During hot days, relaxing at home can be tricky with the windows and the doors closed. As such, using door screens is reliable in ensuring your house gets a quality airflow while keeping insects and other creatures away. There are different types of magnetic screen doors in various stores.

When buying a magnetic screen, pay attention to the dealer you are buying from and purchase the item from a reputable dealer. Also, check on the size and select the type you want. Be it a transparent one or a screen that will observe your privacy, and there is a magnetic screen door for everyone. After buying the screen, you have to put it in the right place the appropriate way. Improper placement of the screen will give out a nasty look and not serve to keep bugs out. The following are some careful steps you should take to ensure your placement of the magnetic screen door is in the proper order.

Prepare the Mesh

The preparation of the screen before placement is a necessary step that will determine how it will look after you finish installing. You begin by laying the net on a flat surface, ensuring the magnets have been aligned correctly in the middle. During the process, it becomes observable that the magnets are widely gaped at the top compared to the center. While the screen is laid out on the ground, open the magnets in the middle to check if they are working efficiently and well-aligned. Not aligning the magnets in order will leave a space that will be the entrance point of insects. Separation of the magnets is necessary before you begin installing.

Attachment of Magnetic Strips

In this step, you will be required to take the adhesive strips and peel their backoffs. Place the exposed section of the adhesive to the back section of the screen on each side. Ensure the twelve adhesive strips are evenly spread out the screen margins. Another point to consider is that the strips need to be appropriately secured to the screens.

Attachment to the Door

Attaching the screen to the door frame should not be done if the structure has dirt particles. As such, you are required to use a damp clean cloth to wipe the dirt and debris from the frame. The purpose of cleaning is to ensure grime does not interfere with the adhesives sticking to the edge. After wiping, you need to give room for the frame to naturally dry. The crucial part is to remove the back cover of the adhesives on the screen and align the top part of the screen to the length of the door frame. Attach the adhesives on the screen to the door frame. When you stick the top section, continue your way down the screen margin clinging the bond to the edge.


Although the installation process can be handled alone, finding a partner to help you with the above steps is advisable. Two people helping each other will make the process move a lot quicker compared to doing it alone. Ensure the bottom part of the magnetic screen door is a half-centimeter from the ground. Proper screen installation will ensure your screen opens and closes every time you pass through.