As the weather continues to cool down, and women begin wrapping up in warm wardrobe staples there can be very little of an outfit on show, expect for the coat. This is where jewellery comes in. Jewellery can make a great impact on the simplest of outfits. Also, at this time of the year a few carefully selected pieces can transform a day time shopping attire into a glitzy festive look. If you are looking to inject a touch of glam into your wardrobe then it is time to start thinking about what new jewellery trends can be worn for winter 2024.

Based on designers, fashion week shows and retailers such as Luxury Gallery, here are some of this winter’s most popular jewellery trends in each category.

Asymmetric earrings

asymmetric earrings

When it comes to earrings, the asymmetric look is very much at the forefront of trends. Many jewellery designers showcased mismatched earrings, whether that was just an earring worn on one ear or others showed or earrings of differing lengths.

However, if you are a fan of matching earrings then opt for a pair that are extravagant and add a touch of flair to the overall look. Bigger and brighter is better this season. Think dramatic earrings that cover the entire ear. Big chandelier crystals, large drop pearls, and chainmail are styles to look out for.

Key shaped pendants seemed to be amongst the most popular shapes, in addition to V-shaped drop earrings. Hoops are a classic and remain popular.

Short necklaces

short necklaces

The dominating style in necklaces for winter 2024 is the short necklace. Many are to be worn close to the neck or worn as chokers, some in metal and other in fabric.

Layered chains in a variety of lengths, metals, adornments and in playful colours are also trending this season. Many layered necklaces featured large pearls which is an interesting use of the popular and classic stone.

Chunky necklaces have been very popular in the past couple of years, and this trend is set to continue into winter. The chunkier the better. An oversized necklace is the perfect statement piece for any outfit.

Rings for every finger


Designers adorned models with rings on every finger on the runways and so it seems more is more when it comes to rings this winter. The key is to mix styles, metals and gemstones. Multi-stone rings, diamonds and sapphires rings are some of the most popular at the moment.

If you really want to be style forward then follow the example of the fashion elite and wear rings over your gloves.

Chunky bracelets


Despite the trend for asymmetry on the ears, it appears that the opposite is true for bracelets. Instead, symmetry in bracelets, with them worn on both wrists is the hottest trends of winter. Chunky cuffs stacked from wrist to midway up the arm is a key look.

On the contrary, delicate chain bracelets are still popular and will always be a classic in your metal of choice, be it gold or silver. But similarly wear a variety to add extra interest.

Beautiful brooches


Brooches are not widely worn but a beautiful decorative jewellery item than can elevate any outfit. This season if you choose to invest in a brooch them look for a branded brooch. They can be pinned to any of your wardrobe basics to give the illusion of a more expensive blazer or jacket.