Finding and refining your style is a process. We do not learn the dos and don’ts of fashion and styling in the womb – we all learn from trial and error. Experimentation leads to discovery. Well, look at how far we have come.

What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language. — Miuccia Prada

Your style is a reflection of who you are. It is an extension of your being. Its impact goes beyond the scope of merely making a good impression. Style is about feeling beautiful and confident in your own skin.

Fashion Tips and Tricks

Let’s tell you ten fashion tips and tricks that every girl must know to change her life for the better.

  • Opt for classic over contemporary

Classic fashion is a timeless fashion. Sure, trends are fun, but they are disposable. Classics have earned their title for a reason – they have stood the tests of time. Simple, understated, and uncomplicated yet just as stunning, statement, and intricate – it is the most mindboggling phenomenon.

Opt for elegant necklines, simple cuts, and sophisticated designs over loud patterns, eccentric combinations, and gaudy designs to create the most fashion-forward (ironically enough) wardrobe.

Seek inspiration from old Hollywood fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Katherine Hepburn.

  • Flaunt colors that flatter you

Colors add beauty to our lives. We all have personal favorites. When it comes to style, instead of wearing the color that you love, wear the color that looks best on you.

To find out what looks good on you, experimenting in crucial. Find the colors that flatter your skin tone best.

Gather ideas from celebrities, Pinterest, Instagram influencers, etc. You do not need validation from others to know what looks good on you. But, then again, a few compliments never hurt anybody. If someone tells you, you look good, best believe them, honey.

  • Dress for your body type

It is critical to match your clothing to your body type. Understand your physique.

The trick is to balance your proportions. You want to highlight the parts of you that you admire and downplay those that make you feel less confident.

To strike the perfect balance, you must introduce opposing themes in an ensemble that will cancel each other out.

For instance, if you are pear-shaped, draw focus to your upper body with the help of a statement top and downplay your lower body with something boring like a pair of black pants. It is merely a game of attraction and distraction, after all.

  • Aim for the perfect fit

Customized clothing is a luxury only a few amongst us can afford. Finding the perfect fit can be quite a struggle. Mainstream brands make clothes in standard sizes. While they do get the job done, there always seems to be something missing with them.

While getting custom-tailored outfits is a costly feat, getting store-bought items tailored to your measurements is not. It is wise to get your clothes fitted to your size to achieve the perfect fit.

If your blazer sleeves are not sitting right, if your pants are a little too long, or if your dress is just not hugging your curves the way you want it to – just get it fitted.

  • Accessories are your saviors

If you wish to make a lasting impression on others, remember that accessories are the easiest way to pull any outfit together regardless of the vibe you are striving to achieve. They can make or break your look. Think of them as that sprinkling of seasoning that just enhances the flavor of the dish, making it all the more delectable.

Invest in statement accessories that will help bring your outfit together. Bags, shoes, belts, jewelry, scarves, and more – a gal needs them all to create the perfect ensemble. After all, it is all in the details.

  • Invest in basics

Your everyday wardrobe staples form the foundation of your ensemble. They create a solid base that you can build on further. Therefore, it is essential to invest in good quality basic staples because you will be using them the most out of all the things in your closet. There is no need to break the bank because you can search from an array of affordable quality options.

Some must-have include plain t-shirts, black pants, tights, plain dresses, cardigans, and a statement women’s leather jacket.

  • Learn the art of layering

Layering is the simplest yet most creative way in which you can amp up your look. Learn the basics of the art of layering to take your look from zero to hundred in a heartbeat.

For instance, if you are sporting a simple pair of denims and a plain button-down shirt, you can throw on a cardigan and drape a jacket on top. Similarly, if you wish to spice up a simple chiffon dress, layer it over a t-shirt design and throw a button-down cashmere cardigan on top.

Combinations are endless; however, the art of layering is not one that can be finessed overnight. The key to success here is trial and error. Try out different styles and see what works for you. Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. You never know until you try it.

  • Shop smarter

Shopping is a slippery slope. You head out in search of one item and come home with a maxed-out credit card and more shopping bags than you can carry.

If there one practice you must adopt and implement religiously, it is shopping smartly. Learn to shop with the intention of only filling the holes in your wardrobe – only buy the things you need. Sure, splurging from time to time is fun and necessary, almost, but it is essential not to get carried away in the process.

Not only will this practice help you save money, but it will also avoid your closet from overflowing with clothes that you do not need. Additionally, it will boost creativity because you will have limited items to work with, so you will involuntarily learn to make the most out of them.

This practice is a tough one, but it is possibly the most useful one. Impulse buys feel great initially, but after a while, they make you feel burdened, so just avoid them altogether.

  • Declutter your closet and your life

On days when you face your closet full of clothes thinking you have nothing to wear, pause, and take a good look at everything you own.

There are the things you use, the ones you do not, and the unfortunate lot we like to call the “in case” pile. Everyone has an “in case” pile because you never know when you might need to wear that sequined top (even though you have not even looked at it twice in the past three years).

Decluttering is an excellent way to clear out the clamor and start fresh. Take out everything you own and divide them into piles: yes, no, and maybe, respectively.

Everyday essentials go in the “yes” pile. Toss everything you have not worn in two or more years in the “no” pile. Keep the special ones in the “maybe” pile because letting go of commodities is not as easy as it may seem. Nevertheless, it has to be done. Once sorted, go through the maybe pile again and make your final picks.

Not only will this practice help clear out closet space, but it will also give you something to rebuild and refine. Too many clothes can be very overwhelming to work with because there are just so many options. The solution is to simply limit your options. We promise you, once it is done, you will feel great.

  • Strut with confidence

Perhaps the most critical piece of style advice that you can take from this is to feel confident in anything that you wear. We all have insecurities that make us feel discontent with ourselves. Insecurities are a normal part of life. You must learn to own and flaunt them instead of letting them consume you.

“Over the years, I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who’s wearing it.” —Yves Saint Laurent

Parting thoughts

The most critical thing to remember when it comes to fashion or styling is to stay true to yourself. Be authentic, and learn to trust your instincts. If it feels right, go ahead with it. Do not let anything stop your creative process.

Your fashion is a reflection of you. You cannot deceive yourself into being someone you are not, so just embrace your style for what it is and flaunt it. Ain’t no one going to stop you, sister.

As Diane von Furstenberg aptly quoted, “Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it.”