Facebook Marketplace is a great way to sell your items and make extra money. It’s easy to use and accessible, making it a good alternative to other marketplaces to sell products online like eBay or Craigslist.

Anyone with a Facebook account can start selling on Marketplace to boost sales. Whether you’re decluttering or looking to earn more, using Marketplace’s features will help you reach more buyers and increase your profits. Our step-by-step guide will help you to sell on Facebook Marketplace in no time, even if you’re new to online sales.

It is more than just instant connections on social media platforms. With the growing popularity of apps and softwares, there has been a grave need of the online selling and ads market. Every online venture wants to connect to its target audience in real time.

Today to remain relevant, one has to constantly hammer their product or service to the audience every now and then. And what better reliable platforms than social media? Here in this blog, we will discuss one of the most renowned behemoths of social media-Facebook. How Facebook has helped as an online marketplace to sell varied products. Have a good read of this blog and get to know how to sell on facebook marketplace.

What is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook stepped into the genre of marketplaces in 2016. It started by allowing local buyers to sell items on a user-friendly platform. The social media marketplace allowed its sellers to go ahead with nationwide shipping for products in almost all categories.

As per a source, there are about 24% of Facebook users that click or tap on an ad when they use Facebook. Also, 65.9% of consumers purchase items via Facebook.

These statistics let us believe and rely on the selling power of social media platforms. Today Instagram too is helping a brand to be among its potential buyers. In this world of smartphones, the only way to sell your product is to be among your audience. And practice the buying behaviour- demand chart of the product accurately.

If you are still unclear or are feeling unfamiliar with the concept of marketplace, then you need to look around into the platforms like eBay & Amazon. They are the best online marketplace examples. Study their categories, product display, description, customer reviews, etc., before vouching on one for yourself.

Now, to resolve your query even a bit more and help you reach a decision, here is the next section.

Benefits of Selling on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a top-notch option to sell items online for small businesses and individuals. It offers a great opportunity for sellers to increase sales through omnichannel selling. Let’s check some benefits of Facebook Marketplace:

1. Free – No Fees

Facebook Marketplace is an outstanding choice for startups and small organizations with budget limits. Anyone can use it free of cost as it has no subscription plan, permitting sellers to maximize income. No list fees, granting you with the freedom to set aggressive prices or negotiate with shoppers.

2. More Visibility

Publishing a list of your items on Meta makes it seen on Feed, Search, and different platforms outside of Facebook. This increases the possibilities of capability shoppers locating your listings and improves your selling opportunities. With a sturdy presence on Instagram and Facebook Marketplace, Meta is the best platform for social commerce, allowing sellers with an extensive market reach and extra facility for business success.

3. Convenience

You must have an active Facebook account to start selling items on Marketplace. Selling your items in the marketplace is a simple process – follow the instructions and fill in the required info. We have already explained the detailed steps in the next section. No need to register if you already have a Facebook account – just tap on the marketplace and start selling! The platform is user-friendly, even for first-time sellers.

4. Smooth Transactions

Facebook Marketplace offers built-in checkout and payment service with Meta Pay for smooth shopping experience. This makes it simpler for buyers to make purchases and for sellers to complete sales. Transactions can be completed immediately via Messenger, granting direct interaction between purchasers and vendors for smoother negotiations. Facebook’s payment processor confirms protected and encrypted transactions for both parties’ peace of mind.

Who Should Really Vouch for These Marketplaces Online?

Anyone with anything to sell can be on such platforms. It is also for those who are Amazon sellers, brick-and-mortar stores, eCommerce businesses, etc. Any platform does not force one to be on only one platform. Thus, one product can be on multiple platforms to engage with their users on a daily basis.

So, now that you know, without any hitch, you can become a part of this marketplace universe, here are some tips to sell on Facebook.

How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace?

Selling on Facebook Marketplace is easy. You can list your items and connect with local buyers as a casual seller. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Setup your Facebook marketplace

To create an account on Facebook Marketplace, just sign in with your account and select the Marketplace option. Try using the menu bar’s “See More” option to locate it if it’s not visible right away.

facebook marketplace option

Then you need to click on “create new listing” to list your items on marketplace.

facebook marketplace create new listing

Choose the type of item you’re selling. If it can be shipped, most sellers pick “items for sale.”

choose listing type

Also, if you have an apt marketplace experience then you can also create your Facebook shop. It becomes a sales channel to help a customer to purchase via three places: marketplace, your shop, as well as your online store (if any).

There are many dashboards that help you to simplify and manage your Facebook Shop. With such an amazing arrangement, one can easily cope up with all three platforms in sync.

2. Influential list

You need to ensure that your curated list lures the users. For that one needs to study their competitors and manage the list and product description. Along with it, you have to focus on images of the same. To grab the attention of your users, the images have to be great and in their place. There are facilities to beautify an image along with zoom in & zoom out features to make engagement more possible.

3. Choose your delivery model

In today’s world of couch deliveries, you need to choose your form of delivery wisely. Everyone needs their orders instantly and that too at their door steps. Choose the methods wisely according to your monetary status and delivery fleet management.

Which mode will you opt for? You can always opt for more than one mode for delivering on time. Shipping or local pickup or both. Figure out the best convenient delivery way and partner for your business. Study your consumer’s behaviour and approach the best for your marketplace profits.

