Minimizing Shopping Cart Abandonment With This Shopping Cart Tip

We have all experienced it when using shopping carts. We've searched, found a website with the product we needed, clicked on the buy link... and then abandoned the whole thing. Multiply this one experience by all the users on the internet, and you find the sobering statistic that shopping cart abandonment takes place 59.8% of the time. Don't let this happen to you. In this article, we investigate one of the major variables involved in taking a sale to its conclusion: the order form. Am I in the right place? This is the question confused users ask themselves when they…


Virtual Call Center and Its All Round Benefits

It is not an unknown fact that a virtual call center basically functions using internet as its main infrastructure. If you’re not aware of the fact then you should know that now a virtual call center is known to offer a great variety of benefits for both customers and its clients. This article will take you across some of the most common benefits of having the virtual service center solution. Technology Yes, the first and the most important benefit of having virtual call centre technology is that the virtual service center software will be allowing the remote contact centre agents…

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