If you are still wondering whether TikTok is worth implementing your marketing efforts, you are at the right place to speed up your decision. Yes, TikTok’s popularity is increasing rapidly and ruins the internet world with fascinating features. Compared to other social media sites, TikTok attained the fastest growth with more than two billion downloads.

TikTok remains the fresh and engaging medium for users to get interesting content from different people globally. Millions of creators, brands, entrepreneurs, and influencers stick to this platform to gain a broad audience’s reach. Do you know? 69% of the U.S population are using TikTok, and most TikTok users lie under 18 to 25 years. When your target audiences lie under the above age group, success is on the way for your brand.

How to Increase Engagement on TikTok

Brands usually carve for user’s engagement on social media. TikTok increases engagement by gaining likes, comments, and shares for your exciting video with your quality and unique content. In this article, let us see the stunning strategies to increase your engagement rate on TikTok!

Let’s get started!

Initiate With High-Quality Footage

TikTok brings virality to your brand when you high-quality footage from your first to the last video. Get out of the TikTok crowd by preparing a video with high resolution to gain more views. The first strategy to bring out an exciting video is to design exciting content for the first few seconds to excite your audiences.

Your smartphone plays a significant role in increasing video views with its camera quality. Additionally, you require good lighting and sound quality to make your video visually appealing to audiences. You do not need to be a professional for making quality videos. A simple strategy with a quality camera and concept is enough to bring an excellent video.

A quality video leads to:

    • Increase in brand awareness
    • Gains views for TikTok videos
    • Get a higher engagement rate and improve your video ranking
    • Amplify your followers count.

Make your video bright, rich in quality content, and catch the audience’s eyeballs!

Publish Content Frequently

The two significant factors responsible for increasing your engagement level with brand’s popularity are:

    • Consistency
    • Determination of the perfect time to post content

The consistency grabs your audience’s attention and keeps them engaging to watch your future videos. Before making a content plan, fix your goal to maintain consistency until the end without any distraction. When a consistent post appears on your account, your target audiences hit likes for TikTok video with a rise in engagement rate.

TikTok provides a scheduling option to maintain consistency. Prepare a list of content in advance and schedule it at the right time by knowing your audience’s active time. The method of scheduling content saves your valuable time and may push your video to the For You page if it gathers higher engagement.

Shoot Behind-The-Scenes Video

In recent days, the word “authenticity” revolves around the user’s mind on social media. The brand’s success complies with the actual content. Showing behind-the-scenes video creates a good relationship with your audiences and builds strong trust that enhances your brand growth. The engagement rate grows higher when you show your brand location and your natural environment.

Behind-the-scenes video brings loyal audiences with higher engagement and may convert as your potential customers. Use the concept of an industrial tour and take your audiences around your company. It gives the following advantages:

    • Your audiences will come to know the hard work behind your brand’s success.
    • Show the precise working of your company in making the product to build strong trust.
    • Introduce your employees to get good connections and to increase audience interaction.
    • Prove your product quality by sharing the working experience with your audiences.

The brand exposure increases by delivering a quality product to audiences.

Go With TikTok Trends

Like the Facebook and Instagram newsfeed, TikTok has the For You page, where the fresh and trending videos stream endlessly. When you open your TikTok application, you will directly land on the For You page. The TikTok algorithm displays videos on the For You page according to your past activities and interests. FYP is only about trending topics where the engagement of audiences remains higher.

Since the FYP fills up with trending content from different creators, the chance to gain instant TikTok video views remains higher. When you scroll down the FYP, the same soundtrack or music may appear repeatedly. Without any doubt, add it to your favorites and incorporate it in your future videos to gain higher engagement. When your engagement rate rises, your video automatically places on the FYP in view of new audiences.

Utilize The Q&A Feature

TikTok released the most interesting Q&A feature in March 2021 for increasing audience interaction owing to the higher engagement. Currently, only the creators can use this Q&A feature and can find it in your profile section. Your audiences can ask questions on the submission box, and you can answer them by viewing your bio.

An option to reply with a video is also available to attract audiences. Also, encourage your audiences to leave suggestions for your brand improvement.

Steps to enable your Q&A features:

    1. Change yourself to the Creator account on the settings menu.
    2. Once done, again move on to the settings option and tap the Creator option.
    3. Then choose the Q & A feature and turn it on.

