You have weight issues and want to lose fat. Then, did you know that the quality of your sleep has an important effect on your weight? It is as essential as your food and exercise.

Unhappily, today due to long working hours or hectic schedules, most people fail to catch enough sleep. To be candid, approx, 30 percent of grown-up people are sleeping less than even six hours every night, based on the findings of US adults.

According to an article published on, late sleeping is detrimental to your health. Fascinatingly, loads of evidences prove that sleep might be the absent factor for numerous individuals, who are coping with obesity issues. Here are three ways you can lose weight if you get enough sleep every night:

Less sleep leads to obesity 

Poor quality sleep is associated with increased body mass index or BMS and becoming overweight. Studies indicate that poor sleep leads to more obesity, at least 89 percent in kids and 55 percent in grown-ups. There was another study about 60,000 nurses, who have no obesity issues for 16 years. The study concluded that those nurses who slept for about five hours or less were more probable to grow obese compared to those nurses who slept for seven hours every night. Again, other sleep-related issues such as sleep apnea aggravate due to obesity. A condition is difficult to escape. Sleeplessness leads to obesity while sound sleep helps you lose weight. Therefore, you realize how can sleep affect weight and weight loss?

Sleep fights your cravings to make healthy life choices

Sleeplessness increases your food cravings that result in unhealthy choices. Proper and sound sleep does the opposite. It fights your cravings and helps you to make healthy life choices. When you cannot sleep, spoonfuls of ice cream are tempting but unhealthy. Once you develop this bad habit, it will be difficult to exercise self-control. A study on 12 men proved the impact of sleeplessness and food. When the participants slept, only for four hours; their calorie consumption increased by 22 percent. The fat consumption doubled compared to the men who slept for eight hours. It means fewer calories, which means less obese.

Sleep helps in boosting physical exercise

Less sleep, every night makes you feel tired the next morning. You feel exhausted and have little energy to exercise. Moreover, it will lead to fatigue if you exercise after a night of poor sleep. A study of 15 men proved that sleeplessness leads to no interest in physical exertion or activity. On the contrary, people who slept for eight hours wake up refreshed and feel motivated to work out in the morning. It also improves your athletic efficiency as well as enhanced productivity at work.

Another study on basketball players who slept for 10 hours each night for 5-7 weeks experienced improved response times, increased performance, and reduced fatigue levels.


Now you know how sleep helps to lose weight and boosts athletic performance. Sleep at least eight hours every night. Lack of sleep will make you obese and unhealthy. Therefore, catch sleep every night for a healthy lifestyle.