The blown-out look typically refers to a photography or editing style where highlights are intentionally overexposed, resulting in a soft, dreamy, and ethereal effect. Achieving this look can be done in several ways, both during photography and in post-processing.

With style, everything is subjective. You could think that a particular style looks good while other people might hate it. It goes the opposite way too. However, when you are trying to accomplish a particular look there are plenty of ways to do so. Are you looking for a new hairstyle? If the blown-out look is what you are after, you should be able to make it your own.

Blown-Out Look

How do you get the perfect blowout look?

Your hair is like and depending on the style that you want, below are different ways to get that blown-out look.

1. Use the right liquid products

These days, there are all kinds of different liquid products to style your hair. You can use hair spray, gel, mud, and other liquid products to achieve the look you are going for. When it’s that blown-out hair look, you should think about using hair mud. You can put in your hair and style it as you go. By adding water to your hair, you reactivate the mud and can achieve that messy look you are going for. It’s an artform to keep your hair messy and kempt at the same time. However, when you use the right products for your hair and the style you want to achieve, then you will be able to establish your look.

2. Utilize a dryer

Whether you are using a product or not, utilizing a hair dryer can help provide that blown out look you are interested in. Blow your hair with the dryer. Allow it to be pushed up by the air. Whether you are focused on finding that specific blown-by-dryer look or simply want to mess up your hair a bit before you use the product, hair dryers can come in handy. You can also use a blow dry brush. When you use these items properly, you’ll have the chance to use it to create multiple styles. Some people overlook the hair dryer, but when you take the time to use it you might find that you can make your hair more versatile.

3. Allow oil in your hair

Some people hate the feeling of oil in their hair but, in fact, you need oil in your hair to keep it healthy and looking good. One natural way to accomplish that blown-out look is to allow more oil to go from your scalp into your hair. Oil can help keep your hair in place and look messy in the right way. Oil is a helpful agent to provide the means to change the way your hair looks. Using it to your advantage and find that you will be able to style more easily without product.

4. Keep it a certain length

When you are trying to accomplish a certain look, keeping your hair a certain look will facilitate that. At a specific length, hair sits up and can be pushed back with the hands. Once the hair gets a little longer, it will fall around the head in a different way. With the right hair length and amount of oil, you might not need any product or hair dryer at all to accomplish that messy look. When you’re focused on finding the balance, you should try to keep your cut short enough so that it doesn’t fall down your face or head.

5. Try leave-in conditioner

Another product that can help you find the messy, blown-out look is to use the right shampoo and leave-in conditioner. This product can help create a body and the right type of look for your hair style and type. Leave-in conditioner can give the illusion that you haven’t used anything in your hair even though you have. It’s a sneaky product that enables you to go after that blown out look everyone wants.


Remember that the blown-out look is subjective, and different photographers may have varying interpretations of it. Experiment with these techniques, but also allow your creativity to guide you in creating a style that resonates with your artistic vision.

There are plenty of different ways to accomplish this look. What is your hair like? Is it thin? Thick? Curly? Wavy? Straight? Do you have a lot of oil or not enough? It doesn’t matter what your hair is like, there is always a way to accomplish the look you’ve been trying to find. Start with your hair type and focus on the style you want. Then, take the products and methods above and apply them. You will find by trial and error what works for you and what doesn’t. It’s a good way to find your individual style.