It doesn’t matter if you are a content creator or a content consumer you should know that plagiarism will affect you in one way or the other and this is just because of the reason that there are more than zillions of articles published on the web and more and more are coming in day by day! Now you should know that not always there is a case of deliberate plagiarism which you have to save yourself from rather there are many types of plagiarism which include self and accidental plagiarism which are the most dangerous ones today because they have the same consequences as verbatim!

Now there are many uses of the plagiarism checking tools, you can not only check the content that is submitted with you for plagiarism, but you can also check your own content for plagiarism before you submit it. Moreover, you should know that being a content creator it is always important that you keep a track on your research work, freelance projects and log sites and look or whether they are being misused or plagiarized on any part of the web without getting your permission or paying you the credits!

You should also know that if you ignore plagiarism and the use of the plagiarism tools, then you should know that you will face legal actions, monetary fines and damage plus you will also get an extremely damaged reputation which you won’t be able to fix easily! So today we are going to tell you about the top three plagiarism checking tools that will help you in tracking, detecting and removing plagiarism! Read the details of them so that you can select the best suitable one for you!

Plagiarism checker by

To get the amazing services of the small SEO tool’s plagiarism checker, you should know that you have to first of all register yourself with the tool using your email account and after that, you have to log in with that particular account! Now, this registration won’t cost you a penny, nor will you have to pay anything in the utilization of the tool! You guys should know that the plagiarism checker by the small SEO tools is a free and reliable tool and the reason that it requires you to register is to keep your data safe and secure!

Here is the list of some of the key features of the tool that you should read about before you start using the tool!

  1. The tool is a web-based program that has more than billions of webpages with unlimited words and articles!
  2. The tool has an automatic feature of rewriting that helps you in removing plagiarism in content that is detected by it!
  3. This plagiarism checker tool can easily accept multiple file formats! You don’t have to worry if you have .txt or PDF or even .tex files!
  4. You can check plagiarism in website content by just using the URL of the website!
  5. It will give you the best reliable PDF report authenticating the originality of the content!
  6. The tool also accepts multiple languages, and you should also know that the tool has the best option of percentage gauges!

Plagiarism checker by the SER!

Now the plagiarism detector by the search engine reports is also a reliable tool that you can use to detect the use of your content on other websites! Now, this is the best plagiarism checker tool for content creators as it can help them in knowing about who is using their content and where! You should know that the use of the tool is very much easy and you just have to enter the text by pasting it in the text box or simply upload the document directly from the document gallery or the online platforms like Dropbox! You can also enter the URL of the website that you want to check plagiarism for! This is also a free and secure tool that you should use!

Plagiarism software by Dupli Checker!

Now the plagiarism checker tool by the all famous platform Dupli checker is also one of the best tools that you can use to check the duplication and similarity within and with respect to other contents! You should know that to use this tool, and you have to register yourself with your email account for your own security and to get the allowance of checking of more than 50k words in a day! You should know that the Dupli checker accepts multiple file-formats along with different languages and not only that it can also check your content for human errors and grammatical mistakes automatically and will issue a report for both the grammatical health of the website plus about the plagiarism in content!

This tool also has the special features of reporting and percentage checking!