 per year

Program Analyst

Testing is one of the most cumbersome and time-consuming processes in software development. It involves creating simulated situations similar to what a program would encounter in the real world and using the simulation to test how well the software product works. Not only does this require a high amount of programming knowledge, but it also requires individuals to be able to come up with novel solutions on a daily basis. No one piece of software is the same, and this brings both challenge and variety to the average workweek.

Current Average Salary: $165,000 per year

DevOps Engineer

For those who are unaware, DevOps is a set of practices combining software development and IT operations. While the exact nature of the role of a DevOps engineer changes from company to company, it generally requires people to manage IT resources for the development team and may also include management and development responsibilities. With the ever increasing amount of software development going on, this job is expected to increase in demand.

Current Average Salary: $125,000 per year

UI/UX Designer

The science of UI and UX design is always under development, and this won’t stop any time soon. Every year researchers uncover new secrets about how the brain interacts with the visual world, and they are incorporating this into building better and more functional UI/UX systems. For those that aren’t aware, UI stands for user interface and is used to talk about the way people interact with what they visually see on the screen. Examples of this could be side menu placement, color choices, and directionality. UX, on the other hand, talks about the overall experience people have when dealing with a web page. If the UI is not well thought out, then it will deliver a poor UI.

Current Average Salary: $89,000 per year

Site Reliability Engineer

The site reliability field is very interesting as it bridges the gap between traditional IT responsibilities and software development. On an average day, a site reliability engineer will involve responding to issues and troubleshooting for potential solutions. In some ways, this can be thought of as a mix between DevOps and a network manager, and this role is expected to grow significantly in the coming years.

Current Average Salary: $95,000 per year

Database Manager

As we have covered several times on this list, information is becoming the new currency, and some businesses will have server rooms full of it. As most are aware, all this information is kept safe in databases which must be appropriately managed to avoid major problems. Beyond this, a database manager must also develop ways to effectively use all the stored information. After all, having piles of data is of little help if there isn’t any logical way to access and use it.

Current Average Salary: $164,000 per year

Data Security Analyst

As companies become more and more concerned about keeping information safe, the data security analyst profession is rising in popularity. Most of the time, people in this position are hired as a third party to come in and evaluate how safely a company is keeping its data. Other times, such as with large companies, a data security analyst is kept on hand and is continually checking systems for any vulnerabilities. This position is expected to grow as housing, mining, organizing, and securing data are becoming more and more complex.

Current Average Salary: $100,000 per year