Innovative technology solutions and wide access to the internet have taken over the world and there are some shocking inventions being done across the business sector. Be it driverless cars, smart security systems, wearable divide or cool gadgets, everything is connected and making our life more comfortable as it was never before. Today, our homes, offices, and cars are inter-connected. The day is not far when you get up in the morning and your coffee machine will start preparing coffee for you.

IoT aka the Internet of Things is the sensation in the technology world. It is believed to be the future of technology and allowing various systems and devices to “communicate” with each other and creating smart ecosystems.

Global IoT market share

Not only in our personal lives but IoT is leaving a drastic impact on the business sector. With the constant innovation in technology, organizations can not improve productivity, accuracy at each level. In short. IoT has immense capabilities to improve and control physical objects, it would not be wrong to say that it has the ability to transform the modus operandi for companies.

The IoT market is growing and heading towards explosion. Research stated that, by 2021, the number of connected devices will surpass 50 billion across the globe. The IoT market is expected to reach $53.8 billion by 2024 globally. Well, this figure itself indicates how it is growing beyond level.

IoT has already paved its way into various sectors from healthcare to agriculture to the service sector to real estate and whatnot.

20 IoT Project Ideas and Topics to Try in 2021

IoT is here to stay for a long time, this is why it is known as industrial revolution 4.0. The concept of IoT is to develop smart solutions and services in order to increase profitability, productivity, efficiency and solve challenging issues in real-time to make informed business decisions. IoT is all set to revamping business models, today more and more brands are investing in IoT infrastructure to streamlines their operations and enhance customer experience.

Here we have narrated the best 20 IoT project ideas and topics. We have also covered how IoT advancements benefit businesses and make them more efficient. Ready to learn what kind of IoT projects make lives easier? Keep reading.

IoT For Smart Beer Fridge

If you are fond of beer and want to leverage advanced IoT technology to monitor freezer activities, this will help you extremely. This smart beer fridge will tell you how many bottles of beer there are and what temperature they consist of right now. You will also come to know how many times the fridge is being opened and closed. There is a sensor integrated into the fridge that lets you monitor all the activities in real-time.

This project is developed in Python. For more project information, you can head out to GitHub as it contains the coding guidelines for the smart beer fridge project.

IoT For Dairy Industry

The farming and dairy sector is the backbone of any economy and IoT is making this sector more advanced to deal with uncertainties. The challenge starts from feeding and maintaining the health of livestock to tracking the delivery of end products. If you are engaged with the dairy business, you can leverage the IoT to upscale your dairy business.

Challenge: Farmers most of the time unable to get familiar with the estrus cycle in animals. As per the research conducted by Pennsylvania State University, failure to detect the estrus cycle often leads to low fertility which will reduce the production of milk.

Solution: Here IoT can rescue farmers as they can detect the heat period with the help of sensors. You can also gather data and breed accordingly to predict the estrus cycle.

IoT in Healthcare

IoT has spread its wings across all industries so how is healthcare left behind? IoT healthcare has become a $117 billion industry in 2020. There are IoT devices that enhance the treatment of patients and helping professionals assist patients in real-time.

Healthcare wearables and pads are equipped with sensors and that can control various parameters such as:

  • Heart rate
  • Blood pressure rate
  • Pulse rate

Doctors can access all this information to monitor the situation of the patient.

IoT Tracks Pollution in City

Urbanization taking place across the globe and pollution levels also keep increasing. There are many causes of pollution such as air due to dust at the manufacturing unit, dust from a construction site, emission from vehicles, and pollution from burning crops. Here you can use a Shinyei sensor that measures humidity and temperature level and transmit that info to the website or application. All you need to set up this kind of sensor across the city, you will come to know the pollution level and be able to display accurate information on the website.

Beacons for Real Estate Application

Today, it seems like the real estate industry is taking advantage of IoT technology to rent out more properties. You can set up beacons throughout the property area, which means whoever will pass through that area will get notified in real-time. Many real estate brokers are doing this. When someone passes by a beacon and if there are attractive deals, you will be notified. You will also calculate the cost of rent using this tech.

IoT for Weather Reporting System

IoT makes weather forecasting super easy. These types of systems are integrated with sensors that measure temperature and humidity levels. It can also make rain predictions and provide live data with reports. It is an automated system that uses WiFI technology to send data to the website. So you no longer need to rely on agencies, you will have live weather reports online.

Face Recognition Bot

Most face recognition technology is used in the human resource sector but the IoT system uses AI-powered bot to recognize the face and voice of any person. Moreover, the system is made with advanced features as it also detects various expressions and emotions of any individual. This type of system often prevents fraudulent activities and encourages the building of sturdy security systems.

Fleet Management Industry

The Fleet Management industry keeps evolving with the advancements in technology. From smart route optimizations to last-mile delivery to track the live location of the driver. Logistic companies now leverage IoT to measure truck mileage and find the live location of trucks. They can also measure engine capacity and detect loopholes on the road in real-time. Here you can see the time is not far when we notice self-drive cars on the roads.

