Do you know which is the best search engine? Undoubtedly your answer is Google, right? But what about other search engines like Yahoo & Bing? So, as per the figures, YouTube is the second biggest search engine. YouTube is a platform that is used by millions of people every day.

People search about fitness, food, beauty, and many more topics. Almost thousands of people are searching about the different topics per hour and get their desired answer. If you want to reach your videos to those desired people, then you need to know about the YouTube keyword research tool.

The YouTube keyword research tools play an important role in analyzing the YouTube keywords. These tools help you to choose the keywords that most people search for. So, here we are going to share with you the ten best YouTube keyword research tools. These tools help you pick the keywords with the highest traffic so that your videos can get more views, audience, likes, and shares.

Does the keyword Research Tools are important?

Every marketer is now focusing on YouTube because of its highest demand in the market. This is the desired platform where a creator can get anything and everything in just a few clicks. The YouTube SEO strategies are the most important term that you have to understand. When you understand these strategies, then you can easily encompass many factors. Through this, a creator can save lots of time from guesswork.

This is a part of digital marketing where you can identify what the most reached keywords are and what people actually want to watch on YouTube. It gives you complete insight and an idea of user habits. Therefore, by considering the above things, we can say that the YouTube keyword research tools are really useful.

What is YouTube Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the most used term in this era of digital marketing. Keyword researching gives you the relevant research keywords. Through this researching tool, a business can understand what kind of keywords they should work with. This research tool helps a business to put those keywords into page titles, tags, website copy, and many more.

These keywords tools are the process of discovering keywords that are mostly used for the search engine. When you look for video content, then to watch the right video, you have to search for the right keywords. Once you know about the targeted audience, you can easily reach your videos to them.

Every successful YouTuber uses the right keywords in his/her video’s title, description, tag to boost up their audience and views. This is the smallest trick of grabbing a large audience into a single platform. If you want to appear in the higher SERP, then YouTube keyword research tools are the one and only solution for you.

List of Best YouTube Keyword Research Tools

Not everyone has the power to afford the SEO agencies to get instant success, right? When you hire an SEO company, then they used so much software and tools to help you and your content. But if you don’t have that much amount to hire them, then here we suggest the best handy YouTube keyword research tools. Have a look below:


Ahrefs is the number one YouTube keyword research tool that will become your best friend after few uses. This tool is widely used among all the YouTubers and ranked in the number one position because of its benefits or perks. This tool delivers you the ability to research the competitors, keywords, collection of SEO, and keyword identification. Through this, you can optimize your digital content.

The big brand companies like Facebook, Netflix, and even Uber user this tool. Through this, you can make a huge difference in your views and audience. This is an easy user interface tool that helps your dashboard and makes your video content viral. It not only gives your videos ranked but also increased the number of clicks.

It shows the total search volume and audience and many more to satisfy the clients. When your video gets a low click, then there is a huge chance that the thumbnail of your video, description, and title is not interesting. Through this tool, you can use the right keywords and phrases that are relevant to your video. It has a pricing range divided into four tiers starting from $99 to $999. You can also take a seven days trial for $7.

Keyword Keg

This is another keyword tool that gives powerful YouTube keywords to get instant views. There are millions of keywords research tools available there, but only a few of them provide the right keywords, isn’t it? So. Keywords Keg is a useful tool that offers lots of data.

There you get filters for the country and language too. You can upgrade this tool by paying a little more. This is the beginner tool that defines the perfect ways to generate and optimize views.

This tool generates search phrases based on your content. This tool not only offers you keyword but also shares you the keyword search volume. The cool perk of this tool is it shares with you the easier terms that are mostly used by people to search. It makes you aware of which kind of keywords have more competition and why.

Many companies use this keyword tool to expand their audience and business. If your videos are getting lower views, then there are a few reasons behind this, and those are low-quality content and lack of technical knowledge. The Keyword Keg gives you the full freedom to use this tool.

You can get some samples absolutely free of cost. If you are interested in grabbing this service for a month, then you can buy the monthly plans starting from $40 to $280. If you want to save up to 40%, then you can buy an annual package.


