Are you looking for professional translation services at affordable rates? If yes, then we at Wordsburg are one of the well-reputed certified translator Singapore that provide reasonable translation services across all industries for more than 130 languages. We are a world-leading language provider that offers a wide range of certified document translation in a short span of time.

Our team has experienced linguists who are engaged in delivering the contents with the highest level of accuracy that meets the evolving needs of clients. Our established team of experts with native-speaking translators performs multiple quality tests for delivering accurate translation. Also, we are utilizing the latest translation memory tools to ensure consistency across all documents. Thus, with the multiple levels of quality assurance and testing, we aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction by offering the SME review as well.

We can assure you that we are able to provide translation service on time and at a reasonable price. Along with the translated documents delivery we make sure that our client’s data and information remain safe and secure. Therefore, get in touch with us and we will let you know in detail about all the translation services offerings.

Completely Secure Translation Agency | Data & Privacy in Translation Services

Every individual wants their information & documentation must be kept private & confidential. Therefore, by keeping in mind accurate English certified translation, we assure the 100% private translation services at our agency. Behind state-of-the-art encryption and mandatory Non-disclosure Agreements, we maintain the privacy of our clients.

All the native linguists and translators have to sign an NDA agreement for making sure no information will be leaked from their side. Therefore, our association agrees and guarantees the quality of every single translation to all the clients across the world. You can have unlimited revisions for free as we want to deliver our client’s 5-star customer service experience.

Please feel free to email the scanned copies of the original documents to our official site or fill in the inquiry form by uploading your scanned documents. Also, our agency will send you the final quotation before the content delivery and we charge no extra price for any other unlisted services out of the quotation mail.

Customized Translation Team for Language Translation Services

We have assembled multiple teams of the different translation requirements. Our experts have knowledge of every project and in order to deliver accurate translation, we assign different tasks to linguistic experts. On the basis of subject matter, country, and DTP specialists all the tasks are assigned in a row for better content delivery. The dedicated experts have over 10 years of experience working in their specific areas. More details about our expert document translation teams are as follows, that will convince you to choose us as the Best Language Translation Agency in Singapore.

  • Subject-matter experts (SME): With expert knowledge and experience for a specific industry, our SMEs support terminology translation. Also, they are pro in answering the technical questions with 100% efficacy.
  • Qualified translators: Our certified translators undergo the quality test before any project allotment. Our agency tries out its best to assign translators to the same product line for the same client.
  • Experienced editors: With years of experience and knowledge we have a team of experienced editors that have proven translation experience. They provide clients services for making edits in real-time and confirmation in the shortest time possible.
  • Rigorous proofreaders: Equipped with background knowledge in a specific industry, we review contents with a fresh eye and without referencing source content.

Effective Project Management for Translated Content Delivery

By assuring all the clients valuable content delivery on time we have created a positive reputation all across the country. With the  24×7 team support, we are nurturing the needs of clients within a short span of time. Our workflow management never let us down in terms of delivering accurate & timely content. We have a team of expert linguists that saves processing and handling time. This results in increasing the accuracy of the whole process and eliminating mistakes in the short term. For better customer support we also provide online support, online query management, and online QA and revision. A seamless translation and localization workflow in an advanced translation management system always makes sure on-time content delivery around the country.

Wrapping Up

We believe that you have got the right idea and knowledge regarding the translation services offered by Wordsburg. We are a pioneering brand all across the world for delivering accurate & on-time translations with a team of native linguists. Therefore, if you are looking for the certified document and language translation services in top countries get in contact with us. Our team is always there to guide & assist you with better customer support.