Not everyone knows that Netflix offers different versions and collections of movies, tv shows or serials based on locations and countries. And what’s the reason behind it? This is one of the most popular movie streaming services has one notorious VPN ban. It’s not that easier to break this ban with the help of proxies. Other big names in the world of social media, if they get blocked anywhere, can be tackled with proxy servers. However, that’s not the case with Netflix, we need to find ways to unblock Netflix smartly. 

What are the factors behind it?

The main reason is copyright law. Every country has it’s different sets of rules and regulations. For instance, the series shown in the USA might not be possible to broadcast in the Middle East as well. Netflix detects your IP address when you access your account and will only offer you those movies and serials. That is offered to your location as identified at the time of access. Contrary to the general perception that it is detected at the time of account creation and having an effect later on. It only focuses on your current location when you are accessing your account. Netflix will block the VPN and still know where you are sitting. 

If you are a freelancer sitting in a cafe or coworking space. You may want to use a VPN for numerous reasons. Your client or employer may want you to take measures for data protection. For a change of mood, you want to watch an episode of your favorite show but feel unable to. 

Even if you are not a remote worker but traveling somewhere, but shows offered by Netflix are only those that are available to your country of origin. You will definitely feel perplexed and helpless. Not only that even the most credible VPN stops working in a mid, in case if it got connected to Netflix. Why? Because Netflix’s ability to detect VPN is really good. One can’t expect to deceive easily. 

Why Netflix have such restrictions in place?

The main responsible parties are distributors, not Netflix itself. Even though Netflix is increasingly developing its own content. However, distributors providing their content still has their say involved in the whole process. Many of them have made agreements regarding selling rights in certain countries, where Netflix won’t be able to show the same content sold to another media entity. So basically Netflix has little to say in this regard. 

When people started using VPNs to access any show offered by Netflix without any restriction. The company felt its losing money. So it decided to adopt much stricter measures to restrict VPNs. Besides China, if any entity has the best possible system to detect VPNs, its Netflix. 

If you want your proxy server to work smoothly but it got interrupted. Then try switching server, it may work for you. Before we discuss some of the best available VPN providers, first we discuss some of the most common misconceptions regarding VPN usage.

You may view Netflix content primarily within the country in which you have established your account and only in geographic locations where we offer our service and have licensed such content. The content that may be available to watch will vary by geographic location and will change from time to time.

This is precisely the message you receive while accessing your Netflix account through a barred location or a detected VPN server. Now the question is, is it illegal? No. There are no legal penalties involved when it comes to accessing Netflix via VPN. It won’t even ban or block you either. The only stream shall be blocked not you.

Some of the best and trusted VPNs for Netflix


It offers multiple servers to unblock Netflix and is a very affordable option as well. You can share it with family or friends since it can work on six devices at a time. Connections are encrypted to maintain users’ privacy. The only drawback is, it will redirect you to the US version only no matter where you are accessing it from.

Express VPN

It’s one of the best and most popular options that offer an entire page for Netflix. You can try to access it through multiple servers available for that purpose. There is live chat support and a money-back guarantee is given if it doesn’t work. So no need to fret about the prospect of losing money. You can access through multiple platforms including, MacOS, IOS, Android and Windows, etc. 


It is provided on almost every platform as well. However, all of its servers can redirect you towards Netflix. Whereas it will normally access to US version only but local versions for some countries are available. It ensures privacy and HD streaming without interruption.


Netflix is habitual of blocking the IP addresses of known servers but the ones mentioned above have found ways to bypass this by immediately replacing the blocked one with another server or IP address. They are known and established players in the field.