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Things to Consider When Your iOS App Was Rejected

When it comes to submission of an iOS app on the app store or an android app on the play store, it becomes a tough time for any app developer or a mobile app development company until they get an approval of their app. As there are several further processes affects if the app get rejected by the app store or the play store, such as marketing and optimization activities as well as many more relevant activities get stuck. Hence, it becomes a vital for an app development team to comprehend the basic information need to follow in the condition…

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Why Progressive Web Apps are Necessary for Your Business

In the battle between mobile web and mobile app, there is no doubt that mobile apps have come out on the top. Today, native apps are in so much boom that almost every small and large business prefers to have a mobile app. According to statista, 6000+ mobile apps are launched every day for Android and 1400+ apps for iOS platform every day. But, these businesses still face challenges in acquiring new users as survey revealed that 53% users stay away from downloading any new apps. To combat this, businesses have started adopting Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to reach broader…

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