Content is an important part when you are talking about the analysis of the business website. The content is the fact that helps the site to rank on the search engine result page.

The plagiarized content not only ruins your ranking but also affects the user experience. This is because the plagiarism is a crime and search engine also take it as a serious un ethical crime. So, you should check content plagiarism.

If your content is informative, non-plagiarized and according to the audience then more audience would prefer your site. Not only this, but the search engine will also show your website at the top of the SERP.

For example, when we write any search query on Google, usually we get the results from the websites like Neil Patel, Backlinko. This is because they are producing quality content for the SEO niche.

Best Content Analysis Tools

To make your content better, analysis of the content is very important because it let you meet the standard of the search engine.

There was a time when you have to analyze the content manually but now the time has changed as there are different content analysis tools available online that can help you know your content.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best and free content analysis tools, which will help you to analyzing your content.

Prepostseo – Plagiarism Checker


Firstly, the plagiarism-free content for your website is very important because duplicate content can make a bad impact on your website to the search engine.

Whether you are copying the sentences or you are just copying the idea, your ranking might get affected because of plagiarism.

The search engine never recommends using the copied work to save the efforts of the original writer. However, to avoid this, you should utilize the plagiarism checker free with percentage that is available online.

You can use it for free while it scans the whole internet to match the source with your content.

Many of the bloggers and webmasters practice checking the uniqueness of their content through this tool.

Remember, when you use the plagiarized content, your ranking gets ruined by the placement of your site at the least pages by a search engine.

Expresso quality checker


This is a tool where you can test the quality of your content. Whether you are a pro writer or you are just saving your money, through this tool, you can save many of the mistakes.

There are a lot of factors that this tool tells about and some of the factors are written below:

  • Long sentences
  • Weak verbs
  • Nominalization
  • Filler words
  • Negations per sentences
  • Long noun phrases
  • Passive voice
  • Rare words
  • Extra short sentences
  • Fragment
  • Frequent words

Not only this, but this tool also lets you know the other analysis like words and character count, readability score.

Grammarly – Grammar Checker


When you are thinking about writing high-quality and accurate content then writing without any errors is compulsory. You should start making your content best by checking the grammatical errors.

Think of the user who comes to your site and found some mistakes in your content. This will have a bad impact on users as they will declare your content to be poor.

There are different grammar checkers available on the search engine that can help you in making your content free of grammatical mistakes.

These tools are free to use while it gives you the suggestion instantly and you get the option of solving the mistakes.

One of the most amazing grammar checkers is Grammarly. It is a free tool that allows the user to use it online through the web interface.

Once you paste the content in it, it would automatically highlight all the mistakes including grammar errors, spelling errors, clarity, correctness, and many other factors.

Grammarly is not completely free instead you need to buy the premium plans for getting all the suggestions. One of the features of this tool is that it gives you the score for your content and it’s based on the goals that you have set.

Readability Checker

The readability score is a type of optimization score and this indicates how well is your content can be read.

The search engine recommends writing the content that is written in a natural tone and that is readable by the children.

The readability is also an SEO factor and through working on the improvements of the readability, you can make your content better.

Different factors make the readability score. Some of them are written below:

  • Short sentences with simple words
  • Short paragraphs through the content
  • Write in a natural tone
  • Sentence structure
  • Format and Hierarchy
  • Visualization in the content
  • Transition words

Different tools are available online for checking the readability of your content. These tools are quick and generate the score instantly.

JustWebTools – Keyword Density



The keyword density means the number of the times keyword is placed in your writing. The web owner as well as the SEO marketer usually need to use this tool to check the content of the website.

Remember, keyword stuffing is a bad practice in the eyes of the search engine and through this, the search engine might consider your writing as artificial.

Keyword stuffing is the stuff that indicates that the content is just about the ranking of the content on the top of the search engine but not considering the user experience.

However, checking the keyword density is easier now because of the available online tools.

You can use the tools like justwebtools that is free and quick to use for checking your content.


When you are planning for your content and SEO of the website then you should consider the content as important. This is because the content is one of the most important factors for the search engine crawler to rank your site on the top of the search engine.

All of the above content analysis tools and tips are very beneficial because they help to make your content according to the search engine guidelines. Remember, most of the SEO practices are based on the content, and by making your content better, you can easily rank higher in the search results.