You must have heard a lot of celebrities saying “When it comes to fashion, for them, comfort is the king.” Well, we all agree with this statement. Jogger Pants are one of those clothing pieces that everyone loves to wear. It is because they are comfy, cool, and most importantly can be worn literally with anything. A lot of celebrities and fashion designers have found various ways to wear them or create custom joggers and sweatpants design to look stylish.

Most people get confused between joggers and sweatpants. They think they are both the same. Well, the design may look similar, but the material is different. Sweatpants are usually thicker. Jogger Pants are made of a thinner material which makes them great to wear for many occasions.

Originally, joggers were made for people to exercise in. But today, they have become a cool and contemporary piece of clothing. They are no longer meant for workouts or lazy Sundays. All thanks to the booming trends of athleisure and sports luxe! If you are interested in adding this trend to your wardrobe, here is a guide on how to wear them. But before we move forward with the tips, we would like you to know its various types. Let’s get started!

Types of Jogger Pants

Twill Joggers

This type of pants usually comes with an elasticized drawstring belt. The side pockets and the cotton texture make them an optimal win in the group.

Shirred Leg Joggers

A lot of people think that twill joggers and shirred leg joggers are the same. But there is a difference. Unlike twill joggers, shirred leg joggers are crunched at the bottom of the legs.

Moto Knit Joggers

These joggers accompany a casual fit with decreased legs at the lower leg sleeves. The style looks edgier, and these pants allow you to encounter the best of all worlds.

Drop Crotch Joggers

Drop crotch joggers are loose from the groin region, which makes them look fashionable. These pants come in breathable texture and are ideal for yoga, running, and wellness.

Hip Hop Joggers

These joggers look like drop crotch ones, but are different. The major difference is that these pants are loose at the base. This style is mostly seen among the artist groups.

Chino Joggers

Just like its name, these joggers look like chinos from the top but have the feature of elasticized cuff around the ankles. If you want to have a semi-formal look, these joggers are perfect for you.

Wool Joggers

These types of joggers fall parallel from the legs and get decreased at the base. Did you know that you can create custom joggers online? All thanks to latest technologies. Create your own style and be the centre of attraction.

Distressed Joggers

These types of joggers are a little torn from the legs. This makes them look more fashionable and ideal for almost every occasion.

How to Wear Jogger Pants

Sweatshirts and Joggers

Although this combination may be for your lazy Sundays, it can be stylish streetwear too. To get a more polished look, complete your look with smart boots or sneakers.

Track Jackets and Joggers

Want to experiment with your sportswear? Go with this combination. Track jackets and joggers carry a serious athletic vibe and can be styled up with extra outerwear.

Hoodies and Joggers

These days, hoodies and joggers are making a perfect casual wear option. You can wear them for simple occasions like going for a movie, coffee, shopping, etc. If you want to have more stylish look with this combination, you can go with multiple layered options.

Denim Jackets and Joggers

Denim jackets have always ruled the fashion trend. This piece of clothing can give a fine finishing touch to your whole look. If you want something new out of your look, then this combination is an ideal option.

Dress Shirts and Joggers

You may find this pair not a right combination, but surprisingly, it works. Make sure you don’t tuck in your shirt. If you are not gaining confidence to experiment this combination, try it with neutral color joggers.  To get a professional look with this combo, you can wear a sweater or blazer with a pair of trendy boots.

T-shirt and Joggers

T-shirts are the most casual and relaxed piece of clothing. By pairing them with joggers, you will create an easy weekend look. While going with this combination, make sure your t-shirt is well-fitted.


Jogger pants have become a major fashion statement. If you want to bring signature style to your everyday look, then follow the above tips. Do you have any unique styling tips? Share with us in the comments section below.

Happy dressing up!