After enabling the Q&A feature, let your audiences know either by giving notification and encourage them to leave questions. This recent update works out well for brands to know their audience’s interest and make content accordingly.

Respond To Audience’s Comments

All social media have comments features to increase the audience’s interaction and get their opinion against your content. You can also get new content ideas from their comments. In addition to other sites, TikTok allows you to comment with a video rather than your regular text. Utilize this opportunity by creating relevant content to engage your audiences.

When you are unique from others, the community encourages you with the reward of boosting genuine followers towards your TikTok account.

Try out the comments feature by following the below steps:

    • Tap into the comments section of any of your videos and select any comment you wish to reply to.
    • Click on the red video camera icon popping up on your left screen.
    • TikTok takes you to the place either for recording or uploading your reply for comments.
    • Once completing your reply video, move your comment and place it anywhere on the screen in the view of your audience to increase engagement.

Boost Your Challenge’s Performance

Hashtag challenges are a great marketing strategy to improve your brand visibility with more engagement. It enhances your brand exposure to your target audiences and encourages them to perform actions of preparing the same video in their own style. There are two ways to increase your presence:

    • Participate in existing challenges of other brands or famous TikTok users
    • Create your own challenge with a simple concept and trending hashtags

When you choose the option to participate in an existing challenge, select the popular one and show your unique style to increase your brand popularity. Also, if you go with creating your own challenge, invest your maximum effort and put your innovation by delivering fresh content.

People show interest in participating in challenges when it looks entertaining, funny, and perfect. So, make engaging challenges and encourage your audiences to participate in them.

Take Advantage Of Live Stream

TikTok offers you a live stream feature to connect directly with your audiences and to create brand trust. Performing live features provides a way to build an authentic relationship with your followers and boost engagement rate by sustaining the product’s credibility. TikTok live is a compelling feature to engage viewers with quality concepts.

Going TikTok live needs the following requirements:

    • There is an age limit to go live and is above 18 years
    • The follower’s count must be at least 1000. The live features become enabled if you have 1k followers.

When your live concept looks exciting and attracts audiences, they can offer you gifts where you can convert it to money. Before appearing on live, gather a community by encouraging them to watch your live with an attractive title. TikTok live gives an excellent opportunity to boost engagement with product visibility.

Stitch And Duet With Creators

TikTok has two unique features for boosting your engagement rate that isn’t available on other social media networks. The two unique and engaging options are:

    • Stitch feature
    • Duet feature

Both involved using other creator’s videos. You can also turn these features on in your video that help others to perform duets and stitch. The stitch feature allows you to use other’s videos and add with your content, i.e., trim the selected video for the desired length and join your content for the rest. It creates excellent engagement by encouraging audiences to stitch with your video to increase brand reach.

Next is the duet feature, which is similar to stitch but appears side by side next to yours. The response towards duet features is enormous since it provides reaction, imitation, and skit videos. These are excellent features to reach the broader community on TikTok.

Include Eye-Catching CTAs

If you want to drive audiences to the landing page and increase engagement, include the call to action button on your TikTok videos. Encourage your audiences to click on the button by providing appealing CTAs such as download, buy now, install now, shop now, call now, and even more. Moreover, an engaging video with an attractive CTA builds a great conversation with followers and drives traffic to your website.

If the caption part and your CTA match, your brand will gain potential customers with an increase in sales conversion. Remember, make your TikTok profile with stunning information to make the method of providing CTA an effective one and grab the audience’s attention easily.

Performance Tracking

Uploading engaging content alone will not boost the engagement rate. Track your performance after launching each video to make betterment in future content. Continuous tracking and correcting content makes your brand perfect among audiences. TikTok has the in-built tool to notice the actions of your audiences.

The Pro account available on TikTok gives you the analytical information about your audience’s presence and engagement rate for each video. If you are new to TikTok, start your experiments with different content and see the performance through the Pro account. When you improve your content in each video, the engagement rate rapidly grows.

Final Thought

Invest your marketing effort on TikTok by preparing exciting videos according to the audience’s interest and boost the engagement to the next level. When your content is high-quality, you are on the right path towards brand success. I hope the above 11 TikTok secrets bring a chance to your business growth.

Attain higher engagement with eye-catching content and take your business to the success path!