Frameworks are everywhere, but only JavaScript frameworks dare to conquer your development desires promptly. Developers demand the faster, innovative, and full of features JavaScript that converts their programming hurdles into the easiest and creative ways.

Almost 11M designers undertake frameworks to create fantastic web app developments and savvy interfaces. Designers rank the JavaScript frameworks according to their easy to access features and versatility regarding themes or libraries.

The more customers feel good while using web apps, UI’s [User Interfaces] boosts the UX’s [User Experience] bar. Web developers are constantly assisting the web development industry by generating $581.9 billion by last year. Giant sharks like Facebook and Netflix or startups’ entire web development industry become more professional through intuitive frameworks.

The article will unleash the top ten JavaScript for the developers according to their programming domains and how it overcomes the UI/UX industry shortly. Let’s jump into the most famous and valuable JavaScript frameworks pool to make your UI/UX development out of the box.

React JS | Quick/ Feature Master

React JS is augmenting its image in the JavaScript frameworks world. Netflix and Facebook are associated with React JS.  It contains JSX and XML syntax language that dares to convert HTML into JavaScript. More than 1,300 developers and 94,000 technical and creative websites directed by React JS. Worldwide, 8,000 companies utilize React JS and countless UI/UX developers using React JS to make creative and appealing application interfaces.

  • Launched: May 29, 2013.
  • Developers: Facebook.
  • Author: Jordan Walke
  • Language: JavaScript
  • Platform: Web

Angular | Fully Developed/ Reliable

Angular has strict coding and structures, but it has the freedom for professional UI/UX developers. It has modern features for developers such as fastest results, control to edit, managing essentials, and intelligent features. Angular has more than 80 UI components aligned with various themes and features.  Angularjs allows the UI/UX developers to create appealing interfaces ranging from web apps to buyer login pages. It is used for multiple famous websites such as YouTube and PayPal. Angular is a fully developed and most reliable JavaScript framework so far.

Anime JS | Inventive/2D Animation

Anime JS is a fully advanced JavaScript animation library. Countless UI/UX designers utilize the Anime JS to animate various CSS, DOM, and SVG on web pages. Anime has multiple codes for developers ranging from Action 2653 to Sci-Fi 2729. Web developers can create amazing 2D animation videos to polish up their skills. The framework has different short and long templates and has an API mechanism for UI/UX website developers. Countable ReactJS developers undergo Anime JS to make their interface animation catchier.

Smooth UI | 3D Animation Hub

Smooth UI is a creative UI library that contains UI features for developers and has original features. It also includes a robust component base and innovative structures. Smooth UI is a creative open-source library that connects React JS. UI designers use it for mobile application animation videos to make the UX more exciting and valuable.

Wired Element | 2D Animation Master

Wired element is a unique JavaScript framework for its creative hand-drawn feature and standing in the JavaScript frameworks. UI/UX designers utilize this unique framework to make the UX experience more attractive and UI more appealing. A library containing a countless UI element represents the hand-drawn mobile apps interfaces and other web development features.

Three.js | Best 3D Animation Framework

Three.JS was designed to make appealing animation videos and is known as the best 3D framework of all time. It is the most NPM downloaded, approximately 200K over time. The framework is a resourceful 3D animation library that allows developers to make cartoony, innovative, and attractive 3D animation videos for websites and mobile apps. It is also the best and convenient choice for 3D animation videos.

LumX | Creative CSS

LumX belongs to the AngularJS UI framework for web application development. It contains SaaS and Bourbon to customize web application designs and is known as the perfect CSS framework. UI/UX developers are allowed to edit and modify their Angular-made web applications via LumX. The framework accords with jQuery, but it does not use its plugins. The creative framework has the ability to optimize JavaScript and Saas files through Gulp to raise mobile applications’ overall presentation and process.

  • Type: JavaScript Library
  • License: MIT
  • Website: LumX

PixiJs | 2D Rendering Engine

PixiJS is the fastest 2D animation rendering framework that allows developers to edit and make videos, manage, edit their web apps and interfaces more appealing. PixiJS resolves the rendering obstacles for developers and gives them the liberty to make more enticing games, interfaces, web apps, and animation videos. It contains a creative API, namely WebGL [Web Graphics Library], for rendering 2D and 3D high animation performance.

Polymer | The Google Service

In a world of various JavaScript frameworks, Google also released its creative framework called Polymer.  It becomes famous in UI/UX developers as it offers them different web designs to develop single-page, websites, and mobile apps interfaces. It is also an open-source library providing web components. Polymer is the first library that augments interactive building applications. It is a Google breed that includes web developers and designers with more accuracy and perfection.

Tip Talk

It is an art to find the most convenient and accurate JavaScript frameworks for your UI/UX project and web development access. The digital world is evolving, and frameworks are augmenting their field. Developers now have countless excellent choices to make their websites, interface websites, and mobile apps exciting as never before. Always stick with the frameworks that acquaintance your requirements and make them more functional and practical at the same time.