When it comes to gaming consoles, xBox One is unarguably one of the best ones out in the market today. However, sometimes it doesn’t make sense to shell out hundreds of dollars for a new Xbox console. If you’ve got a PC with decent configuration, you can certainly enjoy many of the Xbox One titles on it without much trouble.

Now you may be wondering how to do that! Well, by taking help of an Xbox One emulator. If you don’t know anything about these emulators, don’t worry. Here we’re going to tell you everything about them. Just bear with the length of this article!

What is an Xbox One Emulator?

An emulator is a program that creates the environment of a different device inside another device. For example, an Android emulator creates the environment of Android smartphone inside the PC to help us run Android apps on the PC.

Similarly, when we talk about Xbox One Emulator, we mean a program that can create hardware and software environment similar to an Xbox One on a PC to help us install and run the games developed for Xbox on that PC.

Best Xbox One Emulators for PC

Although there’s no dearth of Xbox One emulators out in the market, only a few of them will allow you to run a large number of xBox titles on your PC. Here we’re going to take a look at only those emulators, so let’s get started with our list of top 5 Xbox One emulators:

Xenia Emulator

This one is an Xbox 360 emulator, but it can also run a large number of Xbox One titles so we thought it will be nice to give it a place in our list. A shortcoming of this emulator is that it’s a bit more resource hungry than the other emulators mentioned on this page, so you may experience some lag while playing heavy games.

However, its developers also keep updating it so many of the issues are fixed more quickly than other emulators out in the market. This thing has made it more stable and faster over the years.

CXBX Emulator

This is arguably the best Xbox One emulator out in the market because it allows you to run almost any Xbox One titles. It converts the titles into executable files (.exe files), which you can install on your PC to start playing.

Therefore, it allows you to enjoy your games without running them in any particular virtual environment, which helps in saving the crucial memory and processor resources for the game itself.

Xeon Emulator

This emulator is the delight for those who have got only DOS installed on their gaming PC. Many of the PCs out in the market don’t come with Windows pre-installed and the user is provided only DOS in the name of operating system. If you’ve recently purchased any such PC then Xeon Emulator will allow you to play your xBox games on it without installing the Windows first.

It supports most Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles, but a shortcoming is that its creator has stopped updating it. However, it can still be used because it works with two operating systems (Windows and DOS) and a large number of Xbox titles.

EX360E Emulator

This emulator is still in an experimental stage, but it works wonderfully when it comes to running Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles. Like CXBX this one also converts the games into executable files which can be installed, and it supports Patcher and GUI for ease of use.

However, since it’s in an experimental stage, it also lacks certain things. For instance, there’s not proper support for Direct 3D, APIs and storage etc. In addition to that, it works only on 64-bit PCs. If you’ve got a 32-bit PC, then you’re out of luck!

DXBX Emulator

When you read the name of this emulator, it’s hard to ignore the similarity with CXBX emulator. And that is for a reason – it’s based on the same source code that is used for CXBX emulator. Therefore, it works just like CXBX emulator by converting the game titles into executable files.

However, its makers have also filled it with plenty of features that you won’t find in CXBX or any other emulator. For instance, it’s pre-loaded with Direct 3D, has got a wonderful symbol detection system and works for both xBox 360 as well as xBox One titles. A shortcoming of this emulator, however, is that just like EX360E it works only on 64-bit computers.


These 5 emulators collectively support so many Xbox One titles that I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to enjoy almost all popular Xbox games on them. So try them based on your requirements and then share your thoughts about each of them in the comments. Enjoy!