What comes to mind when you feel the scorching sun on your skin? Isn’t that a refreshing splash of water? Perhaps, you might even want to dip in the pool. So why not plan a one of the best pool party with friends instead and turn it into a fun memory!

Besides, the summer season is a time to enjoy and unwind. It can also provide an overall positive mood because the sunshine can make you feel so much better. It will encourage you to drink more water and eat more nutritious foods to keep you refreshed–both of which can have major health advantages. Another perk of this season is that you may purchase the freshest produce since it is the harvest season for fruits and vegetables.

So if you want to make the most out of your get-together with friends, you can use the following guide to have the best pool party!

Have a Theme in Mind

When aiming for the best pool party, you should start to envision what you want the party to become. Do you want it to become Instagram-worthy, or do you want to incorporate something special that will signify each of your friends?

Whatever your preferences are, it’s always a good idea to have a theme in mind so you know what decorations and other stuff you’ll need when you start decorating. This will make it easier for you to gather materials in case you need to buy them in store.

One of the themes you may choose from is the Bohemian style. This design’s palette is more earthy, with brown, green, blue, white, and metallic hues. The beauty of this approach is that it is not pattern-bound. You may utilize recyclable bottles as vase alternatives while keeping your design fresh and vibrant. Just remember to unleash some of your creative juices, and you’ll be halfway to hosting the best pool party ever.

Gather Your Decorations

The decoration is an important aspect of your pool party. It may boost your venue and enliven your event. So, if you have a theme, don’t be afraid to go out with your décor. To complement the concept, even the smallest detail, such as the color of the spoon and fork, straws, and cups, should also be considered.

You may also include inflatable floaters to embellish the pool, which come in various patterns, such as donuts, flamingos, bananas, and more. Not only can they bring life to the pool, but you can also use them for support when you are submerged in the water and talking to your friends.

Lighting is another important consideration. This one greatly impacts your whole setup, especially if you want to swim at night. To add extra illumination and create an eye-catching ambiance, put some glow sticks into the pool’s bottom and watch how the water immediately changes your party’s vibe.

Prepare for Pool Party Games

To take things to the next level, make sure you have a few games up your sleeve in case your friends become bored with merely swimming. You and your friends can always play beer pong, cornholes, and balloon fights. You may also tell your pals to bring their water guns if they have them to make the party more interesting.

Allow your inner child to come out and play during the party. For a time, you may forget about your stress and problems.

You may even be extra playful and mischievous by making a list of funny shower prank ideas to pull on your buddies while they are showering. Just be certain that they are not harmful so that you can avoid any accidents.

Offer Fun and Refreshing Drinks

You should prepare as many refreshing drinks as possible, especially if you’re going to party for hours under the sun. As the party’s host, it’s your responsibility to ensure everyone stays hydrated. You can fill in a cooler with ice and popular drinks like bottled water, soda, and homemade fruit juices to keep things light. Adding a couple of beers and cocktails would be nice if you were all adults.

You can even elevate your setup and make a floating bar in the pool. Add a floating board that can contain beverages, coolers, and an umbrella to make it posher. A floating bar is a great idea that eliminates the need for you and your friends to leave the pool area to refill your glasses with beverages.

Put Together a Wide Variety of Snacks

Jumping and swimming in the pool from time to time might leave your guests hungry. However, a substantial meal at these parties is not ideal because it would make them feel bloated. Instead of cooking many big meals to satisfy hunger, provide a wide selection of snacks and finger foods.

Maintain a balanced balance of nutritious and junk food on the table; buy a lot of fruits and make a fruit salad for your health-conscious buddies! Buy normal junk food, too, such as potato chips and corn chips, as well as complementary dips. You may even arrange a charcuterie board if you’re feeling extra fancy.

Amp up the Party with a Cool Playlist

Prepare a playlist of all the hit songs to complement the overall feel of your pool party. Choose your music ahead of time since it has the power to establish the party’s atmosphere.

You can also bring surround sound to the party grounds by installing a few speakers around the pool. This allows you and your buddies to listen to music while swimming, munching snacks, or playing games. Remember to keep it quiet at night, so you don’t disturb the neighbors.

Create a Lounge Bar

You and your friends will eventually get tired from all the swimming and games, so create a lounge bar where you can still hang out while relaxing. Throw some outdoor blankets, pillows, and a few cushions on one corner of the venue and fill it with balloons for extra decorations. Don’t forget the umbrellas, too!

You may also prepare a table filled with sunscreen, so your friends can apply them while you are chit-chatting. These sunscreens are beneficial for reducing your overall UV exposure since you’ll be spending so much time out in the sun.