The rapid evolution of online shopping has led to the rise of online shopping, an increasing number of shoppers, and the purchasing of food and groceries from online shopping platforms. Building a WordPress website for a restaurant has become an essential ingredient and you can easily do it with the help best WooCommerce restaurant plugins.

To achieve consistency on a restaurant website, you need the right plugins; the recent pandemic has developed the era of virtual restaurants. Restaurants have transitioned into the online mode, and the online ordering systems are getting ahead in the market segment.

Best WooCommerce Restaurant Plugins to Use

Having an online menu is a basic necessity for your online restaurant website. The WordPress WooCommerce restaurant plugins will assist you in building a menu to highlight dishes so the customers can select, add orders, and pay for them. Hence, in this article, we’ll discuss the best WooCommerce restaurant plugins for WordPress online store that will leverage your brand identity to the next level.

1. Five Star Restaurant Menu

The Five Star Restaurant Menu is also considered the best restaurant menu plugin available for free download. The plugin comes with an advanced menu builder, which means you can easily set up your restaurant menu within a specific time duration. It provides multiple customization aspects to set up your menu as per your preferences.

This plugin lets you incorporate the menu into any site page using the Gutenberg restaurant menu block and handy menu-based shortcodes. However, you can add multiple photos and prices for each food and drink menu element. It allows you to incorporate different prices for a single menu item.

2. WooCommerce Food

WooCommerce Food is a seamless and powerful restaurant menu-based plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce-enabled stores integrated with the professional system of WooCommerce. With this plugin, you can build a food menu, manage the order, and eventually use various payment methods without any issues.

It also provides multiple restaurant menu layouts that include grid, list, tables, carousels, and vice versa. Furthermore, it allows you to integrate suitable icons to sort the food items and even integrates the search functionality for multiple menus. Above all, it enables you to display menus via shortcodes.

3. WPCafe

WPCafe is a comprehensive and full-fledged food menu, pickup, delivery, and restaurant serving WooCommerce plugin. It comes integrated with the blocks of Gutenberg, shortcodes, and elementor widgets. So, you can easily handle all of your cafe or restaurant needs to make a beautiful restaurant website.

Building a modern and intuitive food menu list is easy via this plugin. Also, you can integrate categories, location guidelines, and images into each element. It also lets you add a sticky mini-cart so that your potential customers can easily add food items that they like and quickly figure out how much their regular purchases will cost.

4. WP Food

WP Food is an intuitive and customizable restaurant menu and order management plugin for WordPress or WooCommerce based platforms. It is considered a simple restaurant management plugin designed to highlight your menu and receive or process orders without hassle, or vice versa.

This plugin constitutes a high-level design to deliver great user exposure to your potential customers. Furthermore, it comes integrated with various customization options to match your branding aspects. For example, you can create multiple customized food descriptions, image galleries, and choose from multiple layout options.

5. Orderable

Orderable is an app-based food delivery plugin for the WooCommerce platform that can be added to any WordPress or WooCommerce-enabled website. When a customer wants to choose a food item to order, a flyout menu is displayed to enable them to select the extra functions before implementing the dish to their menu cart.

Once they have successfully added the item, they will be able to view the contents of their carts in an identical user-friendly flyout menu bar. Later, they’ll also be tempted to purchase additional orders before proceeding to the checkout. The checkout has provided a simple and intuitive user interface design. By using this plugin, the customers can easily choose a local delivery or pickup with the available time slots as required. They can also add a top up, either in case of a custom or fixed amount.

6. Five Star Restaurants Reservations Plugin

It’s a clear fact that not all types of restaurants need a reservation system, it seems good to have a reservation system for large businesses. The five star restaurant reservation plugin incorporates a complete reservation system to your site. It constitutes of booking tables, sending emails, notifications (reminders) and many more.

The foremost benefit of this plugin is to simply add the reservation form. In most cases, placement of a form in WordPress can be done using a shortcode. Although, these are easy to perform, this plugin adds a block to Gutenberg that makes the placement of the form. Also, you can set the plugin instantly to accept multiple reservations if the ratio is beneath the threshold level. Likewise, if the number surpasses, the plugin can be set to reject the reservation or forward it for manually approving it.

7. ReDi Restaurant Reservation

ReDi Restaurant Reservation is an available option that helps you to manage table bookings, restaurants availability or reservations. All above it is easy-to-use Restaurant plugin, after you have set up the opening hours, your overall details, and setup extra column fields, customers can simply view your available time based on their planned date, party size and time. Then you can make a reservation directly from your site.

The plugin automatically checks the availability of seat for the selected time and date, and provides an instant response. It also constitutes of a personalized and customizable reservation form for you to use which will alert you as earlier as customer submits a request. The premium version of this plugin offers variety of features that includes a reservation dashboard for the regular operations, adjustable working hours, multiple location support, email templates, and vice versa. Also, the plugin can be integrated with multiple platforms and solutions includes Facebook, MailChimp, Zapier, NewsLetter, Twillio, BulkSMS, WooCommerce for pre-payments.

8. Restaurant & Café Addon for Elementor

Restaurant & Café Addon for Elementor allows you to create multiple options for your restaurant website. There are various blocks to pick from the list to quickly design your website pages. You can use almost 35+ blocks in the free plugin to add multiple food items, ingredient lists, complete recipes, detailed menus, multiple locations (branches), special offers, pricing tables, working hours, and many more.

If you want to enjoy multiple features you can simply upgrade to Restaurant & Café Addon Pro. It will allow multiple restaurant specific blocks for menu addons, layered images, gift cards, OpenTable integration, pricing tabs, banners, and many more. If you want to experience more features you can always upgrade to Restaurant & Café Addon Pro, this will allow additional restaurant specific blocks for menu addons, layered images, gift cards, OpenTable integration, pricing tabs, banners, etc. The pro version also consists of WooCommerce support and custom product elements i.e., food items, menus, product filters, so you can easily offer online ordering instantly from your own website.

9. Restaurant for WooCommerce

Restaurant for WooCommerce is a robust and feature-rich plugin for incorporating your restaurant’s menu into your website and accepting pickup and providing online orders. Using this plugin, you can transform your shop page into a menu-styled layout with all your menus or dishes.

The styling aspect is categorized as basic, but many customization options are included. It also has food options in a popup menu, but these can also be added from different WooCommerce Product Add-ons, so you can choose what you want.

You also want to amalgamate it with a food delivery solution with a theme for more stylish options. This plugin is quite good for adding a restaurant-enabled menu and online ordering tactics to your website, but it lacks style and a mobile-friendly user design, and vice versa.

10. Store Hours Manager for WooCommerce

If you use WooCommerce platform to leverage your online orders, then you can use the Store Hours Manage for WooCommerce. This plugin enables you to adjust your restaurant’s working hours for the online marketplace.

It ensures that entire orders are not placed when you are not available, the core features of this plugin enables you to adjust hours, when the store is open, it will accept the orders, and when the store is closed, then the orders won’t be accepted for each day. Plus, you can also adjust special hours for vacations, holidays, and casual leaves etc.

Final Thoughts

As per the above facts and figures, you can choose any WooCommerce-enabled restaurant menu plugin that offers seamless features and affordable pricing packages that meet your business requirements with cutting-edge selective choices and vice versa. Hence, the discussion above highlights the brief explanation and know-how of the mentioned WooCommerce restaurant plugins that will provide sustainable customer satisfaction, durable consistency, and workflow parameters that will boost your brand identity to the next horizons.