Have you ever wanted an unreleased product? This can happen when your favorite brand releases a new product, considered the best option.

Lucky for you, the company allows customers to get this product before it’s built through WooCommerce pre-order plugin. This is how companies develop their products before release.

As an e-commerce company, have you considered empowering customers to pre-order your products?

In this article, we’ll look at several ways you can successfully create pre-order campaigns to launch your next product!

What is a pre-order campaign?

A pre-order marketing campaign focuses on a new product that has yet to be released to the public. In some cases, the product is not manufactured. The main task is to attract attention to the product to increase sales on the launch day.

What is the Purpose of Pre-Ordering?

Have you ever thought about pre-ordering things through Amazon or other websites? If yes, this post will answer some questions about the benefits of doing so.

Pre-order means placing an order for a product before it is officially launched. The primary purpose of placing special orders is to determine the demand level for a new product among its target audience.

First orders are suitable for both consumers and businesses. First, they allow customers to get ahead of the game and save some money. Secondly, they encourage retailers to stock up on inventory since those products will be useless.

Pre-orders are sometimes popular, especially during the holiday season. Some companies offer discounts to customers who place their orders in advance, which can be significant.

What Pre-Order Marketing Can Do for Your Business

The first benefit of allowing pre-orders is a better understanding of your new product’s demand or lack thereof.

Understanding customer needs will allow you to make cost-effective decisions related to the first order from the manufacturer.

You will clearly know ​​the sales and revenues your business should expect from a product over a given period.

Get the amount you need to finance the development of your product. Serve as a source of great information and customer research if you do it successfully. You can also get a lot of user experience when the product is in stock.

This will motivate old and new people to act quickly for fear of missing out. Overall, your advertising campaign and well-thought-out sales strategy will significantly affect the product’s success.

  • Measure product demand

Pre-orders help businesses identify, measure, and fulfill needs. This allows them to optimize production and determine which products sell best.

  • Build hype and loyalty

Pre-orders may include benefits such as discounts, gifts, and limited editions to promote an upcoming promotion. These benefits give new users a special feeling, which increases brand loyalty.

  • Lower risks

Presales orders greatly limit the financial risks associated with a product launch. First, pre-order payments can cover your production or sales costs.

How to Launch a Successful Pre-Order Campaign

Careful planning and market research is vital to the success of any pre-order strategy.

Considering the product and related advertising campaigns for pre-launch, launch, and post-launch would be best. It is also essential to consider the order and order of the subsequent studies to ensure that all orders can be fulfilled.

Consider the following when creating and running your pre-order strategy:

1. Understand Your Market & Product

Before you launch your first pre-order campaign, you need to understand what your market wants.

  • What do they want?
  • How much do they want?
  • Why do they want this specific item?
  • How will they use this product once it reaches their doorway?

Once you answer these questions, you can identify your customers and the best way to approach them.

Understanding your product and the market will help you make informed pricing, promotion, and positioning decisions. You need to understand everything about your business and what makes it unique before you sell it.

Once you clearly understand what makes your company unique, you can determine how you will market and distribute your products.

2. Use a compelling hero shot for your landing page

Use aesthetically appealing images to present the product well. You can hire a photographer to shoot your products and modeling services.

High-quality videos and 3D product animation can also be used to present your products in a better way.

The ads you choose will depend on your budget and resources, including product photos and videos of your production line.

3. Start your campaign before the pre-order launch

The first misconception people have when they think about premarketing is that everything happens at the time of order. But it’s too far. The critical time is before the start of the ordering process.

  • Spread the word to everyone in the company because all employees need to be aware of the slogan and work to improve the environment.
  • Create as much buzz as you can and get pre-orders.
  • Use the approved standards that best suit your business to advertise.
  • To stay strong and drive customers who turn sales into conversions, team up today with high-quality SEO strategies and a second email marketing campaign to pick up the pace.
  • Keep the engagement high and storytelling going to encourage as many orders as possible.

4. Create urgency during pre-launch

Creating a sense of urgency to purchase the product is the best technique work for pre-order campaigns. So, use as a chance to create fear of missing out during your campaign.

Set a timer and count on product purchases that reflects your product is wildly known and many people buy from you. This will reduce the burden of scam on your shoulders. And you may use that number to create a sense of urgency.

There are a lot of ways to go even further with this. For instance, you can offer giveaways and discounts on the first few people who place their order.

You can also play it safe by telling them they might only be able to buy your product for a short time if they order later.

5. Navigate ‘dead zones’

Any command line at some point enters the “dead zone.” At this point, comparisons between orders can be made compared to other stages of the first life cycle.

At such moments, it is essential not to sit still and do nothing; Use this time to create more content that aims to

  1. increase your product popularity and
  2. increase your SEO rankings.

It’s also a good idea to reach out to bloggers and influencers to preview your product before a big announcement.

6. Create sales incentives

Customers are willing to buy a product after it is in their hands.

If you want customers to pre-order your products, you must encourage their purchase to be effective. In other words, bribe them.

There are many ways to do this:

  • Give away bonuses.
  • Offer a preview of your following product.
  • Pair them with a gift card or a higher-value gift.
  • Invite them to a special Q&A session.
  • Create a gift box.

Whatever it is, it should be something more important than the product’s value. Don’t give up.

You may have a question, “why to give more funds away than I receive?” Because it’s the way to build up a hype and demand of the product among people.

7. Develop a message that connects with consumers

Your message should be strong enough to motivate customers to buy your product. Whether it’s a video, blog post, social media content, ads, etc., the goal is to get people interested in your offer.

Once you know your audience, you can use data analytics tools to segment your models and analyze customer behavior. You may also find that there is a specific area that you can work on.

8. Leverage influencer marketing to build hype

Influencers are often very interested in their audience. And they take their opinions seriously.

So, when it comes to promoting your product, it is not advertised. Affiliate marketing can help you create more ads, increase brand awareness, and increase bookings.

However, people know when they are on sale. And immediately take your product seriously if it looks like another paid sponsor.

So, when working together with the influencers, make sure that:

  • Your product is beneficial for their audience.
  • Advertising supports your product rather than just getting business.
  • Influencers are free to express their honest opinion about your product.
  • The trick to doing influencer marketing is to work with clarity and respect for the audience.

When done well. There are many opportunities to work together and influence.

9. Set the PR wheels to moving

You need to have tongues chattering about your new product, and what better way than to promote your product in the media?

Advertising and marketing campaigns can be essential in helping you attract customers and generate traffic to your ad. new.

When you launch your first pre-order campaign, write a press release and circulate it on social media to spread the word far and wide.

10. Set a Solid Pricing Strategy

Setting the right price for your product is a complex matter. It depends on two main things:

  1. How many items do you want to sell?
  2. How do you want your product to be perceived?

When your product price is too low, it lowers its worth. A lower price only sometimes involves selling more items.

I suggest selling presales at whatever “normal” price you choose. This makes the product seem more valuable, and your incentives offset the buyer’s risk of buying the product undetected.


That’s what makes pre-ordering such an efficient way to sell. First orders allow you to increase sales and strengthen customer relationships by turning a sales call into a sale.

They help give your business the transparency and visibility you need to predict revenue better and predict demand and allow customers to enjoy the long-awaited excitement of waiting for their new products to arrive-their favorite item – your product – to arrive at their door.