Today, the overwhelming majority of companies have already gone online. Online sales equal to the excess sales in brick-and-mortar stores. People’s behavior is changing more and more. The Internet has entered all spheres of our lives: we communicate on the Internet, our home appliances operate by utilizing The Internet, our applications work through it, we look for information in it. We buy books, equipment, clothes, shoes, anything on the Internet. If you need to find out something again, we go to the Internet, look at Wikipedia, look on the map, and go to the restaurant’s website to see the menu, read reviews about the hotel or hairdresser, whatever. Today any business already understands that the presence on the Internet is a necessity.

It is obvious that a site must be created and it also must be maintained, filled, promoted, and developed. Do you understand what I’m getting at? That is why, we should outline that the ground and essential part of the Internet is all the websites and inseparable parts of the tool and the language in which they are written.

Some basic information about layout HTML and CSS

Nowadays we are able to count many different systems, frameworks, languages, services, libraries and structures that can create and generate web pages on websites. But most of them share the fact that all websites are built utilizing HTML and CSS. Both languages may be found in such a popular field like web development which provides a job as a developer: a person who utilizes those important and useful tools to convert an image from Photoshop to a special file that different web browsers understand and may display accurately for those who use it.

That’s how most, but not all, websites are generated with the aid of HTML and CSS. Just a little part of the website is developed utilizing technologies for instance Flash, Flex and so on. I am not going to consider all features of that technology.

Why is it obligatory to know these languages for the developers?

Both languages (HTML and CSS) are required for basic comprehension by any web development technician.

HTML Developer describes the construction and fillings of a web page and you can utilize CSS to give the webpage the look you want. Without HTML such language as CSS doesn’t make sense.

So, if you decide to go online, then in most cases you will just need at least a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. And it does not depend on further specialization. At the beginning you are obliged to learn the HTML language and then you may proceed to CSS. Or at least in parallel.

Why are HTML and CSS layout still popular among the developers?

As noted above, layout designers utilize HTML and CSS to generate web pages, that is, pages on the network. According to We Are Social, in January 2020, it was revealed that 4.54 billion Internet users worldwide. It sets 59% of the total population of the planet. So that, the growth of the potential of Internet users is estimated at billions of people.

This data suggests that the Internet will grow in the foreseeable future. That is, new sites will appear, and to develop these sites you have to use HTML and CSS. Obviously, such languages will evolve and their capabilities will grow.

Coders, both front-end and back-end, have to deal with coding in one way or another while working. Not every web programmer, especially back-end developers, needs to be able to typeset pages with pixel precision. But without any imagination and interaction with the principles of HTML and CSS, it is almost impossible to cooperate with the web development.

So, the layout itself won’t go anywhere as long as the Internet exists and develops. Does this mean that layout designers do not have to worry about the prospects in the labor market? No.

The level of competition among “real” layout designers is high. This is the first reason to think.

Here’s the second reason: layout workers are faced with fairly similar tasks. This makes the layout designer’s work process mechanistic and boring. By performing something that isn’t pleasant for you is not the best way out, right? Here is a risk of losing interest in the profession.

Does this mean that it is not worth learning the layout due to the lack of prospects? Definitely, no. The profession of “website designer” can be seen as a way to get acquainted with web development. Many web programmers grow out of “clean” layout coders. So, HTML and CSS is an outstanding way to enter the industry, test yourself, and then develop further: learn programming.

Is it possible to get a job with just general knowledge?

If you are surfing the Internet looking for answers to questions “Can I get a job knowing only HTML and CSS?” or “Whether it is possible to find a job knowing only two programming languages?” you will definitely come across a huge number of opinions from different developers.

First of all, most people are inclined to think that these languages are the beginning of something bigger, that is, they are the foundation that is necessary for the developer. With the knowledge of these tools you will have the opportunity to develop and improve your skills. You will also be able to learn many new programming languages and tools. In addition, you will find out a huge number of jobs that will definitely need qualified professionals and as a result you will be able to earn really crazy money.

While the rest of the people put forward the opinion that junior specialists who have only knowledge of HTML and CSS are very prospective and highly demanded in the field of development.

Honestly, these two opinions are really true and contradictory at the same time. Of course, professionals with professional skills are now in great demand, but people with a little knowledge of programming can also find good and promising jobs. For example, many companies are looking for beginners to develop their projects, by providing for them further training and retraining. They conduct special training and courses with the help of which they train people to perform the necessary work for the company.

So, how to get a job with HTML and CSS?

Due to the above factors, we can say that getting a job is quite possible and easy. First of all, you can search the Internet for vacancies with these categories. Secondly, it can be a unique opportunity for you to become a freelancer. This way you will not be too dependent and will do as much work as you want and when you want. But on the other hand, this job will not be able to bring you enough income. The salary directly depends on the skills and knowledge of the developer. If you want to get a permanent and stable job, you need to improve your knowledge. You will need to learn more techniques and tools to get a satisfactory salary.

In addition, you must have not only knowledge and skills, but also the desire to learn and develop. We live in a world where technologies are constantly changing and being updated, so developers no longer need to follow and be aware of the latest innovations and be inspired to learn.


All in all, after reading this article, I hope that you will review your skills and find all the answers to your questions. Due to the all given factors, everyone can find a job only with basic knowledge, but will this job be satisfactory? I advise you to compare your desires with your skills. If you want to be successful and earn a lot of money, you need to learn and paint the whole baggage of knowledge. If you are still hesitant and unsure of yourself, you can also start working with only basic skills. I am very glad that you have read this article. I hope you found something useful.