Children are undeniably the treasure of a family. Young toddlers are often considered blessings that complete a household. While raising a child comes with a lot of memories, it is certainly not the easiest task. Without a doubt, you must incorporate essential values in your child to make them responsible and capable of independently leading their lives beautifully.

10 Values You Should Teach Your Child by Age Five

Therefore, we have summarized ten essential values to teach child by the age of 10. So, without any more delay, let’s get started!

Curiosity towards different aspects of life 

By the time your child reach the age of 4 or 5, their minds are flooded with innumerable questions. Often these questions are as harmless as “why is the water blue?” but, many times, it can intrigue deep thinking. For instance, your toddler might end up asking simple questions like “why do people love each other?”.

While children are usually curious about life, we as parents must give them their space. Answering the questions in a polite and understanding manner deeply impacts their mental growth. This will not only help them give a different perspective but will also answer all the questions. Moreover, both the child and parents can learn a lot from being curious about life.

Accountability for their actions

Setting expectations for child is undeniably a lot easier than actually teaching them the importance of values. Taking accountability for one’s actions plays a delicate role in determining their personality. If you want your child to become a responsible citizen, you must emphasize the importance of accountability.

The real test starts at the school-age as a parent can not always be around their kid. When a child starts to socialize and interact with other individuals of the same age, it leads to a series of events. Frequently this might result in certain activities that require taking accountability for their action.

For example, if your child has hurt his or her classmate during their class, it is important to observe their activity. If they are taking accountability for their actions and are willing to face all the consequences, Congratulations, your parenting strategy is on the right track. Whereas, if they avoid accountability, it means that they might not be ready to understand the gravity of the situation.

Empathy for everyone  

Empathy is a feeling that allows you to comprehend and understand the emotions that an individual is going through. It encourages the sensitive side of the human brain. Without a doubt, it is important to make our children understand the importance of empathy.

Empathy helps kids develop an understanding approach towards the different aspects of their life. Introducing new values during playtime is one of the most effective strategies as it allows them to learn new perspectives in a social setting.

For instance, if your toddler hurts you during your playtime, you must make them understand how it impacted you. Just a simple statement like “that was painful” can help them mentally perceive this statement as an indication of hurt. We recommend you wait for their response as this will help you in analyzing their thought process.

Importance of Respect  

As a parent, it is important to understand the impact of respect on a child’s life. There is no denying the fact that respect plays a crucial role in our day-to-day activities, be it waiting for someone else’s turn to speak or understanding the different perspectives of individuals around us. Respect plays an important role in developing us as responsible citizens. That it is essential to spend time with our toddlers and inculcate the value of respect in them.

The practice of Effective Communication  

There is nothing more important than expressing ourselves verbally. Effective communication is a great way of measuring your child’s mental development. Therefore, as a parent, you must involve ineffective communication and encourage your child to share their thoughts frankly. This will allow you to a door to their thought process that will help you take corrective measures on time.

Furthermore, effective communication plays a vital role when your toddler steps out of the comfort of your house and gets into his or her school. Interacting with other individuals, probably office the same age, will help him grow as an individual. If your child faces a certain type of struggle in freely expressing themselves, you must take your time out and communicate with them. Indulging in some effective activities that boost communication and help them understand the importance of interaction is recommended.


We cannot deny that honesty is an important aspect of an individual’s life. Inculcating honesty in toddlers is a crucially important step that we will have to take sooner or later. There is no denying the fact that kids mimic our actions. If their parents live a life filled with lies, it will have a serious impact on their mental development. For instance, if you engage in activities that require you to tell a lie with utmost confidence, beware! This is having a deep and negative impact on your child’s brain.   

This is leading them to opt for a path of dishonesty. When a kid is under the age of 10, their mental development is at a crucial stage. In this stage, they might often resort to the path of dishonesty to avoid uncomfortable conversations and escape the consequences of their actions. But it is important to make them realize the positive impact of honesty by encouraging them and telling the truth.

The need for compromise when required

Your child needs to understand that not all their wishes might be fulfilled as life not always works as per our plan. If you keep on fulfilling all their demands, they will have a negative understanding, and this will lead to a lack of adjustment. While we’re not suggesting that you must rob your child of all enjoyment at the playful age, we definitely want you to understand that catering to all the unnecessary demands of your child is certainly not the most appropriate thing.

You must inculcate the importance of basic resources like food, water, electricity, clothes, and so forth in your mind. Once they understand this, they develop generosity in them instead of a complaining attitude.

Appreciation for life

Appreciation plays a major role in a child’s psychology. Appreciating their efforts can motivate them to put more effort and to work towards the good. Therefore, it is extremely important to be very careful while complimenting your child.

Moreover, you need to make them understand the importance of appreciation. During your playtime, you can incorporate appreciating lines complimenting their performance, their outfit, their smile, and so forth. Without a doubt, this will encourage them to appreciate life as well as their surroundings.

Encourage Teamwork

Human beings are social animals. We live in a society, and thus it is important to understand the importance of a team. There are innumerable instances when a child has to work with a partner or even a group of friends to do the most mundane activities like playing in the field or sitting in a classroom games. In this scenario, they need to understand how to work with other people, which also helps them develop a more understanding outlook as a responsible individual.

Not to forget self-care 

Self-care is another important aspect that needs to be highlighted. Oftentimes young toddlers do not understand the importance of taking care of themselves. Simple tasks such as brushing their teeth, bathing, cleaning, and so forth interactively and enjoyably can have a lasting impact on their minds. Therefore, we suggest you be more interactive and simultaneously inculcate the importance of self-care. This will allow your children to understand their own importance.

Wrapping Up

Values play a major role in our life. Similarly, our kids need to understand the gravity of the situation and develop their mental horizons with the help of important values. In the above-mentioned article, we have discussed some values that you must inculcate in your kids by the age of 10. We trust that this article will be fruitful and help you give some valuable information.