Here you will get the top 10 researched websites of free memes you should know. Today online cannot complete without memes; they make us happy and are fun. Everyone likes memes, and you will want to install them on your computer or phone.

Top 10 Free Meme Generator

There are many online, but you can choose one that is best for you. We are here to make work easy for you by choosing what we think is best of all. Check the list of free memes generators here.

  • Quick meme

A quick meme is a tool similar to the meme generator, and it allows you to browse through different memes and create your own from the combination of the image given. The best meme-making tool you can get to use in the market. You can search on Google for the newest memes features, trending memes, and the most popular memes. The best thing you need to do here is to pick the one you can text and edit yourself.


    • It allows users to create memes using a viral image or their own.
    • The account setup is done when you login into the Facebook account and save memes.
  • Meme generator

This meme generator free tool is what you need to use, creating the caption of the images. It allows the user to pick from the favorite images posted online by other people. Meme Generator is fun, and excited to create a meme using one of the pictures. The process is a simple click on the picture, then select the meme you want to use. When you use this tool, you will benefit from customization options, including the custom image and characters.


    • Allows you to punch your line
    •  Uses custom image character for creating memes
    • You can share and send memes using this tool.
  • Meme center

Meme center is a feature that has the additional ability to create GiFs. This one function, like others mentioned above, only has unique features. If you get a funny gif of your own, you can create various animations of your own. Meme center provides you with a professional template to use in your memes.


    • You can change the font text and color you need.
    • Provides you with the collection of the stock images.
    • Allows you to add the filter to your memes.
  • Live meme

The live meme is the meme generator very easy to use. When you head to the homepage, it displays a couple of the famous images available for you. You need to click on the” create a meme” button, and you will drop down the menu, which is thumbnails of all famous memes.

You can now choose the image you need to create your meme; now, you are free to upload the image and relevant text. If you are satisfied with your outcome, you can save it on your computer.


    • Creating memes is shared easily.
    •  It allows you to upload a custom image for the generator.
  • I Love IMG

If you are looking for a meme generator free, then loving is one of the best. These memes’ homepage allows you to upload an image, select the template you need, and then get started.

It has text boxes that are present for editing your text. You can edit it before sharing. You can add an extra text line if you want to try that. You are also allowed to add an image on top of the image.


    • Option for adding an image on the top of the existing images
    • Easy to create and upload images
    • It enables the user to insert more than text lines.

If you want to create a meme that has already become popular, then DIYLOL is here to make your work easy. It would be best if you kept your audience interested and fun this is best for entertaining. You are allowed to adjust the font color and size for the top and bottom of your text. It will help if you had an internet meme that is fun and creates a sense of humor.


    • Allows to edit the font color and size
    • Offers you an easy way for creating memes and images
  • Canvas

Canvas gives you professional creation of the template and memes you love. You will get over the 1 million stock photos you can use. It offers you large selections of the image you can choose from. You can also upload your image and add relevant text for creating memes.


    • An extensive collection of the stock.
    • Enhancing your memes images and filters.
    • Provides you with a massive collection of the stock images.
    • You can create a meme with your image.
  • Make meme

If you want access to the meme generator, free go to You can now click on any of the images you find there. You can click on those images on full text or bottom text to custom your title. When you are done, click on the “make memes,” and you are free to start a new meme.


    • To add top and bottom text is easy.
    • User can customize .the title of the meme.
    • Previews memes before you make them.

This platform is used for hosting the image online. People who host the image on Imgur can share them with their friends. To use the tool, click on the default image display to operate and add text to make it unique.


    • Imgur offers you an image hosting service.
    • You are allowed to select the preselected images.
  • Clipchamp

This tool is a super easy timeline video of the meme maker and converts them to the template to help you jump on the trend. Clipchamp is best for the video editor to select the meme you need.


    • It has hundreds of memes to select from.
    • Access to more than 800k+stoick library.

Final word

I hope this post helps you to get the best meme generator free of your choice. If you need fun memes, then we have you cover above.