4. Promotions are a must!

Facebook is a potential online marketplace. But, you will have to work hard to set yourself apart from other brands. For that one needs to use other online marketing channels and promote their products. You have to approach every possible online marketing tactic to be in the public eye. Here we have shared some of the Facebook tactics:-

  • Join local groups: There are many local groups on Facebook. You need to join them as per your product listing. Search for apt groups to reach out to your potential customers.
  • Promote on other social medias: Cross promotion is a must! To ace among varied audiences and achieve the best reach in real time, you have to ensure to have a great following and presence on Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Create Facebook ads: Of course, you can always vouch for this one. Ads on online platforms have great potential to reach your target audience again and again. It has simple steps to select like budget, time, days, how many times, age group of audience, etc. And it also allows flexible pay via payment gateways.

5. Communicate with your buyers

With Facebook Messenger it is very easy for an online venture to chat with their buyers & resolve their queries on an early basis. The secret to a seamless transaction and closing the sale is effective communication with the purchasers. One can tell buyers about the listing, settle payment issues, and coordinate pick-up or delivery times. It is a simple method to accomplish this directly from the Facebook app.

On the Facebook Marketplace, there are several ways to pay. To accept credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and Meta Pay online at checkout, you can set up local transactions for in-person deliveries.

12 Tips for Selling on Facebook Marketplace

To become a successful eCommerce brand, one needs to work extremely well with their online presence and consumer trust is crucial. There are a few things that you should consider to sell your product or service faster than others on Facebook marketplace.

1. Build consumer trust

To gain the consumer trust, you really need to be on your feet. For that to happen, you need to start by completing your profile. Mention every detail about yourself, so that the buyer can know about you. Profile completion also helps in maintaining credibility in the public eye. Your profile, business page, or shop should appear professional and be in good standing if you are in a more formal set up.

2. Be responsive

You need to answer every user query in time and ensure to resolve them for your end. To satisfy a user, you need to pay attention to every query and update them as early as possible. It will build an online goodwill for your brand.

3. Describe the items honestly

You write what you provide. No exaggeration or false description is needed. It’s crucial to correctly list the characteristics and features of your merchandise. Conflicts and a bad client experience in general are avoided in this way.

4. Post things at the right time

Timing is the key to succeed in the online world. To sell an item, you need to be with your target audience at the right time. Study the peak times of active users and market yourself at that very point. Gain traction at the best time of the day.

5. Encourage positive reviews & ratings

You need to have positive reviews to maintain credibility of your online venture. So, you have to approach the customers that are loyal to your products and ask them to leave a good review on your page. Thus, it is very crucial to handle your reputation as a seller in time. You can also do it by providing the users with the best customer service.

6. Competitive research

Competitive research helps to look into what other companies are doing with the same line of products. With an insight into their facilities you will get to know your areas of improvement. And also will help to get onto the loopholes they have as your strength. You will also have an up close look into the consumer buying behavior and use it wisely for yourself.

7. Understand change in Facebook algorithm

As you must be familiar with the change in the Google algorithms and their effects on every online venture. In the same way, Facebook algorithms also affect your display listing, relevance, engagement, and the overall reputation.

8. Boostup your Facebook ads

When it comes to social media ads, Facebook Ads are the most economical option and provide the best return on investment. A lower conversion rate and fewer sales could result from poorly optimized advertisements. Facebook Marketplace might become a key sales channel if users learn about Facebook Ads best practices.

9. Share your items & sell

Sufficient details about your product and its benefits over rivals in the market must be given in the description. And thus, you need to share it and win your audience over. Boost up your marketing in the right direction with Facebook marketplace.

10. Ensure ad is displayed with no errors

The material should be error-free and use correct grammar to entice viewers to interact with your advertisements. Check your copy one more time before releasing your advertisement by utilizing a free grammar checker such as Grammarly.

11. Offer free local delivery

When it comes to large items like furniture, many clients prefer not to leave their homes to pick them up. Your conversion rate will increase if you provide free local delivery within a convenient range for you.

12. Renew your post

Renew your listing at ease on Facebook. It is easy to shuffle up the items that are not sold in the past 7 days. Thus, you can push up your list and online presence with such a renewal tactic. It is a very intuitive way of projecting every product or service at ease. And thus, one can list up to ‘n’ number of items in it.

The major benefits of Facebook marketplace is that your online venture can reach a vast audience, maintain listing based on local market requirements, save money for the ones who want to sell their items on marketplaces, & that too for free. Other than that an online venture gets payments via simple gateways, instant messaging to clients, and brand recognition with mobile accessibility. Being a social media platform, it indeed becomes easy for one to connect with their community and engage with them on one on one basis.

On a concluding note!

With the growing market size, it is more important to market oneself on other platforms. To be among the audience, you have to boost your online and offline marketing efforts in full swing. It is hard to beat competition if you do not promote righteously, with an apt set of marketing tools. So, focus on how you will pave your way ahead of the competition with the help of online marketing tactics.

Facebook is a fine example to promote your business via its online marketplace. You will be able to promote yourself via its ads, connect with clients through instant messaging, and above all it helps to manage every transaction easily via payment gateways known to everyone. Invade the digital spectrum with the best online upgrade of eCommerce solutions. One sells effectively by listing their items in an organized manner.

Thus, you should try to innovate yourself and the venture by ruling over these marketplaces online. Digital space has opportunity for everyone, you just need to strike at the right time. We hope these pointers help you set up a successful Facebook marketplace. Explore other such online marketplaces for yourself!