This is another YouTube keyword research tool that is designed to motivate YouTube creators. This is the tool that is mostly created so that the business and individual can get better revenue through YouTube. Through this software, you can find out the best keywords for your videos. VidlQ is a beginner tool that makes you understand how to put effort into a YouTube video to attract more users.

VidlQ is a YouTube keyword tool that helps you to create better content in better terms. To make a video viral on YouTube, the very first thing you have to do is keep your audience in mind. With this tool, a creator can research keywords, check the average views, and also increase their subscribers.

It also helps you to determine whether this keyword is suited to your content or not. This tool allows you to view the competitor’s tags, autocomplete tags and translate keywords. It also offers free-of-cost plans to start a new channel on YouTube.

This is the most basic plan that you can upgrade by paying $7.50 to $415. There are four plans one is basic, Pro, boost up, and boost+plan. If you want personalized coaching from the bets creators, then you can buy the boost plus plan at just $415.


Semrush is the name that is popular for an intuitive keyword research tool that helps content creators in the best possible way. It gives you ways to increase traffic in your videos and left your competitors.

Through this tool, the creators can generate content by getting new ideas. It allows creators to save time by managing the keywords. This tool is equipped with the 20 billion keywords that help you to pick the best one. It gives you the long tail keywords starting from $99.95/month to $374.95per month. It has three different tiers plan that is Pro, Guru, and Business.


Are you feeling tired by using the pad tools? Don’t you have a sufficient amount to buy a tool? If yes, then you can try this. This is a free browser extension tool or application that optimizes your content with high-quality keywords.

It keeps your videos ranked high and allows you to search for high-performance topics. It has a bunch of perks, like an auto-translate feature. This feature helps with video titles and descriptions. You can also kick the basic plan and upgrade it to the paid version by choosing any of the three plans starting from $9 to $49 monthly.

Google search console

This is another tool of the Google family that helps you to create useful videos with the right keywords. This tool is mostly useful for beginner creators who want to optimize the videos. By using this tool, you can get an updated current keyword report for the keywords.

The keywords provided by this tool are highly searched in the last weeks or months that definitely make your content viral. Besides that, it also helps to provide CTR and queries of people. This is a good tool to check and analyze the backlinks. It gives the analytical reports like the geographical rankings, clicks per keyword, and all. It gives you the impressive keyword just free of cost.

YouTube autocomplete

If you are a regular YouTube user, then you might notice few things. When you start searching for something on YouTube, then YouTube suggests a few keywords, right? This overall process is known as autocomplete, and you can take help from this. It suggests the most reached keywords starting from this letter.

If there are any newbies, then the best place where you can start your journey is YouTube itself. You can gain some idea of these keywords and go for them. Just start searching with some letters, and let’s check what comes in a suggestion box. This is the basic way for people who don’t want to waste their money in the initial phase of their journey.

This is another YouTube powerful keyword tool that is used by content creators. Here you can generate billions of keywords in just one click that suited your content. It ranks the keywords by popularity and allows you to create useful content.

The best thing is it captures the data from the YouTube autocomplete and then creates a list of keywords from them. This advanced software is available free of cost, and you can upgrade them easily. In the free version, you get limited features, but once you upgrade its version, you will get all the advanced features. The overall cost of upgrading yearly may charge $70 per year.

Keyword Tool Dominator

You might think that it is a bulkier or messy tool that is out of your understanding. But this is the easiest tool and best place to start. If you are new to YouTube, then this is the right platform to start with. To start with this, you only need to put the title or the primary keywords in it, and it will generate a list of keywords.

After that, you can select the most important keywords and use them in your content. The negative thing about this tool is it only allows you to perform three searches in a day in case if you have a free version. You can upgrade it into the advanced and Pro version by paying $39.99.


If you are hunting to get a long list of keywords from a certain tool, then this is the right place. This tool gives you the best result by providing the right keywords, search volume, and competition. This tool is free to use without a single defect. If there is any beginner, then they can try this.


The above discussed ten best keyword research tools can improve your business instantly. When you have these tools, then you don’t need to hire SEO agencies. These tools allow you to make the best video content. These are easy-to-use applications that support you to target the audience.

If your videos don’t receive enough appreciation and if you don’t have so many subscribers on your channel, you might be worried about it. But there is no need to worry when you have an advanced option.