Water is a vital natural resource that is crucial for the survival of humans. We use it to stay hydrated, wash our clothes, clean our dishes, and flush our toilets. While we need a steady supply of it, over time, the pipes deteriorate due to the rusting and accumulation of silt. It gives rise to plumbing problems.

The plumbing problems, if ignored, can cause significant water leaks and other issues. These leaks result in unnecessary wastage f water and a spike in your water bill, moreover, accumulation of water damage the structure of your home.

Water leaks are common in American households. The average water wastage of US Homes is 180 gallons per week. In a year, this loss accumulates to about 9400 gallons. So, if you suspect there is something wrong with the plumbing system, don’t be ignorant about it.

Most water leaks are a result of outdated plumbing systems that require replacement. However, at other times there, the issue could be relatively minor that needs repair. Instead of jumping to any conclusions yourself, it is best to contact and consult professionals.

Symptoms of Water Leak

Water leaks are a nuisance in their own right. Whenever they are detected, quick and swift action becomes the best strategy against them.

So what are the signs that should alert you if there is a leak:

  • An unreasonable spike in the water bill: Since the water consumption is more or less the same every month, bill spikes don’t make sense. So any unusual spike in your bill means that there is a leakage somewhere in your pipes.
  • An odd sound of running water: If all faucets and showers are off, there is no reason for you to hear running water. If you hear it, it is an indication of an issue that may necessitate checking the water meter and liquid flow meter too.
  • The presence of foul odor: The disgusting smell you’re being exposed to is likely caused by mold and mildew. Water leaks may likely be fostering an environment for such fungi growth. Therefore, you need to get it checked.
  • Cracks in the wall or foundation: Water damage due to leaks can compromise the integrity of the wall or foundation of your homes. If you notice cracks on your wall, you should call a plumber for slab leak repair. After inspecting the damage to your walls, he will give you an estimate for the process.

When it is evident that the plumbing system has malfunctioned and leaks are occurring, you face a decision. Either you can opt for water pipe replacement or repair!

Replace Water Pipes

Even the most top-notch plumbing fixtures have a certain lifespan, after which they must be replaced. If you have an outdated plumbing system, the plumber is likely to recommend a complete pipe replacement.

Most US homes built in the 1970s have a cast-iron plumbing infrastructure. Since this infrastructure is approaching the end of its life, it necessitates replacement. However, to confirm if this is true for your property, you need a professional plumber to inspect the ground situation.

Don’t hesitate to take corrective action for the plumbing system. After all, the longer you take, the more complicated the situation will become.

Moreover, you might even lose the coverage from your insurance company. There is a probability that they will reimburse you for the water damage caused by the plumbing issue. Apart from that, they may even consider providing coverage for any destruction to the property caused due to pipe replacement. However, to get even more accurate information, it makes sense to contact your agent.

Repair Water Pipes

The decision to repair the pipes is taken after a plumber inspects the system. If there is a low frequency of water leaks and a more site-specific issue, don’t just opt for pipe replacement. Instead, try to be cost-effective.

Often, water leaks can be fixed by minor repairs, which minimize water wastage in the short-term. It is the most sensible step to take unless the plumbing system is in shambles.

Traditionally, repairing water pipes was a messy business that required a high level of excavation. However, with time new and more convenient options have also cropped up. Consider trenchless pipe repair, which is a modern plumbing method that is highly non-invasive.

Through it, the professional can repair the entire plumbing line with minimal excavation. This method can be done by either pipe bursting or relining. You should consult with your plumber regarding the available options to come up with a workable solution.

Final Verdict

Water leaks can cause damage to the property and inflate the utility bill. Running water, foul odor, cracking on the walls, mold and mildew buildup, are all indicative of a leak.

It is crucial to observe these signs and take swift action by calling a professional for water leak detection. The expertise of the plumber will help you decide whether you should get the pipes replaced or repaired.

Whatever you do, make sure the issue gets resolved, and there are no leaks to bother you again.