The beauty industry has switched to cutting-edge technology and advanced ingredients to promise the best results; however, when looking to take care of the largest living organ on your body—your skin, it’s not necessary that “newer is always better.” Here, organic options might be as effective, or even more, than lab-tested chemical solutions.

Many commercial beauty products available that come in contact with our skin every day include a shocking amount of chemicals and toxins that are potentially harmful to your skin and health. These may include makeup, creams, moisturizers, soaps, deodorants, and more.

Just as organic food tends to make your body healthier; your skin deserves organic care as well. Therefore, organic skincare products moisturize, cleanse, exfoliate, and tone your skin without the involvement of any of the lethal artificial chemicals or toxins.

So, here are some benefits of organic skincare products that will surely convince you to shift to organic for good.

Contain only natural ingredients

Compare the label of ingredients on a bottle of commercial skin product and an organic product. Reading them will make you realize that most of the ingredients labeled on the organic skincare product are probably recognizable that can even be found in nurseries and gardens. In contrast, the chemical names on the former can make you go haywire.

This implies that certified organic products are derived from plants and other naturally occurring ingredients grown organically, without a trace of chemical involved, such as pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and other artificial chemicals. This ensures that all the organic skincare products you use contain only unharmed natural ingredients, which get absorbed in your skin and body. Thus, you can safely use them.

Shifting to organic is better for your skin

Using Dr organic products for skincare, which contain natural organic ingredients like aloe Vera, coconut oil, Shea butter, tea tree oil, lavender, honey, and many more are known to moisturize, nourish, soothe, and promote healthy and radiant skin. This, thus, ensures that you get better nutritional benefits from the organic ingredients, rather than the commercial products, which tend to promise the same, brimmed with chemicals.

Additionally, people tend to still opt for non-organic products since their synthetic ingredients promise instant and visible results. Still, it is important to know that they are also invasive, which act as a slow poison and harm us in ways that remain unseen at the moment. Such products are mainly meant to help you aesthetically by removing sunspots, smoothening wrinkles, or diminishing blemishes but fail to target the actual underlying problem.

Moreover, the constituent chemicals tend to damage and deteriorate your skin quality with time. This may result in reduced oxygen exchange to the skin, which may even cause premature aging.

Therefore, even though it may take some time for the organic products to do their magic, they are gentle on your skin and are safer to use in the long run.

Are more effective

Organically grown plants and products obtained from such plants have been found to contain a higher level of essential antioxidant vitamins as compared to those in non-organically grown plants. Since these are grown without any involvement of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, their organic ingredients, sans any chemical contamination, tend to keep away any traces of chemicals from your skin and body. This makes them a far better, safe and healthy choice than non- organic products.

Moreover, around 95% of an organic skincare product’s constituents are active ingredients, making them more effective than their synthetic counterparts, which contain active ingredients only up 5 to 10% of its contents.


Therefore, the above reasons clarify why it is important to make your skincare completely organic.  Organic skincare not only maintains your skin with the purest form of the ingredients available, but it also ensures your overall health. Moreover, switching to an organic skincare routine enables you to contribute to environment- friendly practices and go sustainable, as you won’t have to worry about chemicals going down the drain, thus, minimizing your environmental impact.

Therefore, it’s not surprising to see tremendous a shift from chemical to organic skincare products. So, if you still have your house full of non-organic products, it’s time to reconsider your options. It’s highly recommended that you invest in organic skincare products if you haven’t already done so.