We all experience FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) when we are unfamiliar with digital marketing terms such as PPC and CPC. If you’re new to the field of internet advertising and don’t know the distinction between these two phrases, today’s post will undoubtedly come in handy.


PPC vs CPC – What is it?

Pay-Per-Click and Cost-Per-Click are now abbreviated as PPC and CPC, respectively. These phrases are associated with the sponsored advertising approach.


It is a paid advertising approach in which marketers must pay a set amount whenever their ad is clicked.


CPC is a financial indicator that calculates the total cost of each ad click for the campaign.

PPC and CPC are inextricably linked. Both of these concepts are defined in the form of a ratio. If we invest one dollar in a PPC campaign, we will almost certainly produce five dollars in revenue.

PPC vs CPC – How to Calculate?


Subtract the entire money earned by your campaign from the total PPC cost.


CPC stands for ‘Cost Per Click.’ CPC = Total Cost/ Number of Clicks may be used to calculate it.

Difference Between CPC, CPM, CTR

We have a fair understanding of CPC, which stands for Cost Per Click, but we have no idea what CPM is.


When we talk about CPM, we mean ‘Cost Per Thousand Impressions.’ It is an acronym for Cost Per Mile which is one of the paid advertising models. This model particularly suits the companies who only want to pay when their target is met. This paid advertising model allows you to do so. Here you pay the price for the thousand impressions.


CTR is an abbreviation for Click Through Rate. The total number of clicks on your adverts is divided by the total number of times your ad is aired.

PPC vs CPC – What is the Working?


PPC Management services is one of the most essential marketing strategies that encompasses all ad platforms. ‘Google Ads’ is one of the most frequent ad platforms it covers. This phrase encompasses several subcategories:

    • Search Ads
    • Video ads
    • Shopping Ads
    • Gmail Ads

However, running Google advertising is not a simple task. PPC executives must work hard to understand how to bid on the keywords that will show in their advertisements. The placement of your ad in the SERP will be determined based on the bids.


Once you’ve established the PPC campaign, the metric that will assist you in measuring the effectiveness of the PPC campaigns. The lower the CPC, the more clicks there are. This is essentially an indicator that your marketing campaign is going to be a success. Other elements that influence the cost-per-click (CPC) of ads include:

    • Keyword Competitiveness
    • CTR
    • Rank of the advertisement

Did You Know? Quality Score 

The quality score plays an important role that anticipates the click through rate by judging relevance of the advertisements to the search query.

Why to Use PPC Advertising?

I know that you may be struggling with the question, “Is PPC Advertising right for my business?” If so, then you’ll get your answers here:

Obtaining Immediate Results

SEO results may take longer than 6 months to manifest. However, with PPC, we may see immediate results.

PPC Marketing Is Simple to Track

You can quickly track the effectiveness of your marketing campaign with the aid of PPC Marketing. You can determine whether or not your PPC campaign is generating the desired ROI. Here’s how to calculate CPC:

  • First and foremost, you must evaluate the entire cost of advertising.
  • Then, determine the total number of clicks you have received.
  • Now, divide the ‘Advertising Cost’ by the ‘Total Number of Clicks.’
  • Now comes your PPC and CPC.

Is There Any Easy Way To Measure Performance of PPC with CPC?

When it comes to PPC, there is no other factor more significant than CPC. CPC expresses everything about your marketing effort. If our CPC is high yet we are producing a small number of leads and conversions, something is amiss.

Benefits Of PPC

There are many benefits of using PPC Advertisements:

Achieve Business Objectives Easily

Organic SEO takes many months to help you achieve goals, but PPC provides the instant results.

You Can Measure The Results

You can easily know what you have gained by levying the PPC campaigns. PPC is sure to help you measure the results easily with the combination of Google ads & Google analytics.

Quick Entry

No matter whether you are running out of the competition, you always have the chance to catch up with the help of PPC Campaigns. Nowadays, the advertisements campaigns are considered incomplete if they do not include PPC.

Kept Under Control

When we are using PPC Campaigns to market our businesses, we do have an advantage to keep the marketing activities under control.

Works Tremendously with Marketing Channels

As we all know, content marketing is the hero of the digital marketing world. Just the same way, PPC is important for the digital marketing world.

You Can Target Easily

With PPC Campaigns, it is easy for you to target the PPC determinants like keywords, remarketing etc.

Good Marketing Data

The insights gained from the PPC Campaigns can be utilized for running successful SEO Campaigns.

Which is Better SEO or PPC?

Based on your requirements, both PPC & SEO are best.


Slow & Steady Wins The Race

When we are talking about SEO, we are referring to the slow form of promotion. SEO usually requires you to wait for a period of 6 months

Long Lasting Outcomes

When we are relying on SEO, we are relying on long lasting outcomes.

Less Money, More Efforts

When it comes to SEO, we are basically referring to a strategy which does not require you to spend more money. But yes, it definitely requires you to levy more and more effort.

Pay For Tools, Even If Results Are Uncertain

When we are aiming for results for SEO, we have to pay for some tools which are to be put into use even if we are unsure about the results.

You Need To Have Advanced Level Of Knowledge

There are many aspects of SEO – Off Page SEO, On Page SEO & Technical SEO. So one needs to have advanced knowledge about all of them.

It Never Ends

SEO never ends. Everybody continually keep on striving to be at #1 and thus the ranking keeps on fluctuating. To make your space on the top spot, you have to levy never ending efforts on SEO Campaign.

Results are not guaranteed

Results can only be guaranteed if your SEO campaign is going in the right direction. Otherwise, one cannot gain the results.


It Runs Faster And Achieves Faster

PPC is a kind of campaign which works at a fast pace and delivers results at an even faster pace.

Acquire Results in less than 2 to 3 days

When we are using the PPC campaigns, we can achieve results instantly. In less than 2 to 3 days, we can gain results.

Pay For The Obtained Results Only

PPC is all about paying for the earned results. No charges for No results.

Basic Knowledge will be sufficient

One needs to have a basic understanding about the Google Ads and everything is sorted.

You Can Stop It As Soon As Your Motive Is Established

If you think your motive has been satisfied, you can stop your PPC Campaign right away. You needn’t drag it even if you are not in need.

No matter what, Results are Guaranteed

Running an ad campaign itself guarantees the results. No sooner you start the campaign than you’ll start acquiring the results.

Tips to Run a Successful PPC Campaign

Though there are many tips that can help you run a successful PPC Campaign. Here are some of the tips which you should never ignore:

Optimize your website

You should not start running a PPC campaign until you have made the necessary optimization in the websites.

You Must Have A Bidding Strategy

There are different kinds of bidding strategies, but you can run a PPC campaign successfully, if you have selected the right bidding strategy.

Set Budget Convenient To You

Budget is one of the crucial elements in a PPC campaign. You have to set the right budget, (it shouldn’t be low or high).

Keyword Choice Needs To Be Wise

When it is about a PPC campaign, we have to be wise with our keyword choice. Make sure, you are not choosing the wrong keywords.

The Ad needs to be Killer

Once you are up with all the arrangements for the PPC Campaign, the next thing you should do is to create a killer ad. A good ad needs to have a catchy tagline and a good description.

Strong CTA

PPC Campaign, without a strong CTA, is nothing. So one must include a strong CTA for that.

Final Comments

PPC is becoming a powerful notion in the realm of digital marketing. However, people are becoming confused between the two ideas of PPC and CPC. We tried everything in this article to clear up your confusion.

PPC management is distinct from SEO, and in some ways, it is more powerful. However, in order to get the most out of it, one needs to understand how to utilize it correctly.