Traffic Management System

Traffic management system to be one of the hottest IoT projects in 2021. This IoT-based project helps you manage road traffic smartly and offer fewer traffic routes to emergency vehicles such as fire trucks and ambulances. Vehicles only need to connect with this smart system, later they can optimize traffic routes, discover signals, and also help traffic controllers as it also presents data of traffic violators.

Smart Garage Door

Want to open the garage door but unable to find keys? Well, with the latest advancements in technology, such as those provided by IoT systems like those offered by Family Christian Doors, you won’t face this situation anymore. IoT allows you to use your smartphone or tablet to conveniently open your garage door. You can also use voice commands for this purpose, and it will even alert you when anyone else attempts to open or close the door. This innovative solution enhances both the convenience and security of your garage, making it a valuable addition to your home.

Smart Mirror

Here you must be wondering, is there any relation between IoT and mirrors? Well, yes. Smart mirrors are a very advanced IoT application that often displays weather, temperature, clock, and even plays music. Along with this, it can also help you click the perfect selfie using the in-built camera. You can also connect this IoT app to another device for collaboration.

Smart Money Transfer

Living in the digital world, people are making payments online using their cards and apps like Google Paym Apple Pay, and many more. But IoT has something new to offer, now you can pay with your wearable devices such as a wristwatch. It means if you lack cash and your smartphone still you can head to any store, buy goods and make payments without any hassle.

Smart Wheelchair

A smart wheelchair is a boon for disabled people as they won’t fall down or lose their balance when they try to get up. There are more than 132 million wheelchairs but IoT makes wheelchairs smarter because it comes with in-built sensors. It means now doctors can monitor a patient’s seating behavior, and what amount of energy they need to get up without any helping assistance.

Smart Parking System

Finding a parking slot after a long driving is pretty exhausting. It is a time-consuming process and also wastes fuel. To get rid of this, IoT’s solution to this issue is the smart parking system. To build this system, you only need a Raspberry controller, cameras, and display device. Cameras will constantly monitor the vacant parking slots and help drivers to move the car in that direction. This facility can be accessed by anyone via smartphone or tablet.

Smart Street Light System

Cities have become smart. This IoT-based street light system consumes low power and detects faulty lights. Moreover, you don’t need to manually turn on and turn off the lights, it can adjust the power and brightness based on the external light and movement of people and vehicles. At the time of emergency, the lights increase the brightness to an optimum level and ensure safety.

IoT Based Smart Agriculture System

Agriculture is the cornerstone of the development of any economy. Usually, farmers are not that much friendly with technology solutions but IoT makes it easier for them as now they can measure water level, the moisture level of soil, and climate condition. For example, farmers will be able to schedule the system to irrigate the piece of land automatically, or you will be reminded to sprinkle fertilizers on the crops. IoT-based projects also measure soil moisture and deal with regular farming activities.

AI and Machine Learning

AI and machine learning are not buzzwords as it has become an integral part of business standards. The main goal of machine learning is to help retailers and brands to collect massive amounts of data and then analyze them to increase productivity and customer experience. Here you can take the example of a couple of brands.

Microsoft’s Tay AI bot was developed to learn how GenZ behaves on social media. Another well-known example is how Netflix collects data and offers recommendations to its users based on their preferences.

Smart Store Analysis

No doubt online purchasing is increasing but patrons equally visit stores for essentials. It would be great if retailers could easily locate the most popular and visited areas of their stores. It will be extremely helpful to large supermarket owners and SMEs. Smart retail technology enables owners to know what areas are most visited and where more consumers are congregating.

Based on this data, they can create the best layout for the stores that can increase sales and reduce long queues. Smart technology also alerts owners that a customer has been standing for more than five minutes, so they can send representatives for help. This will not only boost sales but foster customer loyalty.

Smart Pill Bottle

Advanced technology solutions in healthcare are surely making this industry more efficient. From virtual assistance to telemedicine to doorstep medicine service, the healthcare sector is undergoing major changes. One example of IoT in healthcare is the smart pill bottle. It is built with smart sensors and uses certain electronics that keep records of how many times pills are being taken and when the bottle should be refilled. Such data helps to cure illness quickly.

Home Automation System

Cities have become smart so why should homes be left behind? Most of our everyday tasks are connected and controlled via smartphones or tablets. IoT systems help to control and manage home appliances remotely. Using IoT applications you can turn on the lights of the room via smartphone or you will also receive a notification when your coffee is ready, all you can do with IoT devices.

Here we have coated the 20 best IoT project ideas. These projects are some instances of how IoT is gradually making its way and revamping businesses. With the immense growth of modern technology, there are more chances that such amazing IoT projects will enter the canvas of our daily lives.