Damage caused by water to a home can be shocking. You may lose valuable assets when your home is damaged by water. The presence of water damage can cause mold growth, which can be harmful to your long-term health.

Thus, water damage should be protected in your home. Water damage occurs not only during floods or hurricanes, and water damage can occur slowly and quietly when sprinklers fail or plumbing leaks. You may not be aware that water damage can occur in any part of your house.

If you take preventive measures against water damage or call a professional water damage repair before it could cause harm, they can help you in a second. Performing a few simple steps can prevent several health issues.

Here are some of the causes and ways in which water damage occurs. For your home to be free of water damage, you need to understand these details.

3 Types of water damage

Water damage can take different forms depending on its source. It can be divided into three groups based on different types of water damage.

Clean water damage

Water damage in the form of clean water. A leaky pipe, excessive rain, or an open faucet left unattended can cause this to happen. A clean water leak is repaired by repairing the leak as soon as possible since clean water contains no microbes and is not dirty. Dry the affected areas of your house as soon as you can after you remove the water. You and your family are at risk of severe health hazards if you leave the water sitting for too long.

Grey Water damage

Grey water, but it is more serious. Greywater occurs when sewer pipes burst, or detergent and soap residue pollute the water. Because of the contaminated water, it is more likely for bacteria to grow in the affected areas. This creates a severe threat to health.

Thus, to keep your home safe from this kind of water, seek the help of water damage repair to remove it. Too much gray water can result in water damage of type 3.

Black water damage

Last, black water can be a source of water damage. Entering a contaminated home is hazardous. There are many health risks related to black water.

It is heavily contaminated through the use of pesticides, toxic chemicals, and sewage. To remove this kind of infestation from your home, call water damage repair immediately to flush out black water so that you can save your family from dangerous diseases such as hepatitis, infections, and respiratory problems that can result from water damage.

There are more categories of water damage than one might think. It doesn’t mean water is black automatically because it doesn’t have a dark color. Bacteria and chemicals are almost invisible to the human eye, which means even seemingly clean water can be contaminated.

Extra precautions must be taken when flooding is the cause of the water source. Your family needs to be protected from severe health impacts. Water damage repair service is the best way to cut extensive water damage in your home.

Effects of water damage

A fire engulfing a home is a common fear among homeowners. So, it is a norm to install sprinkler systems and smoke detectors. In our homes, water can cause just as much damage as fire. Water damage can severely impact the structure of your property, as well as cause severe health problems.

Structure damage

Structures are damaged as a result of water damage. The material holding up your house weakens when water enters the very foundation. Due to its sinking into the ground, the house is insecure and dangerous to live in. Water can cause structural damage to your home if there has been flooding or leaks that are extensive.

Personal belongings

It is also possible that your household and personal items will suffer damage. Water can quickly cause severe damage to furniture and electric appliances. It can be stressful in and of itself to think about the costs of replacing or repairing such items.

Old photo albums, precious documents, and other valuable belongings can also be destroyed by water damage.

Electrical equipment

Water damage can also damage wiring and electric equipment. The interaction between water and electricity is deadly, as we all know.

A leaky house will require you to replace your electrical wiring and appliances. Besides this, it poses a severe risk of electrocution to anyone in the house.

Growth of mold

Bacteria and mold grow as a result of water damage. If there is enough moisture in your home, mold can develop within a few days. The mold growth can harm your home’s structure and have adverse health effects. These include allergic reactions, respiratory illnesses, breathing problems, etc.

Factors that cause water damage

Now you have knowledge about types of water damage. It often occurs silently, making it difficult to detect. To prevent water damage, it is necessary to know what causes it most often. It will be easier to find possible water damage in your home.

The weather

Water damage is typically caused by floods, hurricanes, and snow. If your house floods due to a tropical system or severe rain, you may face property damage and health issues. If your home is not weatherproof, winter snowfall can also break pipes.

Leaking pipe

This problem can also be caused by a leaking pipe in a home’s kitchen or bathroom. Also, plumbing problems can result in water damage since leaks in the system are standard. The pipes behind the walls and ceiling conceal this kind of leak, which can go unnoticed.

Stinky smell

The smell may also be musty or moldy. Usually, mold growth causes the odor. Moisture and dampness are favorable to the development of mold and mildew. Mold growth might signal some hidden leak in a house.

Water running sound

If you hear running water in your home, this is another sign of a possible leak. Leaks can be heard but not seen in a lot of cases. When it is quiet at night, be alert to the sound of running water or dripping. The water damage can be cured if you investigate its source immediately.

Boost in water bill

Water damage may be evident in your water bill. It might mean that your house leaks if you have a strangely high-water bill. Monitor your water bill if you suspect that there may be water damage in your home.

Follow these steps to save your property room water damage

Identify your primary water source

As soon as you discover any issues, ensure that it works correctly. Besides, it would be best to understand where the main water shut-off is in your house.

You can easily cut off the main water supply in case of a burst pipe or leak from a household appliance.

Weather extremes

Weather extremes such as hurricanes and intense snowstorms may be a concern for you. The best way to avoid flooding your home due to burst pipes is to weatherproof your house.

Regularly inspect your washing machine, air conditioning system, and refrigerator for leaks. To feel at ease, you may also seek the assistance of a water damage repair service.

Check your pipes and plumbing for any leaks, and inspect them for any damages. A cost-saving solution is to repair rusted, cracked, or damaged pipes as soon as possible.

Look for any cracks or damage to your roof

You should repair any damage to your roof as soon as possible if you find any signs of decay.

Make sure the house doesn’t have any mold growing. This is a sign that the place has been wet. Mold poses a health risk since it is toxic.

Going on a vacation

Turn off the main water valve before leaving for a break to prevent leaks. When left unattended, a leak can flood your home and cause extensive damage.

Monitor your water bill

It might be a sign of a leak in your house when your water bill suddenly increases. To take notice of any unusual spikes in your water usage, keep an eye on your water bills from time to time.

Keep your gutters clean

Water can collect in a clogged gutter, causing damage to the foundation of your house. Additionally, gutter guards can prevent clogs by preventing debris from entering the drain. Having gutter guards installed means you won’t have to clean your gutters as frequently, and it prevents gutters from getting clogged.

Water leak detectors

In a leak in the house, water leak detectors can help provide extra protection. These devices monitor moisture around household appliances, prone to leaks.

To summarize

Water damage can cause harmful effects on your property and your family’s health. Because of this, it is crucial understand types of water damage to protect and secure your home.