To many, wild posting is a non-conventional means of getting your products or services to the public. Yet, this is what everyone often comes across as they go about their daily affairs. These consist of posters attached to lamps, construction barricades, street walls, electrical poles, and many more.

Over the years, wild posting has delivered spectacular results and to date, its influence keeps growing as an effective means of advertising. There are several platforms, including, where you can learn more about this. However, this article will discuss the advantages of wild posting and why it is still influential.

Wild posting is still effective

This method provides a highly visual means that brings contents or brands to life when they are attached everywhere. Everyone moves around through different means and for different purposes. It could be in a car, a cab, or on a bike. In this way, people can easily get in touch with the posters as often as possible.

Furthermore, wild posting is widely known as one of the most popular means of advertising when it comes to home marketing. Take, for instance, you walked by a surface adorned with an amazing silhouette ad of a product with images right in front of a beautiful neon background. It is safe to affirm that you would find it so cool. Generally, the first impression people get from what they see in an ad might contribute significantly to influencing their decision.

From the given example, it is never wrong to assume that everyone who passed by would notice the ad. It must also be noted that numerous people would come in contact, especially if placed in an urban region. As a result, the contents of the post are shared with hundreds – if not thousands – of people within a day. What better way is there to achieve results than this? Besides, several advantages are associated with wild posting.

Benefits of wild posting

There are several benefits of wild posting advertising at street level. Some of these are explained as follows:

It is cost-effective

This is one of the most obvious benefits of wild posting and this makes it more effective for many companies – however big or small they are. It is a cheaper means of advertising than other traditional methods. However, it achieves similar results when it comes to the dissemination of information.

A poster is worth almost one-eighth of the price of a TV ad or a magazine ad, even though it can achieve a similar level of awareness. To get the best results, however, you need to be strategic in your thoughts. Location is quite important and by placing your ads anywhere there is heavy traffic and making it blend with the environment, you will get the right attention to connect with your content.

Furthermore, it must be stressed that the cost of this method depends on the location. Yet, as mentioned earlier, it remains an effective method for media campaigns as it significantly reduces the general cost per thousand views.

Good timing

This is another great advantage of wild posting. There are several instances that wild posters can be seen repeatedly for a specific period. In other words, these posters are always on display 24 hours a day once they are placed. Yet, you must know that your timing is appropriate. What this means is that you should not post your campaigns for a short time such that people would find it hard to recall your content or brands. In contrast, posting it for a long time might result in visual pollution and nuisance.

For effectiveness, ensure that your wild posting must not stay up for less than a week and must not remain up for more than two weeks. Within that period, it must have achieved a good result.

It targets a wider audience

A good wild post is designed in such a way that it targets specific audiences based on neighborhoods, certain demography, and more. This kind of advertising has gathered so much attention from all kinds of companies owing to its obvious potentials to capture a wider audience.

Moreover, consumers and marketers are attracted to this kind of campaign since people can come in contact and interact with their products through this unconventional means and get exposed to their brands repeatedly as they engage in their daily affairs. Some might even take a photo of it and share it on social media.


Wild posting has been adopted by everyone for different purposes over the years and its effectiveness has never been reduced. With this advertising strategy, you will achieve an exceptional result.