Astrology is the practice of predicting events based on the positions of planetary bodies in the celestial sphere. It is associated with many ancient civilizations, particularly India and China, but Westerners’ familiarity with the term “astrology” originated in the 17th century.

Part of the power of astrology is that it allows you to see the past and present and understand how things are made up of how they function. Modern healthcare professionals believe in some way that astrology may help us understand how we are looking at ourselves as human beings, what our place in the universe is, and what will help us make better decisions to move forward.

Careful examination of the planets, which change positions with our life cycle, reveals how people experience disease and healthy behaviors.

The best horoscope in astrology can pinpoint the beginning, middle, and end of your life’s cycle comprising finance, health and so on. In this article, we will be sharing insight into how medical astrology as a science is helping in forecasting health problems.

How medical astrology works


Astrologers use the placement of various houses in various planetary positions to assess a person’s health and the severity of an illness. In addition to offering health astrology projections, they can also provide treatment for the ailment, with a typical recommendation being a change in diet to one that is more suited to the native’s chart. The sign in the house is a key element in assessing the native’s health, and each house represents something distinct.

The horoscope’s second, sixth, eighth, and twelfth houses all play vital parts in determining a person’s health. Diseases might be brought on by any bad planetary influences in these houses.

Forecast health

Astrologers can predict when a disease will appear in the body. They can determine the possible causes of diseases and guide their patients to prevent them at an early stage. Based on their predictions, astrologers will give you suggestions of various treatment options in form of actions and rituals for your recurrent health issues.


Astrologers predict the health and accidents of a person by analyzing the 4th, 8th and 12th houses in his or her horoscope. The 1st house is an auspicious house and it reflects family, children, marriage and other financial aspects. It also indicates the native’s love life.

The 6th house is a malefic house that indicates accidents and health risks. In a horoscope, if it occupies the 6th house, then chances are very high for an accident to happen to your native. Similarly, if the ascendant too has Lord Jupiter, then the chances of accidents increase.

An astrologer analyzes the 4th, 8th and 12th houses in the horoscope to determine whether the native is prone to accidents as well as determining whether there is any change in one’s nature from one birth date to another.

Heart Disease

Heart ailment is a major health concern these days. and if you are suffering from it, then you should know the details as to what this situation means for your future and how to treat it. Astrology has been helping people for centuries to gain insight into their life paths and find solutions for their queries.

Mental health

Forecasting mental health is made easier by astrology. It has been established that feelings, emotions, preferences, and character are ultimately influenced by the planetary alignment at the moment of birth. As a result, astrology has a big role in determining your mental wellness.

The horoscope’s fifth house has a significant impact on how mentally stable an individual is. According to the Health Astrology Chart, this house represents curiosity, thought, and rationality.