Customers are abandoning physical shops in favor of online stores. Currently, more than two-thirds of American people now purchase online. Recent studies suggest that global e-commerce revenues will cross $5.5 trillion by the end of 2022. These figures speak volumes about the importance of digital marketing.

However, you must be on your A-game to succeed in contemporary digital marketing. It is because the stakes are high and the room for error is narrowing with every passing day. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of digital marketing tips to encourage you and revitalize your marketing strategy:

Brush up your website

Many things are evolving these days, especially in the digital world. Your website is no exception. Subscribing to the hot trends is essential to keep your audience interested and your content appealing. If not, your website could come across as irrelevant, stale, and one that lacks poorly on SERPs.

The first thing you should do when updating your website is to perform an in-depth analysis of the site. This way, you can figure out what works and what does not. Assess your digital assets such as photos and videos for relevancy and quality. Look for anything that has become pixelated, hazy, or otherwise outdated. While making these changes, ensure you are organizing digital assets properly by creating folders and storing files with appropriate tags. You can use software to help you out.

In addition, keep an eye on your website’s loading time. An old video clip or unoptimized photos may slow down your site, resulting in a poor user experience. You should also dive into your website’s data. It will enable you to better understand your audience’s behavior and modify your website to meet their needs more effectively.

Finally, undertake some research to see what your competitors are up to. After visiting their sites, compare them to yours. The comparison will help you to figure out whether you forgot to add any important page or content. On top of that, you may stumble upon a great idea or two that you can use to improve your website’s performance.

Make the most of emails

Businesses have been leveraging emails as an important communication medium for quite some time. But their popularity has particularly skyrocketed in recent years, thanks to the rise of mobile applications. Email clickthrough rate on mobile devices has almost doubled since 2014, making it a less expensive alternative than many other digital marketing tools.

Emails can expand your audience like anything because they are accessible on various devices. Besides, emails offer adequate space to incorporate text and visuals, allowing you to create engaging messages. Here are a few tried-and-true strategies that will make sure your email marketing campaigns hit the bullseye:

  • Write short subject lines: A fair proportion of recipients open emails based on the subject lines. While paying attention to the content of your subject line holds the key, it is equally important to focus on the character count. Stats suggest emails with subject lines of 6 to 10 words have the highest opening rates.
  • Create subscriber segments: By dividing your subscribers into segments, you can communicate with your users in a way that is both more direct and insightful. One of the simplest methods to segment your email list is to use demographic data such as gender, location, age, income, income level, employment, etc.
  • Add a CTA: It is easy to lose sight of an email’s original purpose when you are focused on catching the recipient’s attention. Are you informing readers that they have a product in their shopping cart? Notifying them of an upcoming sale? Promoting new items? A good subject line may increase your open rate, but to boost engagement, you must raise your clickthrough rate or the proportion of subscribers that visits your website after clicking an email link. Enter CTA (Call To Action)! A CTA does not have to be more complicated than a simple request to take a specific action. Be sure to keep your CTA button as visible as possible in the copy.

Start a blog

By starting a blog, you have the chance to go deeply into your favorite subjects, showcase your knowledge, and develop a following of readers who are enthusiastic about your writing. But it bears worth mentioning that the online world features 4.4 million new blogs daily. This is a huge number. Having so much content means you need a high-quality blog to cut through the noise. In other words, paying a content mill to cram your sites with meaningless keywords will not cut it. Luckily, there are a few ways that could help you to come up with top-notch blog posts.

To begin with, explore the front page of the leading search engines and your main competitors to see how you can improve on what is out already there. Keep a notebook nearby as you conduct your research so you can jot down key facts and outline your topic. If the notebook is not an option, at the very least, open a Google doc in a new tab. Remember, if you cannot beat their post in terms of quality, do not bother.

Also, it is a must to nail the headline. Your headlines should entice readers to read further. Instead of offering a solution, they should pique readers’ interest and arouse their curiosity. Make it a point to break down your text into small chunks. Since many online readers skim through blogs, dividing your post into introduction, sub-headings, and conclusion will make it easier for readers to find the relevant information.

Get active on social media

Many organizations either go all in on social media marketing or simply avoid it. Both are flawed tactics. You should build social media presence on a single platform, especially if you are just starting. That way, you can keep coming up with new and interesting content without putting in the extra effort.

It is also critical to think about the platform when creating content. Consider the example of Instagram and Facebook. Despite several similarities, their algorithms drastically differ from one another. So you cannot expect the same campaign to do equally well on both platforms.


The collapse of traditional advertising has encouraged firms to leverage digital technologies. With the right digital marketing strategy, your company can expand its consumer base, increase revenue, and achieve long-term success. On the other hand, the intricacy of digital technology can make it difficult to select the proper strategy for your company. In that case, you can turn to this post to evade confusion and get the necessary guidance.