A startup is responsible for providing business leadership along with an array of new products, services, as well as revenue models. However, leadership startups are known to be made only by those entrepreneurs, who are leaders. These entrepreneurs should be capable of guiding their team towards success. Leadership, which is responsible for encouraging other people to become leaders, is known as contagious leadership.

In order to make your startup successful, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are instilling the qualities of leadership within your team members, so that they are equally excited about the success of your startup. Even when they are not born with the skills of becoming leaders, you have the option of educating them with the right skills, so that they can also lead your startup. As stated by Forbes, 50% of the entire working population is responsible for working in startups.

Given below is a list of the tips that you should follow when you are inspiring your entire startup team in order to ensure that your business is going to be successful.

Ensure that you are spotlighting the leadership act of other people

This is something that it will help you to instill the habit of focusing attention, in a direct or indirect manner, on the accomplishments as well as efforts of your other team members. For the non-contagious leaders as well as the managers, the spotlight always remains on themselves. You cannot do that and ensure that you are spotlighting the act of leadership of your team members so that they feel that they are an important part of your team and you cannot do without them.

Ensure that you are cultivating positive qualities

It is the responsibility of the contagious leaders to highlight the effective choices about how certain things are accomplished and not only what has been accomplished. It is not only about numbers, but more about how a character has been playing a role and who has been responsible for making the best decision all along.

Providing in-depth recognition

Ensure that you are not only articulating specific actions, which definitely require praise. It is your responsibility to constantly remind your team that they did an ideal job. You do not need to explain how and why they did a perfect job, but you definitely need to provide them with in-depth recognition.

Emphasize strengths, which will lead to greatness

Conventional managers are primarily responsible for concentrating on the shortcomings that other people have and keep pointing them out often. However, contagious leaders are responsible for nurturing the habit of recognizing the strengths of other people and also aid them in extrapolating these strengths to greatness.

Ensure that you are communicating effectively

The habit, which involves exchanging information constantly, along with important feelings and thoughts, in an open and honest manner, helps in building morale, enhances the productivity, and is responsible for fostering contagious leadership. Certain managers prefer telling the employees the things that they should know only when the time is right. However, this should not be done. Communicating constantly will help them to feel special and wanted.

Provide unobstructed visions

Contagious leaders are responsible for fostering the beautiful habit of concentrating actions on a sensory rich as well as a clear picture of the result that is being desired. Most managers have only the vague picture of where their company is headed to, and this is one of the most important reasons as to why they are not able to share the coherent vision that they have, with the others. However, this is not true at all in the case of contagious leaders because they keep providing a view as to how they want their business to be. Once your team gets a clear vision of your ideas, it is obvious that they will start working accordingly, in order to ensure that your visions are fulfilled.

Touch the lives of people

It is your responsibility to nurture the habit of understanding the most important and valuable asset that you have, which is undoubtedly your people. Managers often avoid deep and real involvement. Most of the managers do not even know if people who are reporting regularly to them are single or married, or anything else about them. Contagious leaders are responsible for knowing everyone personally and also, prefer doing certain things, which will be beneficial for them. They do not do it only for the benefits of the business but because they care as well.

Supporting people passionately

Managers always prefer remaining in control as opposed to being completely committed or interested in taking a risk. Contagious leaders are responsible for supporting the entire team and always stand by them, even when they are facing adversity. This is something that is definitely going to help in pushing people to be a part of your team and strive for success.

Mentor permission mentality

Contagious leaders are responsible for mentoring the team to assume that they always have permission for doing things in accordance with the way that they think is the best. They are responsible for extending the unique concept of contagious leadership, as opposed to constraining it. Managers are always looking for a staff of followers as well as imitators. They will be interested in people who will keep doing only what they require. Also, managers want people to do tasks in accordance with their instructions only. This is something that should be strictly avoided because if your team is feeling that you are constantly bossing around, without understanding what they have to say, they will definitely prefer quitting your team.


You need to know that a leader can never be the same as a manager. Managers are responsible only for focusing on a process while leaders prefer concentrating on their people. Leaders are responsible for influencing the entire team to make them achieve their visions. If you are capable of guiding your startup team in an ideal manner, no one can stop you from being successful. Be a contagious leader, so that you can remain completely engaged with your startup, and drive it towards success.