A business that has not embraced technology is destined to fail. Can you imagine the convenience of signing documents on the web without printing or having to send hard copies from one office to another or even from one location to another? If you are not sure what this is all about, it is worth looking at eSignature services and their benefits for businesses.

For a business person who has just embraced the use of digital signatures, knowing how to create an eSignature for the business is very essential. This article is designed to walk you through this process; keep reading.

How to Create an eSignature

Signing documents digitally is very convenient. Apart from streamlining a business with efficient document signing, this reduces your business’s carbon footprint because there is no use of paper. That said, here is how to create an eSignature for your business.

Creating an account

Regardless of the service provider you choose, you will need an account to submit documents for signing or even to create workflows. So, follow the set steps to create an account before creating your eSignature.

Creating an eSignature

For work efficiency, you are required to create a digital signature that is stored in the database and used to sign documents submitted for signing, requested for signing, or authorized for automatic signing. Reputable eSignature platforms give users options to either type their names and create a digital signature, draft one on a touchscreen, or upload one. If you are in the process of learning how to create an eSignature, choose one option that works for you.

Customizing the eSignature services

There are many ways to customize the eSignature services including the creation of reusable templates and forms, creating brandable workflows, and setting API integrations with your CRM.

Connecting the payment system

Usually, you will pay per month or after a certain number of documents. People who are learning how to create eSignature forget they need to pay to enjoy the services. So, setting up payment is very essential unless it is a free trial.

Sign the first document

You could create a sandbox account to test the signing of documents or start using the platform immediately if you trust the services. Now that you know how to create an eSignature and have done it, it is time to enjoy the services. Take note of areas that require amendments and implementation as you continue using the services.

How to Create an eSignature: Benefits for a Business

When you have successfully created an eSignature, you can now sign any document, especially if you are using an API. These applications perform well in all work environments; hence, there is no excuse for any business to miss the opportunity.

One major benefit, as mentioned, is signing without printing documents. This saves time, costs, and the environment. Now that you know how to create an eSignature, it is time to implement the benefits we have just mentioned.

Experts recommend choosing a payment plan that is within the business’s operational budget to avoid strains or the inability to renew subsequent subscriptions. Hence, it is crucial to carry out background research on the pricing.