Are you looking to increase organic traffic to your website? Yes? Great! Because, there is one thing that  businessmen ignore which can increase traffic. And it is possible by increasing your website’s organic click-through rate (CTR). Your traffic is low several times because searchers are not clicking on your organic link in the SERPs. It leads to a decline in organic traffic and low sales and even affects your ranking.

CTR refers to the ratio/percent of searchers who click on an organic result (URL) in the search engine results divided by the total searches for a keyword. It helps because when people frequently visit your page, the search engine considers it valuable, leading to a higher ranking.

Thus, Boost CTR is essential with these tips.

Boost CTR

Make sure to use long-tail keywords

The first and easiest way to boost CTR is through using long-tail keywords. Why? Using long-tail keywords helps match the content with the user’s search intent. Ensure that your title tags and headings have long-tail keywords, as the title is the only thing that every user sees when they see the result on SERPs.

If the title is catchy, users will click on it immediately, which helps with boost CTR and organic traffic. You can work with a digital marketing agency in India or any region or use online tools to find long-tail keywords. The former options pay better as they go through content and competitors to determine the best keywords with the highest volume for you to use. Other than this, an agency can help you with every aspect of SEO ranging from searching right keywords to getting high-quality backlinks to creating SEO optimized content.

Upgrade your title

The first thing a user sees on the SERPs is your title. So, you need to enhance it to encourage users to click on the same. To do this, follow these tips:

  • Spark emotions through powerful words because if your title can spark an emotional response, clicks increase. A title that evokes anger, greed, curiosity, or fear will undoubtedly boost the CTR.
  • Adding a year at the end of the title makes your title more appealing as it shows that the website content is up-to-date and will work immediately.
  • Do not write just one headline. At least come up with three to five headlines and then select the one which follows the best practices of writing a title to boost CTR.
  • Never ignore the importance of using keywords in your title. It increases CTR and ranking both.

For better CTR, enhance the URL and description

The title can boost CTR of your website, no doubt. However, it is just one metric.

Another metric is to improve your website’s overall look and feel as it encourages people to click on it often. To do this, you can:

  • Optimize meta description: Meta description explains why users need to click on a particular link. Here also, you need to include keywords so that search engines can index your page.
  • URLs should be descriptive: If the URL is challenging or has unique characters, it becomes hard to read, and people are clueless about what it holds inside. Thus, you must make the URLs easy, short, and descriptive to ensure people know what to expect when they click on the link.

Have posts with images

Images in your blog posts or content attract a reader, and fortunately, they can also increase your CTR. This is because your content becomes more engaging through images, and it helps your content feature in the snippet section in the SERPs.

Another reason to use images is that it increases CTR when users go through the search results of the images tab. If they like a particular image, they will click on the link. Hence use quality images, and don’t forget to implement the best SEO image practices.

Improve page load speed

You may wonder how page loading speed matters in CTR? It does because even if the user clicks on your page and takes time to load, that click will not matter. Thus, you have to optimize the speed of your page. To do this:

  • Declutter the website by removing any content that is not needed.
  • Decompress the images that you use on your website.

Wrapping up, caring about CTR matters. If you don’t, ranking and conversions will not happen, and your business will suffer. So, keep an eye on CTR and get the best results.